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Compile Heart’s upcoming RPG, Moero Chronicle, is their latest in the Monster World series, and this time you’ll be playing as a rather unenthusiastic young man, who will be traveling with monster girls to fight… well, other monster girls, to prevent them from destroying the world. The world of Moero Chronicle is made up of one giant continent, with humans living in the western region called “Loytium” and monster girls in the eastern region called “Monstopia”. In between the two regions lies a town called Secrend, which is where the protagonist Io and his friend Lilia live. He is easily swayed by those around him, and he isn’t really the sharpest tool in the shed. Lilia is the monster girl heroine of the game, and is also the only person Io can speak openly with. However, anything love-related happens to be her biggest weakness, which can cause her to lose it even when it comes to little things. Otton may have a manly voice to go with his cute appearance, but he’s actually a weird, perverted monster. He’s traveling around the world to collect monster girl panties, and decides to join Io because he thinks that something good will come of it.
The Shining series in general has been loaded with Monster Girls and Guys almost from the start. Considering Monpiece is a censored version of a fanservice-heavy game, and is a mobile port of a card battle game, being released on an actual console instead of mobile devices, I really don’t see Monpiece selling.
Look at the Japanese sales figures and you will see that Fairy Fencer F’s debut was better than any Neptunia game released so far, albeit by a small margin.
I would love to get this, but since it isn’t out yet I guess it’s pretty difficult to tell how import friendly it is eh? I wonder if Leche is actually supposed to be a monster girl… I mean, those claws and ears are just a hat. So the protagonist is a stupid total pushover coward, wear short pants and wield giant vibrator as his weapon.
A lot of the Moero Chronicle article didn’t mention that the MC timidness is due to his perverted nature which makes him afraid to talk to girls since it might scare them off.
You don’t want to delve too deep if this is enough to make you uncomfortable though, just a friendly advice. I see the opposite happening lately though, invincible can do anything protagonist popping out left and right, some decently written some are just self-insert. The only companies I can think of that have localized Idea Factory games are NISA, Aksys, a couple random companies that dropped off the face of the earth, and now Idea Factory themselves. IFI if Monster Monpiece do well, i would like to see another S***storm when they sensor Io dildo sword. Admittedly the girls present in this game, so far, barely qualify as there’s not a lot of attempt at moving away from a lot of human elements. Lilia’s feet are clawed, which is about the only thing really moving her past simply applying animal ears and tail. Tactical Insights focuses on tactical level turn based strategy games (TBS), strategy, tactical, or simulation role playing games (SRPG, TRPG) news and reviews. I've finished Gungnir and I thought it was a good tactics game with enough variety for most player skill levels.
I've revamped the recommended tactics game list with new screenshots, links, and commentary. I've held that the popularity and message board activity about a game is somewhat proportional to its sales. Ragnarok: The Imperial Princess of Light and Dark for PSP is being localized by Aksys Games under the name Ragnarok Tactics. Watch Dogs: Open world sandbox game that features hacking everything from smart phones to city lights, cars, and trains.
Hokuto Musou 2: Totally corny but awesome 3D brawler set in the post-apocalyptic martial arts world of Hokuto no Ken. If you're thinking of purchasing any game in the near future, please consider following these affiliate links.
If I were trapped in Corpse Party, I would want to be trapped with Yoshiki, one those reasons simply because he survived TWO strikes from Yoshikazu. Despite the fact that Yoshie didn’t get many appearances, she was the character that scared me the most. Soooo SE spent two games giving Lightning a serious overbearing personality, but then in the third they scrap it to what the player wants depending on what she’s wearing? I’m hoping this clothing system carries over to XV, I want to deck out my pretty boys in sick threads as we style the monsters. I remember hearing about a Gundam artist that started working as an animator on Urotsukidoji, the artist of Growlanser doing 1 or 2 hentais and ARMS, the team that made Elfen Lied, working on stuff like Kite or hard stuff like Night Shift Nurses. Or maybe, they weren’t just trying to pay the bills and actually enjoyed doing work like that? I must say though, I think the exaggeration in the anime that you’re talking about is easily eclipsed by the exaggeration in your previous two comments here, lol.
