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I have not had a single piece break yet, and for a box fan, that is saying something, in my past experience.There are three speeds, and we tend to set this one in front of the open door and allow it to pull in cool air in the evening and blow out hot air during the day. That is another great thing about box fans, turn them one direction and they bring air into the house, turn them the other direction and they blow air out of the house.The lowest speed works well, and if very quiet.
The higher speeds have a little more sound to them, but overall it is still a pretty quiet fan. The low and middle settings are more than enough to do whatever I want it too.I am actually thinking about heading out and getting another on of these fans!
They do help a little when each on is turned on in all of the rooms but after about ten minuted you can not even feel the air that is to be blowing around. I do not understand what all the hype is about this particular model because it just does not do the trick.

The only way that I get cooled off with this fan is if I have the dang thing sitting right next to me or the bed at night.
Although it takes up a lot of space and is not versatile, it will definitely keep you cool in hot rooms without air conditioning. For the price and length of they last it is so worth it!1 I have 4 of these fans in my home and we use them evy night..
Also with these fans we don't have to use our air conditioner but a couple of months a year so it save so much on our energy costs. I would recommend this fan to everyone especially mothers that need some white noise for their babies to sleep a true life saver some nights!! This powerhouse of a fan will really crank out the coolness in any size space, but it also becomes a major dust magnet and that makes it very difficult to keep for me.

Instead of being a fridged temperature in my house like the air conditioner gives off, the fans in the windows give a nice breeze through the house. It is kind of the equivalent of rolling your windows down while you are driving, instead of turning on the air conditioning in the car. It has the normal ugly white box design with a mesh protector on each side to keep you safe from the spinning blades, though a finger can still sneak through so you will need to keep an eye on any small children when operating this fan.It puts out a pretty strong stream of air in an isolated direction.
Cons: heavy and bulky, a little noisey but not overwhelming, the cord is a little short for such an industrial fan … Highly Recommend !!!

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