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A recent Tokyo Otaku Mode Survey posed the question to both men and women of 100 countries which anime characters they’d most like to date, with some surprising, and some not-so-surprising, results.
One Piece‘s Nami ranked number four for almost exactly the same reasons as Nico Robin. Elza Scarlet of Fairy Tail fame takes the number five spot, possibly because she’s not reluctant at all to fight in a bikini. This cute character might have made the list because she is literally a deity and who doesn’t want to try dating a god?
Just squeaking in at the number ten spots is K-On‘s cute but decidedly underage musician. A considerable number of ladies also responded to the survey, ranking their most dateable male anime characters. The year’s most popular anime unsurprisingly occupies the top spot with abrasive clean freak Levi. This girl’s manga character reaches the number two spot with his perfect hair and slightly disheveled appearance. The demonic anti-hero of the Black Butler series grabs the number three slot with his dashingly handsome looks but slightly sadistic personality. Apparently the exception to the rule, nice guy Makoto Tachibana finishes well ahead of his meaner rivals at number five.
Naruto’s socially withdrawn ninja placed number seven this year, despite being motivated primarily by the desire to kill his own brother.
This One Piece protag is a shoo-in for the list, albeit placing surprisingly low even with his three sword technique.
Rounding out the list of male characters is Naruto‘s apathetic but secretly kind-hearted Kakashi.
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After being convinced by Kirito to have a fierce duel which ended up in them flying in each others' arms, she decided to help Kirito in rescuing Asuna. I've added a few more names tot he Tag List, and as always, if it bothers you feel free to opt out by posting here or sending me a Conversation. These Anime Character of the Week threads depress me because it let's me know that a full week has passed already. Lol, this is my favorite episode, love the part when Alice and Gil fights, and screams at the hopeless maid.
This episode comes from the manga, and, in my opinion, holds one of the most important twists.

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Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu – 13Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Preview(18+) Makaizou: IS – Shinonono Hoki Kitsune Miko Ver. Since no one has post about this particular anime before, I think I will start my review on this particular anime. Now, being a horror genre anime especially zombie apocalypse scenario would have the watchers expect something bloody, gore, or twist and turn story. In the end, comparing to other horror genre anime, High School Of The Dead gives off a straight-forward horror with great realism and interesting character development (I say this is interesting because I have read the manga and I guarantee you that the characters are becoming stronger. Please Donate!We are currently in need for money to upgrade our space quota so we can deliver you more wallpaper packs and dektop goodies.
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It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. She is 15 years old and in her third year of junior high, as well as a member of the Kendo club. She stumbled onto Kirito by accident one night and decided to travel with him to the World Tree. You may point out the absorbing development Oz has gone through since the start, or how his relationship with Alice has gradually evolved over the course of the anime. Make the character drink alcohol and watch them make fools of themselves, it’s a staple of any anime if they wish to kill some time and lighten the mood before the next dramatic plot twists. High School Of The Dead which is originally a manga written by Daisuke Satou and illustrated by Shoji Satou, tells you the story about how the world is consumed by an unknown virus that turns dead corpse into zombies. And I could see that after watching two or three episodes of this anime might make you thinking there is too much fanservice and less head-bludgeoning action. First of all, the weapon they use to fight zombies are merely baseball bat, mop handle, and bokken (wooden sword) which you can find in a normal school. We guess it’s hard to compete with a guy that can kill you with a sword he holds in his mouth. We also warn readers that any one of these characters, however initially dateable they may seem, probably harbor one or two weird secret fetishes or disgusting habits, just like folks in the real world.
She eventually fell in love with him because he showed that he really loves playing VR games as if living in it and is very honest in everything. You may also say, only as an afterthought, that you watch this anime for the fanservice, but hasten to add that this anime has a rather small amount of that said attraction.

Usually they are mildly entertaining but a bit tedious as you realise that no more plot progressions will occur in the episode.
For all those Hetalia fans who follow this blog, here’s something for you lot to squeal over. It is entitled Highschool of The Dead I guess because of the first plot that the story introduces is in the Fujimi Highschool and the main characters of this anime are students and teachers. Also, the violence intensity in this anime is rather mild, there is blood spill but the killing is normally not visualize.
Plus if you like fanservice anime and want a change from those typical harem, yuri, or highschool romance plot then this anime might gives you a new feeling of echiness^^. Your donation will make you an honorary member of TRT and you shall be given a large portion of priority when it comes to request. In the real world she slowly got closer to her brother (who actually a cousin) but because they're family and because he already got Asuna as a girlfriend she decided to give up on him and fall in love with Kirito instead. The thoughts amongst fans of the manga at the moment is that Pandora may shoot through to a second season. And if you landed to this page by accident, probably in search for ecchi stuff, then you should regret to have hit this page. We have Rei Miyamoto who joined the Spear Club which proves that she has a descent sojutsu (Spear Technique), Rei Busujima is the captain of the kendo club and she is proficient with her bokken, and Kohta Hirano who is a gun enthusiast and an otaku which made him eloquent in modifying a nail gun to fight zombies. If you are expecting a surprise element or horror scream bits, then this anime is not for you. No really, when the next episode preview in episode 19 hinted at a filler episode, I found myself cheering. To enjoy watching this anime, you have to put your perspective as a weak student who doesn’t know anything except from what you learn during your teenager and suddenly you have to make your survival run from zombies who are chasing you. Pandora Hearts is one of those rare occasions where the quality of the manga’s writing manages to overcome the shortcomings of the adapters, in this case Xebec. I made this point way back after episode 12, another filler episode and incidentally my favourite episode of Pandora thus far. It goes back to the same reason why FUMOFFU is more popular than the first season of Full Metal Panic.

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