While HotD had a lot of jiggle moments and other fanservicy things, there was hardly any nudity. Contrary to popular belief, breasts ain’t magic, and so do not get to be under that explanation. And no, that doesn’t work, because we once again return to there being nothing magical about breasts in these fictional worlds. Well again if your still using that sort of logic the fact that the breast aren’t realistic is the fantasy like change done to them magic or not. A horse in a work of fiction can talk, that’s not a normal function of horse, sometimes they can walk, have houses, live in full fields communities ride other horses other animals. You can have realism in a fantasy but thinking that just because something appears in the real world and doesn’t act that way in the fictional place is bad is pretty wrong as well.
Well, Light DID have that anti gravity device in the first game… maybe still does, maybe she keeps in hidden in her cleavage until she needs it and maybe it causes some lingering effects when not in use. I didn’t know that weapons being able to ignore the law of gravity counted as realistic physics. I’m sorry but you can always play the fiction card no matter what you talking about unless you mean to look at everything else in the world. Most things with advanced science never get down to he nitty gritty of things and never explain with real world standards how things come about.
The fact that you can fall from a huge building at times or a height that would obviously leave you incapacitated is never fully explained. If they suddenly gave Lightning noticeably crazy jiggle physics, would I accept that if I were a fan of the series? I detest how interviews with Japanese developers never seem to get any real answers from tough questions like this.
As for the main issue, boob jiggle is already enough of a joke, but increasing her bust size? Of course, increasing her bust size was only to make her look better in a more varied selection of outfits.
THe slight boob jiggling thing isn’t something that just popped up in Final Fantasy, or have people forgotten Tifa and Lulu.
Given the usual application of that phrase I’ve just got to ask; What is wrong with you?
You did a horrible job of suggesting it, your wording sends a completely different message. I think you worded yourself a little bad, but I can sympathize with the message, if the message is that people should be able to wear what they want without being discriminated against (still unsure if this is what you meant?).

Apparently thinking of someone differently because they dressed differently is a horrible thing to do.
I believe the point is that you should treat both the clown and policeman with respect regardless. Even cutting her terrible choice of words out, which she curiously claims to be both inappropriate and appropriate, and putting in the more sane interpretation, there’s still a major disconnect.
If people are pushing for a world where everyone is treated the same regardless of how they dress they are naive.
It wasn’t meant to be a hyper reaction, but instead an analogy to other situations in which the attire of someone is used as means to justify their treatment. If you tie dressing digital girls in cute costumes to real world crimes you must accept not everyone will see things the same way.
Shadow is pretty much getting worked up about a girl saying something about a female characters outfit, no doubt in reference to how much this issue has exploded recently. I can see the relation between Shadow’s post and the person he put it in response to.
Say what you want about FF13’s Lightning, but she would never have worn something as stupid as that. So on the field can we just have her wear her original outfit and then in battle obviously switch to the outfit that has the abilities needed. Yeah people really shouldn’t complain about the images that aspects of society cast apon genders and races.
If that makes me self-righteous then fine, but no it’s called just knowing what people are talking about. Discussion in 'Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate General Discussion' started by EMPEROR_COW, Jul 15, 2013.
Not that I wanna bring other game chatacters to the mix, but she looks quite simular to Hatsune Mike. And between that outfit and the Kasumi pajamas, don't ya think you guys get a bit caried away? Earlier I saw that some people still viewed Marie as a kid so just for kicks I sketched what an underage Marie would actually look like. May not be for everyone but the little subtle things such as plunging neckline in an otherwise fully clothed outfit can go a long way.
The land is divided into six areas, with each one being controlled by a monster girl leader.
In order to save the world, he was sent by the village elder (by force) to go on a journey.
