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Or is he a mentally-disturbed sociopathic human-weapon whose vast powers have forced a disconnect with his conscience such that he has to forcefully remind himself that a human life has value or he can wipe out half a continent absent-mindedly without the "human life" Power Limiter? Or, in light of Chapter 436, is it the opposite; was his threat to wipe out all of humanity genuine, or is he actually forcing himself to think that way, as a last-ditch effort to keep his powers under control, in the hopes that his brother, Natsu, kills him?
A variation on this: is he actually trying to incite enough aggression and rage against himself that someone will finally kill him - he's hoping that Natsu will. Is Natsu really the Idiot Hero who only fights, eats, sleeps, and annoys his guildmates, or is he a Stepford Smiler with abandonment issues who only willingly shows glee or burning rage?
Anvilicious: The series is infamous for laying the "friendship solves everything" moral rather thick. The rescue portion of the Grand Magic Games arc to get Lucy out of the castle gets criticized for this. The "Eclipse Celestial Spirit" arc has gotten quite a bit of flak from those who couldn't care less about the oddly designed fights. Natsu has been known to turn around battles in his favor through some form of Ass Pull - generally the Indy Ploy kind of Ass Pull where the character makes shit up on the spot. During the Tower of Heaven arc during the fight with Jellal, in a desperate attempt to restore energy Natsu ate Etherion which is a combination of a number of different types of elemental magic, despite Dragon Slayers supposedly only being able to regain energy from eating one element ? fire in Natsu?s case. In order to defeat Zancrow, Natsu uses up all of his immediate reserve of dragon-fire flames and magic, making himself an empty vessel, which then allows him to eat god-fire flames without them conflicting with his own.
In her fight with Azuma the "souls" of Ezra?s friends pushed her forward to pull off an OHKO sword swing against an enemy that she had damaged and worn down but wasn't close to finishing off. Jiemma's out-of-nowhere reappearance during the Tartarus arc is seen as this as the only reason for his sudden return was to get Sting and Rogue away from the final battle to allow for just Natsu and Gray to battle Mard Geer. The red lightning that Laxus obtains to defeat Wahl, who had been firmly established to No Sell any lightning attack. In Chapter 464, Natsu being able to use Igneel's power is explicitly stated to be something he can only do once, and he was saving it for Zeref for that reason. Natsu gets instantly frozen by Silver mid-sentence, not even getting a fight with him, and takes a smaller role for a few chapters (after pretty much solo-ing Jackal, being the only person to realize that Crawford is a traitor, and storming into Tartaros HQ on his own) to let other characters have the focus. Lucy and Wendy get a Day In The Lime Light, both involving a badass fight where they win against a much stronger opponent, completely on their own. Gray receives some Character Development, and a much needed Next Tier Power-Up unique only to him, after people started to view Gray as a Flat Character ever since the Time Skip occurred. Gajeel getting his Day In The Lime Light after remaining mostly Out of Focus compared to his fellow Dragon Slayers. The HSQ of Silver being Deliora being the topping in what is considered one of the series' biggest twists. The arc ends with another Time Skip, this time a proper one allowing the protagonists to get stronger through proper training and age up, generally regarded as much better than the one Fairy Sphere forced by keeping the protagonists frozen in time for seven years, before easily overtaking other guilds with a debatable Ass Pull in Second Origin or a mere three months of training.
Needless to say the Avatar arc did not do the series any favors on the internet, but the Albareth Empire arc is showing potential, with the first major enemy completely trouncing Team Natsu, before leaving and showing off their power. Minerva is usually accused to have suffered from this by the time of her reintroduction during the Sun Village arc.
Name almost any character from a Dark Guild and you'll have people making this claim about them due to never living up to the Badass hype Mashima develops for them at the start of their story arcs. Bizarro Episode: Fillers in the anime tends to be this when they're not stories from the manga. Makarov's decision to disband Fairy Tail at the end of the Tartaros arc, especially with the implications that the guild will regroup after the second Time Skip, making it practically pointless.
Some view the use of redeeming antagonists within the series as seeming to favor women, even when they are portrayed just as negatively as their male guildmates. The fan-service of the manga became this around the time of the Sun Village and Tartaros arcs for some.
