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This good luck has obviously been good to Ichiko, she’s wealth, does good in school, liked and admired by all the boys in her class, very athletic and well-endowed when it comes to her physical appearance.
However, all this good luck has made Ichiko a spoiled brat, not to mention it’s shifting the balance of the normal good luck from others around her. In order to restore balance in the good luck, Momiji, the God of Poverty (misfortune) arrives to Ichiko and is determined to drain her extra happiness energy (good luck) and spread it out among others. Of course draining Ichiko’s energy would subsequently give her bad luck or sadness for a short time.
The show is pretty over the top with its constant parodies and all out wacky battles between the two girls. The series has it’s roots in Japanese mythology and a host of other rather non standard gods are called on by Momiji to assist her with taking the luck of Ichiko. Some of the more humorous gods include Ibuiki the bathroom (poop) god and Momo a masochistic dog god. While the overall theme and humor isn’t bad the one thing I could have had less of was the nudity.

Akram Taghavi-Burris is a Professor of Graphics and Imaging Technologies at Pittsburg State University.
Though it is a pretty big fall from beating everyone to losing horribly in a virtual battle. This is something the Ichiko, just can’t stand for, so of course all hilarity ensues as these two battle it out. As Momiji tries to balance out Ichiko’s good luck, the bad luck that Ichiko receives often has her meeting up with other characters whose poor luck or situation often has an impact on Ichiko.
While Ichiko realizes that by sharing good luck ( in other words doing good things for others) is often more rewarding than being shellfish.
In her spare time she indulges in her love of anime, video games, comics, toys and all things kawaii. This scene was still pretty epic, at least she made sure to ask how much it was worth before her hands "slipped". We really need more muscle cop story, maybe even a full episode dedicated to retelling her story, that would be fukin awesome.

This impact often leads her to giving away her good luck willingly, as opposed to having it drained.
As part of fan service it seems, that we often see her semi naked running around battling it out, or getting groped by a host of odd characters. I suck pretty bad at fighting games so I know that pain; Damn my slow reactions and reflexes. It seems such a shame that a cute story would include this kind of sexist plot line, but you know what they say, sex sells.

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