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Just opened a classic white ceiling fan # 0076253, purchased at lowes and globe was broken. If a Lowe’s is not convenient for you, you should try contacting the store where you purchased the ceiling fan. Hello I have a older Harbor Breeze ceiling fan and I am down to my last bulb the bulbs are not sold in any stores anymore, I was hoping your company would still have them so I dont have to replace a perfectly good fan. If you are not able to find the replacement glass globe for your ceiling fan at the Lowe’s store, you could try the Lowe’s website. The first place to check for the proper mounting bracket for your 344 ceiling fan would be your local Lowes store or their website. In July of 2010, I bought Harbor Breeze model # 289407 52” Halston II ceiling fan at Lowes.
If you are not able to find the Harbor Breeze fan to match yours in the Lowes store or on the Lowes website, then you should probably contact Harbor Breeze customer support. If you do not have the instructions that came with your ceiling fan, sometimes you can find them online. I JUST got done installing another Harbor Breeze ceiling fan, model #0373684 and am VERY unhappy. We are very sorry to hear about your frustration in dealing with Harbor Breeze customer support. Since the globe to your fan was broken when you opened the box, the first thing we would recommend is going back to the Lowes where your purchased the fan. WHEN I SWICH THE LIGHT ON IT COMES ON FOR A SECOND AND THEN GOES OFF, IT DOES THIS ALL THE TIME AND WILL NOT STAY ON, I HAVE CHANGED THE WAL SWICTH BUT IT IS STILL DOING THE SAME THING. If you are saying you are unable to remove the cap from the bottom of the fan, it could be secured with screws and if so, you would simply remove the screws. I talked to Lowes local store and they said since it is under -year manufacturer warranty i have to contact Harbor Breeze customer support.
I am writing to you in regards to see if it is possible to locate a Ceiling Fan that your company sold thru Lowes, but Lowes no longer carries it?
We currently have one of these in our kitchen and would like to match it with another one for our dining area.
If there is any way possible to purchase one of these ceiling fans we would be forever in your debt, as my wife Love that ceiling fan!! I have a Harbor Breeze fan that we received for Christmas and the metal arm that holds the blade broke off. I purchased and installed a Harbor Breeze Model LP8293LAZ Remote Ceiling Fan and have a problem.
When I have the fan running and I turn the feeding wall switch off, the fan makes a popping sound before it starts to slow down.

My call was answered by Nina – she stated that she needed a certain # from the manual.
The 52 inch Harbor Breeze a€?Springfield Brushed Nickela€? ceiling fan is a ceiling fan produced as part of the Lowea€™s home improvement, do-it-yourself product line. This piece of cooling and lighting furniture is suitable for any room in the home or office, and is of high quality, made of durable and modern materials. The fact that there are various speeds and that the blades are reversible gives the owners the opportunity to easily a€?tunea€? their ceiling fans to suit their particular needs.
With or without the light kit, the This model  Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is one you should consider seriously when looking for a good, durable and reliable ceiling fan for your needs. 1800 527 1292 It is one of the more popular Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts available for sale. If you can send me an email address that I can send an attachment to I can send pictures of the fan bulb and socket. We love it, But our grandson broaken 2, of the glass globs And Lowe’s are out and my not have then in stock.
I have same size fans (Hunter’s I think) in (2) other rooms that have been there for at least 13 years (when I moved here), still running perfect, and QUIET! My only question was I need an address or phone number to ship my motor back because I lost it.
Upon completing the installation I reached for one of the last steps, installing the glass lamp covers and noticed one of them was chipped. Lowes stated I need to call HB Customer Service since it has been six months since the fan was purchased. We Love the Harbor Breeze Ceiling fans and have them in all of our rooms in our house, and that’s all we use in our rental houses also. I lowered the fan speed to its lowest setting and when I turned the wall switch off, it did not make that popping sound. Part of the Harbor Breeze fans production line, this ceiling fan has a powerful motor and yet operates quietly. I am not thrilled with There were no matches for harbor breeze ceiling fan globe replacement.
This page has replacement Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts, for those who need a replacement part. Upon inspection of the box's contents we learned that There were no matches for harbor breeze ceiling fan globe replacement.
There was no glass chip in the box giving me the impression this globe was put in the box already chipped.
I also left the wall switch on and turned the fan off with the remote unit and it did not make that same popping sound.

Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted.
If your local Lowe’s store does not offer the proper bulbs, one option may be to replace your light kit, which can be purchased at Lowe’s. The replacement unit’s heating element went out and I got another unit under the recall. If not available, can you suggest something of similar size and style that will match for my other bedroom.
Instead, we appreciate more fresh air from the ceiling fans that circulate cool air throughout larger rooms.
So will you help me .I would just go out and just buy some more but my wife wants the same kind that came with it!!!!
They should be able to assist you in getting and installing a replacement motor, or they may provide you with a new ceiling fan.
Ceilings fans are important part of any house and when they wrecked, you have to do something to fix them right away otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the house.Finding the best place to buy Harbor Breeze ceiling fans replacement parts should be on the plan.
I removed the fan and instead of attempting to disassemble it to see if was an easy fix I returned it to Lowes in exchange for the same.
She was just very rude, once she transferred me, there was nobody on the other end of the line. Like any other stuff around the house, the ceiling fans also will break because of the wear and tear effects. After installing THAT one yesterday I went to start it and, to my frustration, nothing, fan nor light, would turn on.
I cant seem to find a good website for your company that provides guidance on how to proceed.
Then you have to buy harbor breeze ceiling fans replacement parts.When you are dealing with the situation as your ceiling fans stop from working, the very first thing to do is stay calm. You do not want to rush anything up because it will not do anything good or it makes everything much worse than the way it used to be. The motor might be the weakest spot where the ceiling fans are not working and try to recheck it.Once you have done, then you have to buy parts, just go for online shopping since you will be able to get the best deal through this kind of solution.

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