The Tartaros arc's "nude fest" deserves special mention, not only for questionable fan service, but how much of it was meant to be fan service. Here is how to use this Fairy Tail Sexy Anime Comment Image: Right-click the above code box and select "Copy" from the dropdown menu, then paste it where you want it to appear. The first thing I noticed in this episode, is how much time they tried to delay the actual episode’s content with recaps.
Now than, that said and done, this episode actually had a decent amount of stuff in it, so for now… My fears are unwarranted. I think, in many ways, the warriors of Edolas are out of their league when they’re taking on the absolute monsters that are Natsu, Gray and Erza.
On the other side of things, we got a snippet of the continuing battle between Gajeel and Panther Lily. Lucy and gray head into action next week, while Panther Lily and Gajeel’s fight intensifies. Help us pay the bills and work with us to promote your awesome product, service, website, comic or anything else you want to show off. Comments on Anime Evo are not only welcome, but the thing that we writers look forward to the most.
I’m interested to see how Gajeel is going to take on Panther Lily, since Panther Lily has the ultimate advantage, higher ground and extremely long range. After 400 years it's probably likely that he's at his limit mentally and so has decided to force a resolution of some kind - a final battle to end things: either someone will finally kill him off, or he'll wipe out all humans and can go insane in peace. The scene in chapter 338 where he arrives at the banquet after having stolen the King's crown was very over-the-top, even for Natsu, and he had experienced a great deal of trauma during the Eclipse arc.

Bunny-Ears Lawyer with a Sweet Tooth and a penchant for treating her subordinates like slaves, as well as openly complaining to her superiors about doing her job because her sheer power and worth to The Empire allows her to get away with it, or Broken Bird who felt the need to become so powerful out of a misguided desire for revenge for her deceased mother, or victim of child abuse at the hands of Aquarius who made her act like a dog, call her "master," and apparently beat her as well?
While The Power of Friendship is common amongst shonen, Fairy Tail in particular earns scorn for frequently preaching its importance and rarely teaching anything else.
It starts off with interesting ideas such as characters interacting with their polar opposites, background for the Exceeds, and even the introduction of magic-weapons as a possible Next Tier Power-Up, but as the arc continued on, it failed to keep those new ideas going, and were pushed to the side in favor of becoming what was basically a giant excuse to put Mystogan on a bus.
Hardly anyone took the Executioners as a serious threat for Natsu and company, and was described as nothing but stalling to make sure that the rescue continued alongside the final event of the Magic Games.
Doesn't help that the fandom had gone through a great deal of impatience to see it done with, due to the canon arcs that come after deal with the heavily-hyped Tartarus Dark Guild. Not the arc as a whole, mind you; it is regarded as one of the best in the series despite some setbacks.
The Ass Pulls in the series tend to revolve around never-seen-before magic developments (most of which are never foreshadowed) which occur without warning in battles or are demonstrated by different magic users. They are usually built up during the battle as Natsu struggles and fails with an obstacle before finally figuring out how to overcome it in an Ass Pull manner (routinely doing things that the other characters say are supposed to be impossible or extremely dangerous but often have no technical reason why they shouldn't work in the setting context). This Ass Pull is only backed-up by a brief mention of Natsu attempting previously to eat Laxus?s lightning, which made him very sick. YMMV on whether this is an entirely new Ass Pull or building on the original eating Etherion Ass Pull. Due to using weapons and armor stored in Hammer Space for every situation she can think of, she's constantly pulling out new ones to suit her situation, some of which are never before seen, and many of which aren't seen again (Armadura Fairy, which she used against Erza Knightwalker as a random example). Erza hit Kyouka's Berserk Button (telling her that she'll never get to meet Zeref), after which Kyouka started absolutely mopping the floor with Erza, culminating in Kyouka utilizing her Sensation Curse to rob Erza of her five senses. The first was Gray suddenly revealing the ability to demonize himself to cancel out the effect of Memento Mori. It comes out of nowhere (at most, a flashback implies that it has something to do with Yuri), with no real explanation on how it works. It served as a major plot point ever since it was revealed to be a Power Tattoo under his bandages he'd been wearing since the beginning of the Time Skip, even being emotional, due to being a one-time use of his father's full power being used against his brother. For the rest of the arc, Natsu ends up needing more teamwork and strategy for his victories.