However, he has a delicate and kind heart, but due to his timid nature, he doesn’t show it often. She joins Io on his journey, which will probably come in handy for him, as she’s composed and takes good care of those around her. Thanks to Io and Lilia, she has regained her senses and decided to tag along with her an Io. Hoping this one is localized as I love the art a lot more ( agarest artist yay!) but if it does I bet it would be censored to. The first Shining Force alone had a ton of centuars, a fox girl, a mouse girl that sadly and oddly got redesigned to just be an elf in the remake, an armadillo man in steampunk styled power armor, a wolf man they call a werewolf but you never see a human form to him, and a married birdfolk couple. Guess Sugita will be the true star of the game then (then again why would I even expect good writing for this kind of game? Scylla is very nicely done though, her hair isn’t really hair at all, some of it is actually tentacles and some of it is actually what leads into the wolf heads. According to this article, random encounters are optional, and the enemy AI might be smarter than usual. Once again, this game promises to be more about the battle mini-games than the tactical combat. This is a fairly well done guide that explains most of the mechanics and has some useful info.
I just discovered Pocket Tactics recently and it's a good resource for all manner of portable strategy games, not just on the tactical level. I still have to do the import section, add more to the iOS section, and add more links, but it's looking a lot better now. Unfortunately, reports were that Advance Wars: Days of Ruin did not do well in NA, and it was cancelled in Japan despite being already translated in Japanese. It's about what I expected - somewhat obtuse game mechanics and above average difficulty even on the easiest mode. Of course, those with illogical axes to grind disagreed with me, but it turns out there's plenty of proof that I'm right. It's shaping up to be a decent tactics game, playing like a turn based cover shooter (think Operation Darkness or Front Mission). Pretty unexpected, but the game does play a lot like Tactics Ogre, so I suppose it's not a huge shock.
I'm not sure where all the E3 hate is coming from, because I don't see how any hardcore gamer could be upset with a list like this. There's no point to the game other than survive and see what kind of situations you run into - maybe a bit like real life?
How there are so many people trying to survive and the antagonist is a psychotic female who enjoys seeing them suffer. After all, they were all in a school that could easily kill you, posess you and trick you into doing things you’d never, ever do.
Siliconera and other attendees at Square Enix’s pre-E3 showcase first noticed this when we played the game.
Why did Square Enix feel the need to do this since other Final Fantasy games steered clear of this kind of stuff? The Sorceress garb (now called Mist Wizard) gives Lightning black magic spells while other outfits focus on dealing physical damage. Having the ability to show different outfits you have equipped in cutscenes shouldn’t be a big thing. I thought the idea would be she’d do little things in the cutscenes that would change on what she was wearing and not necessarily the feeling of the scene.
So i can’t get excited for a cute lightning outside of battle or at least a lightning with expressions other then ice. Let them squeeze the last few drops from this and see if they can make something good out of it. I’m not particularly shocked since many artists worked on heintai before switching to mainstream anime.
It’s like the Sixaxis Ninja Gaiden Sigma II additions which are barely noticeable because there are 10 soldiers shooting missiles at you at the same time. If everything else in the world that isn’t magic obeys normal physics, and there is nothing out of the ordinary about the breasts, then there is no reason that breasts would obey their own unique set of physics. Again, the problem is when the world ALREADY established similarity to reality, then has something that’s randomly out of touch with it. We can see everything else in the world operates on physics comparable to those found in reality. The same goes for the law of physics is can be similar to the real world but it doesn’t have to function the same way.
Well, I guess using fantasy and fiction as an explanation is the wrong direction to take here, it’s more of an artistic or aesthetic choice to me, like other exaggerated or defined features.
Breasts don’t just move one way, every woman is different and different factors come into play, such as size, elasticity, clothing, etc.

It’s like if someone asks me if I want a glass of orange juice and I start talking about the different ways to cook a potato. Some fanboys just will pay out of their nose to see some jiggle, pathetic, but what can you do. This is basically the arch typical debate about… look, let us make it short with an example.
I suppose I should never look at someone dressed in big floppy shoes and a big red nose as a clown, I should never think of someone dressed in a police uniform as a police officer, and I should never think of someone dressed in all black with a spikey robe as the villain of the cartoon I’m watching. She said so when I asked her further up, and it was understood what she actually meant to say and asked for confirmation which she gave. This is Style Savvy or folks being able to enjoy a bloody video game the way they choose to. This is putting your Phantasy Star character in a Rappy suit or dressing your Imagine: Fashion Designer doll in some gothic lolita outfit.
Dramatic attention whoring with no intent to actually discuss in response to dramatic attention whoring with no intent to actually discuss.
