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The industrial Hampton Bay Black ENERGY STAR Ceiling Fan features a powerful 188 mm x 18 mm motor and three durable plastic blades that provide up to 9,630 CFM airflow for highly efficient air movement in indoor industrial environments.
I don't like the sparks produced when you change the speed settings from one number to the next on the included wall switch. Our original post on affordable and modern ceiling fans was quite popular and now is your chance to chime in on our latest list. After much searching, ISA has spec’ed out our new base option for ceiling fans in our Postgreen Homes. Before we move on to our first group of potential upgrades, I wanted to share some notes I have found helpful when searching for that new perfect ceiling fan.
An Energy Star certified fan isn’t necessarily more efficient than a non Energy Star fan. Industrial models are cool and cheap if you shop around, but make sure a wall control is included. Unless you are in a climate that requires no heating, you are going to want to reverse the direction of your fan in the winter to help circulate the hot air on the ceiling. This Emerson industrial model looks like a slightly more polished version of the Westinghouse above. The Loft by Emerson looks like their polished, residential version of the Pro Heat (good name) above. This fan claims to be the most energy efficient in the world and I think it might be right.
All of your industrial fans are what we call spinners, the blades mount on the top, and you can see the motor turn.
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Brushed Steel Indoor Energy Star Ceiling Fan 1 answer can the wall speed control be used in a wall plate that has 3 switches? We really want to offer easy to implement options on the site that allow people to really customize their home to that next level. If not, you will need to purchase a special industrial wall controller ($25 – $50) that can handle the industrial motor of the fan. A fan that accepts a CFL or normal incandescent bulb (that a CFL can replace) will be much more efficient than a halogen bulb. This can reduce heating bills by as much as 10%, so look for that reverse feature up north. It’s up their in efficiency and only looses some points for no reverse function and not including a wall control. Or less… It loses a practicality point for having specs that are so hard to find online that I have to contact the company directly to plead for them. My only concern would be that it would turn into a T-1000 at night and roam the streets seeking out things to terminate until the sun comes up.
Fans with housings and blades that mount on the bottom (excluding bottom mount spinners) are not spinners, though they may have a "spinner" or direct drive motor inside but we won't go into that. Or if you can recommend a specific 4 speed wall fan control compatible with your great industrial fan. Ceiling fans and light bulb temperature are examples of things that we will be upgrading and offering options for on the site in the near future.
The cons are that it goes really fast for residential use and could turn into a finger extractor at your next summer party if left on high.
As I finish this list, it occurs that some of these fans may not meet two of these criteria.

This fan comes in the most array of colors and also includes a transparent option which is pretty cool. Are there any known issues with using the Canarm products with these Industrial 60-Inch fans.
Roof mounted hot tubs and salvaged doors are examples of things that would not be easy for us to implement and therefore will not be options anytime in the near future. The wall controller supplied also mounts externally to the wall and it’s big enough to choke a mule or large dog that you might own. All colors are $500 except for the potentially lethal liquid nickel, which will cost you a cool grand or your life or both. Non spinners include anything with a housing: Casablancas, Emersons, Moss Heirloom, Originals, basically what you'd call more of a decorative fan.
However, if you install these in-line all fans to the same wire, the first fan will receive more power than the last one. It needs to be immediately thrown into the trash and replaced with a special, industrial fan controller that you won’t find at your local hardware store. We would suggest consulting with a licensed electrician if you have any questions about the wiring. Should we even consider a fan that is not better than average in terms of energy efficiency?

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