Then this twist was subverted when it was revealed that Silver was lying about being Deliora the whole time, and he is a walking corpse brought back by one of the demons.
What started off as a fun, despicable, Jerkass Anti-Hero during the Grand Magic Games arc, has resorted to joining a Dark Guild for, among other things, the purpose of getting revenge on Erza for humiliating her during their tournament duel. At first, he's been talked up as the most Badass being to exist in Ishgar since the start of the Albareth Arc, then it's revealed he's working for Zeref and the other Spriggan Twelve thinks he's a weirdo and a push-over. Some were relieved over the fact that none of the characters had aged up, while some were clamoring for new character designs. However, it led to a time-skip that many felt was handled much better than the seven year one, as it was executed in a way that made more sense and gave the cast opportunities to get stronger. Typically, the series is fairly fast-paced, taking one to three chapters on any given fight with the occasional exception of fights against the arc's Big Bad.
Despite existing since the very beginning of Fairy Tail, some readers have started to note that the fan-service has really gotten out of hand.
The most prominent example is Erza's torture, which has the fanbase split between feeling sorry for Erza having to relive the Tower of Heaven, seeing it as fan service and getting turned on by her naked, sweaty body, or seeing it as fan service and expressing disgust by the imagery. We got a recap BEFORE the OP, and then a mini arc recap before we dove back into E-Land and rejoined the trio of Natsu, Gray and Lucy. Given how Natsu just powered up and obliterated everything, I’d say this fight is mostly done. We here at Anime Evo work with our advertising partners to promote products that are actually relevant to our audience, and give you the best bang for your buck! Anime Evo is Setsuken’s (Hassan's) proclamation of love for Anime, which he can’t seem to get enough of.
There’s a lot about him and I can say that you will learn about his reasons in two episodes time at least. I just hope we don’t get too much recap and filler, and not enough of the real story. Natsu has pretty much wrapped his up, but that’s thanks to his opponent being so weak.
Torturing one of his own just because they want to give Lily time to get away from the lacrima is nuts. Does he have a Super-Powered Evil Side that forced him to do it or did The Black Dragon, Acnologia, make him do these things while Zeref was powerless to resist? It's also not helped that the trip to Edolas can come off feeling extremely distant to the events going on back on Earth-land, and can come off feeling like a pointless Sidequest that didn't affect much in the long run. The studio's insistence on dragging the filler out even longer by animating almost every single omake chapter made in the last year only intensified this reaction, until finally the Tartaros Arc began airing in April, 2015.
However, within the arc were two aspects that many felt dragged on for too long: The first is the countdown of Face.
Most are supported (read: handwaved) by a vague and non-specific magic system that even in-universe is full of unknowns and is a subject of intense study (with subtle overtones of knowing too much leads to madness or These Are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know). Although Natsu succeeds in eating and using Etherion, he does end up sick for a few days afterwards as a consequence. In-universe even Makarov is completely stunned in-universe that it somehow works ? making this an in-universe example at the very least.

At most, people have suggested from the name "Mercury Fulminate" that Laxus created the actual explosive compound, but the end of the chapter still attributes his victory to "lightning that surpasses lightning". Cue fifteen chapters later and he uses it again against Jacob Lessio taking away any significance it had before. He only said all that stuff about Deliora, because he wanted his own son to end his miserable life. The humiliation was bad enough, but by joining a Dark Guild with vague motivations at best, it ended up destroying what previously made her an interesting character. However, in 470, he gets to show off his strength as a newly introduced Dragon-slayer with 8 Lacrima powers within him, and goes about stomping over the current members of Fiore's Magic Council to show off that Badass-cred that's been so hyped up is legitimate. The other side points out that Mashima had a role in writing the story, and has referenced the arc within the manga. Some people see this as refreshing, as it means that fights or arcs don't overstay their welcome or drag on for months or years, while others feel that it leads to events feeling rushed, which creates the interpretation that Fairy Tail guild members win most of their fights through ass pulls, or that most of the villains are defeated anti-climatically.