Ok thats cool, hopefully that one doesn’t have the really uneeded and disgusting boob jiggle.
I mean really you’ve never seen any anime related discussion on how women are treated? It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Marie would have looked mature if she were to have a similar costume to Lili's P1 costume. Both petite, both cutsey, and all that and Miku wears short and or revealing outfits and it isn't bad.
There's nothing wrong with Marie getting shorts, spats or anything that you can see ordinary children and mid teenagers wear. The areas beyond these are considered to be uncivilized, and ever since the disasters began to occur around the world, many powerful men have ventured into the said uncivilized areas, and one has yet to return. The dragon is decent too as some of the apparent clothing seems to be elaborate scale designs.
Most impressively to me, most of the game mechanics and strategic depth works well together and there's little or nothing that sticks out to me as meaningless or "tacked on". I noticed it was the 2nd most frequently visited page on Tactical Insights next to the main list of tactics games, so I figured I'd give it a bit more attention.
In this study, movie sales were directly proportional to the amount of relevant internet discussion and activity.
I like how each enemy type has its own unique AI and abilities, and the destructible environments are cool. Favorite Pairings, Loving or Hating someone, Things you would change, your feeling about the anime, and anything in between. Many of the garb are intended to broaden the perception of Lightning’s image, and the choice is all entrusted in the hands of the players. Being fictional is thus not an excuse because no fictional quality was ever applied to them. Because adding that caveat in the middle of an otherwise serious game is completely out of place, because the game might not even feature a fictional world but still have breast jiggle, or whatever else. But 99% of what we see in games is just flopping around like slow-motion waterballoons, which is even more obnoxious than having none at all. I know horrible me promoting discrimination, but if someone is wearing a shirt with a big **** you scrawled across it, and 12 piercings forgive me for wanting to avoid them, and If a girl walks by me in a six-inch skirt forgive me for thinking they get around. Which is that this is probably not the greatest game mechanic given how obviously it reinforces a negative behavior, and belief.
The only difference being one has both an indication and history to indicate a lack of seriousness in the action, the other not so much. No one’s ever complained about women magazines like Cosmo and the image they put in young girls minds. To basically laugh it off as something that’s not a problem and to laughably say it only attacks (my) video games is kind of bad. I'm all for casual wear, but let's not limit a character completely because of how they look ok? It might just be one of those nonsensical rankings that tell you how much time a player has invested in a game and little else.
I'm enjoying it, but it's definitely one of those niche tactics games that won't garner widespread acclaim. This was one of the reasons I claimed Gungnir wouldn't sell as well as the forthcoming Growlanser for PSP which was announced for localization around the same time. I've given the devs some flak for some statements during interviews, but the game itself is looking decent to good.
Things that make you cry, things that make you laugh, thing that make you rage, spill it here! A big feature of this game is that the garb that you choose will be reflected in the field, in battle, and in cutscenes.
We would love for you to coordinate your very own Lightning, and share your screenshots via social media!
There is a massive fucking world of difference between what is going on in your head and reality.
Some people in certain cultures actually believe that revealing clothing justifies discriminating actions against them. Considering this is a fictional character she was referring to and thinking of her differently based on how she dressed is a crime I think my third example was pretty spot on. People should not get raped based on how they dress but that doesn’t mean people need to condone the way they dressed. The sahagin could use some indication of scaliness, otherwise her design seems more in line with an Undine, either way a passable monster girl.
On the other hand, the Rainbow Moon developers did create Soldner X which is a decent shoot em up, so maybe some of that will carry over. Depending on what garb Lightning is wearing, the impression that the player receives on certain cutscenes would drastically be different. We hope to see a hundred different Lightning created from a hundred different points of views," Kitase said. Yeah no one has problems in movies too, no one ever comments when a young starlet who is a role model has a nude scene.
The mandragora’s a bit disappointing, usually the legs seem more rootlike than leglike, but the vine hair is an interesting touch.
Of note, you can turn off the camera close ups (thank god) and the UI is reportedly fast paced and well designed (we'll see about that).
Read more stories about Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 & Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on Siliconera.
The golem seems more like just a chick in armor at first glance, the impossible attachment on the head as well as the slightly off design to the hands and feet being all that seems off about her.

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