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Genre: shounen fantasy, actionThis wildly popular anime follows the adventures of five teens who join a notorious wizarding guild that's kind of like the Animal House of modern magical society. The FBI director opened a college conference on privacy and security with timely remarks on the encryption debate. Sanders called Panama 'a world leader' in helping rich Americans hide their money from the IRS. Better than you might think.Last year, Kotaku turned heads by declaring that Netflix's original series, Knights of Sidonia, was the best anime on the platform. The light novels on which the series is based are still being released, and fans are waiting breathlessly for Series 3 and beyond.This series is about a virtual-reality game turned nightmare for an entire society of players who find themselves trapped inside it and have to battle for their survival in a Battle Royale-style fight to the death. This second series, Brotherhood, reprises the animation style of the first and features two main voice actors repeating their roles as brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric.
While many anime series in the mecha genre tend to turn off newcomers because of all the talk about giant robots, Gurren knows how to plunge you into the middle of the action while getting you emotionally invested before you know what's happening. Yes.Created by Shinichiro Watanabe, best known for the landmark Cowboy Bebop, Champloo continues his theme of fusing unlikely cross-cultural markers to create something totally new.
Yes.This delightful and popular genre-bending comedy pokes fun at the excesses and melodrama of shoujo (girl's) anime tropes. YesDespite its many flaws, Death Note is still one of the most gripping horror series around. Originally a standalone short film, Little Witch Academia made such a splash that Studio Trigger was able to launch a lucrative crowdfund for the follow-up. For fans who may have seen the recent live-action film adaptations but haven't yet had a chance to enjoy the slow-burning '90s anime, now's your chance. Yes.It's almost impossible to sum up this anime—so impossible that others have tried and failed before us. Although we agree that its distinctive animation and especially its newness are factors in its favor, we'd never rank this series above tried-and-tested favorites like Fullmetal Alchemist and Death Note, or true genre-bending hallmarks like Samurai Champloo or Ouran High School Host Club.The main drawback to Netflix's anime selection is that if you're a fan of anime, you've already been exposed to many of these titles over the years. Full of wacky characters and high jinks, Fairy Tail does have a serious side, but mostly proceeds like the One Piece of magical anime.

The primary difference is that the second series is wholly faithful to the manga, which was still in progress when the first series was made. Even if you're not up on your Japanese sci-fi tropes, this is an excellent, accessible series. In this case, Watanabe merges the aesthetic of late '90s hip-hop with the classic cultural trope of the lone samurai, and the results are incredible. Imagine the Headless Horseman as a modern-day female bike rider through the streets of Tokyo's seedy underbelly. But underneath there's a beautiful story of genderqueer hero Haruhi and the way her high school's "host club"—a group for guys to entertain girls—transforms itself because of her. The plot centers around a sociopathic teen named Light, the "death note" he finds which gives him the power to kill at will, and the cat-and-mouse game he embarks upon with an eccentric genius detective known only as "L." After a certain point, the plot goes fully off the rails, propelled by Light's uncreasingly unhinged behavior, but the anime does a great job at filling in the excesses of the manga's melodrama.
The result is a winsome, delightful fantasy adventure featuring magic, dragons, and a host of adorable little witches. Only in this case, the grail is an all-powerful wish-granter, and the "quest" is really an epic war between seven powerful magical clans. Is it a fashion show disguised as a lighthearted superhero quest turned violent cop drama turned tongue-in-cheek space western turned Power Rangers riff turned ongoing Monty Python sketch turned epic mindfuck turned thinly veiled gay fairy tale?
Set in a fictional historical Japanese landscape, the series follows the adventures of a boy who discovers a hidden world full of "mushi"—magical glowing creatures who can secretly impact the human world.
The second season of the anime is currently airing in Japan and not yet available.This series concerns a futuristic human society aboard a giant spaceship, fighting to survive against a species of killer aliens. Although this means fans can skip the notorious long seasons of "filler" episodes, created while the anime was waiting for the manga to complete a major plot arc, the fans who do really like those episodes are out of luck.
The ending is notably different and many plot elements which were only hinted at in the first series are explored in depth in the second. However, both series are excellent in their own way, mainly because the driving force behind both is Ed Elric's commitment to rescuing his younger brother, Al, from a fate as a disembodied soul trapped in a suit of armor.
Now imagine a kind of Rashomon-like tale full of intersecting, overlapping, and contradicting narratives about the horseman's quest to find her head, and the addictive cast of characters who get caught up in an intricate, violent plot. Come for the concept, stay for the dark social commentary on modern Japan—but do yourself a favor and stop watching after episode 25.

It's all those things and none of them. Samurai Flamenco covers a lot—and we mean a lot—of ground in its short but intensely baffling life. He then becomes a wandering 'master' seeking ways to help people impacted by the creatures. The premise—a young space cadet is unexpectedly thrust into battle—is very cliched, borrowed from everything from Ender's Game and Starship Troopers to Starfighter. Meanwhile other recent new series, like Attack on Titan, are on Netflix, but the wait for additional seasons to arrive may be unbearable.Still, there is a surprising amount of variety, a mix of old and new anime and a wide mix of genre. This story, which is ostensibly about a regular citizen who decides to turn himself into a real-life superhero, included a long stretch where viewers who weren't stuck in stages of "WTF is happening?" tended to assume the main character was hallucinating most of the action while going slowly insane.
Quiet and Ghibli-esque, Mushishi is an anthology series, meaning each ep basically stands on its own.
It's the incredible, VR-inspired animation and a thorough take on human gender and human engineering in a sci-fi age that makes this series worth watching.Other Notable Series we like: Hunter x Hunter, Kill La Kill, NanaWhat are your favorite anime series on Netflix?
And if you're new to anime in general, Netflix's collection is a great way to get your feet wet. These are films set during the time of the Shippuden arc, which is unfortunately not included with the current Netflix order. But while the overall plot is open to interpretation, what we believe Samurai Flamenco is doing is issuing a superb commentary on the core of the superhero trope itself. Based on one of the bestselling titles in Shonen Jump history, this is a classic coming-of-age story about a would-be ninja whose cheerful nature masks untold power.
It also pits itself, its own storyline, against the all-powerful typical superhero narrative.
When something totally unpredictable happens to the show's plot line, it's Samurai Flamenco's own special way of facing off against superhero tropes as if they themselves are the monster that must be defeated.

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