Others point out that plenty of characters, or even entire groups (Sabretooth and the Oracion Seis) have undergone Heel Face Turns, so this is hardly exclusive to women. Mashima even admits that he "overdid it" with Chapter 355, which shunned plot progression in favor of a Hot Springs Episode. The only part where there was some manner of threat for Natsu, was when he was stuck on the roller coaster.  He had a little help from Lucy though, and was quickly freed.
Given that Hughes is kind of over with, I’m guessing we’ll get more Erza versus Erza next week! The only time he had an advantage was during the coaster thing and that was just because of Natsu’s weakness to transportation. Of course makes you wonder why the guy is helping to fight against his own, but probably a decent back-story behind that. I have a feeling the rest are either going to be just funny and forgetable, and end quick, kind of like Natsu’s did. It just rolled on and on, painstakingly slowly and things only picked up when the actual main plot came into play with Oracion Seis in the second half, and got increasingly interesting from there, although not enough to save the arc all in all. This evolution of Natsu?s ability to eat different flames and elements then culminates in the fight with Hades where Natsu takes in Laxus?s lightning. Then Natsu spontaneously enters Dragon Force (something that can't be done without consuming a strong source of magic unless the user is a Third Generation Dragon Slayer, and Natsu is a First Generation Dragon Slayer), which doesn't defeat Mard Geer, but distracts him enough for Gray to deliver a finishing blow. Oh, and then Acnologia suddenly appears and one-shots him, though to be fair, it's Acnologia. Indeed, said Hot Springs Episode was so universally panned that when this scene happened in the anime, the scene itself was fundamentally changed, turning the 'Hot Springs' part into a scene that lasted barely a minute, and having all of the plot progression instead take place over dinner with Walrod.
I can start to see a trend develop here, where there’s an obvious attempt to delay things.
I really do hope Gajeel finds himself an Exceed as well, the guy is definitely cool and badass. A writer for a number of years Hassan is also a 3D Artist, a Game Designer, a Web Designer and a Huge Anime Obsessed Enthusiast. But also made the scary guess that is gay or something for not falling for such perversity.
Lucy might have misunderstood things, but still keeping that key in Coco’s possession at least buys time for Gajeel to win and free the guild. Unfortunately the appearance of Oracion Seis highlighted how ridiculous and nonsensical the previous fifteen or so episodes had been and made everyone's power levels and fighting ability look insanely inconsistent. Hopefully it doesn’t get as bad as One Piece of Hitman Reborn, where most of the episode is dominated by long OPs, recaps and little content for the actual story.
The second is the way the chapters juggled through several concurrent fights, often without significant progression in all but one that the chapter would end on. The first one turns into a plot point, however, as Gray's demonization continues beyond this arc, which results in him joining a dark guild, presumably to find a way to stop it.
Word of God admits that it was a plot point that had been considered a long time ago and was nearly scrapped, thus leading to the lack of foreshadowing.
I’d honestly rather the arc be a smooth ride and then some fillers than artificial lengthening that ruins the pacing. Either way, for now, Gajeel is taking on Panther Lily with a clear disadvantage, as Lily clearly has the higher ground.
Erza's fights gets the most complaints; after Erza is freed from her torture chamber, she initially overpowers Kyouka, only for the fight to continue uneventfully up until Kyouka leaves it to Minerva when Face initially fails to activate.
Lucy’s fight is just getting started, Gray is in for a tough time against someone that can weaken his ice, Erza vs Erza (end of the world), and Gajeel is going to take a while with Panther Lily. Erza also fights Minerva uneventfully for several chapters before beating her into submission and a Heel?Face Turn, which many saw as anticlimactic after how much Minerva had been shoehorned into the story, regardless of their attitude toward said Heel?Face Turn. Later, Kyouka has a rematch that coincided with the more interesting fights between Igneel and Acnologia and Natsu against Mard Geer, ending in one of the most criticized victories in the entire series. The fact that Erza spent most of all three fights wearing her hakama that doesn't give her abilities to make her fights more visually appealing did not help.

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