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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Whisper Quiet - Fan motor runs whisper quiet to ensure minimal noise distraction during sleep.
I have a 97 grand cherokee 4.0L and Im assuming I know the problem but before I go putting the part in Id like to know im in the right direction here. The main problem stems from the fact that the air intake grill outside the vehicle is not fine enough to capture as much debris as it should. I bought this jeep back in the begining of August 2008 and I have this noise that I have had since I bought it and it has gotten more frequent. Pull the carpet on front passenger side back to expose the circular duct at the base of the firewall. This ceiling fan comes with a remote control for convenient operation of the blades and light from across the room or from the comfort of your living room couch.

Ive done a search online for this problem and have ready about other cars and they all said the same thing. Its blowing out air but the air its blowing isnt hot or even warm its almost completely cold air. An Energy Star rating helps ensure improved energy efficiency to save electricity and money.
My jeep when I first got it during the first few months of cold temps right up until id say the last week or so used to blow out some really good heat. This ceiling fan offers a sleek design with concealed screws and hardware for added beauty and styling. The Quick Remedy is to drill a hole through the HVAC drain housing from the passenger side. It was good enough that I would keep it on low because it was so warm and now i have it on high and its just not blowing any kind of warm air whatsoever.

My temp is sitting where it always has right around 205 and I dont have any leaks from anywhere, however the last few days my heat is becoming less and less and as it is now is BARELY pushing out ANY warm air. I think I may try the drain thing and then replace the heater core and see if that helps if not then oh well I guess I have a new heater core lol.
I am assuming that the sloshing noise is some kind of air in the heater core which I would have burped to solve the problem but Im thinking now with the loss of heat that this has actually cause my heater core to fail. I have purchased a heater core already and I am planning to do that this weekend and Im just wondering since you guys seem to know about this stuff if this sounds like what could have happened.
Moving Forward to the NO Heat , i would check the HVAC mode doors first before you condemn the heater core.

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