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Corsair's assorted closed-loop systems are well known to the enthusiast community and its latest creation features a low profile radiator with dual 120mm fans. The radiator measures just 25mm thick and 120mm in diameter, and it is connected to the water-block using black tubing that we've found to be highly flexible and kink-free as advertised. The water-block features what Corsair calls a copper micro-fin coldplate that draws heat from the CPU into the circulating liquid. Cooling the radiator are a pair of high static pressure 120mm PWM (SP120L) fans that operate at up to 2000 RPM, move 54 CFM of air and generate 31.4dBA of noise. The Hydro H75's installation is as easy as it gets -- even more so than nearly any air cooler we've worked with. Sorry for the poor heatercore condition, this heatercore is used and no longer representing what you might buy new.
The radiator is a common car type heatercore that is used to transfer heat from a car's hot coolant to the inside of the car.
Barbs either have to be fabricated using household brass fittings, or you can buy a heatercore with fittings preinstalled from Danger Den here.
This makes these heatercores similar to the more dense and double thickness radiators like the HWlabs BIX and GTX series in that they will be optimal with higher pressure 38mm and higher speed fans (>2000RPM).
Unfortunately the heatercore doesn't come with a premade radiator shroud or fan mount, so you'll have to make your own.
The most scientific way to determine a blocks hydraulic resistance is to test pressure drop.
Water Source - Household water pressure - 50PSI at >5GPM - Because flow rate readings are instantaneous, household tap water and water pressure are a good and powerful source for pressure drop testing. Previously tested on old test setup and very low pressure drop, but retesting on newer equipment for consistent data.
Rather than fill up this review page with specifications, I've created this radiator testing specificaitons page for that. I did my normal testing specifications except I only tested at one heat load and I also tested with a custom shroud in pull so I could make use of the full width these heatercores provide.

First are my tabular results which includes additional data like the air in and air out, etc. And this is the estimating chart where you can select a heat load in watts and get an estimated water temperature. Extreme Outer Visions PSU calculator - Just note heat load minus the 38 watts included in the start. And everyone wants to know what heat dissipated is and for that you have to assume a delta (Water temperature out vs Air temperature In). And this is the high performance 5C delta chart where water temperatures are very cool and would provide extreme cooling performance. Very low pressure drop - Great for adding into existing loops for multiple radiator setups. OCnet - soloz2's post on painting a bonnie heatercore the right way without painting the fins. Evaporative coolers are eco-friendly, energy-efficient coolers that use the simple power of evaporation to provide cooling comfort. If you are looking for an effective way to cool a large area or an area where space is limited, cooling fans from Grainger can help. Find the water fan, water mister, & water cooling fans to buy online for patio misting and outdoor cooling.
Misting fans from Aquality Water Systems based in San Antonio, Texas, is a leader in high pressure misting systems. Water cooling fan Manufacturers directory – over 5,000,000 registered importers and exporters. Born and raised in Indiana, Chris grew up on a healthy diet of video games and Magic: The Gathering. Priced at just $85, the Hydro H75 is designed to outclass air cooling options in a compact package that's suitable for smaller cases and it couldn't have been any easier to fit in the HAF-XB.
Unlike Silverstone's design, the H75's block is wrapped mainly in plastic, though honestly we don?t see a problem with this as it won't corrode.

The tool-free bracket supports all major Intel and AMD sockets and simply slides over the water-block, while the radiator hangs comfortably on a single 120mm fan slot.
Pressure drop is a measurement of pressure loss across a radiator that varies with flow rate. Electric fans are a much less expensive way to supplement or even replace your existing cooling system. There are two brands which have recently produced flagship products in this arena and today we are to carefully observe the two in a head-to-head battle.
There are going to be a total of three versions, but only the Performer and Pro are being released right now. Really, the only thing you’ll notice is that the radiator is thicker (49mm vs 25mm), giving it more surface area to work with. He worked a number of jobs in the IT field before deciding to pursue his passion by founding GamerFront in 2007.
However, if you’re afraid of accidentally destroying your rig in the process, then a self-contained unit might suit you better.
It is what is it, a heater "Core" so you have to build the rest of what we consider a standard PC radiator.
Just make sure you have the right bracket for your CPU, install the corresponding backplate, and mount. With several different workloads relying heavily upon 8K performance, we include this as a standard with each evaluation. We can observe the massive drop in performance of the client hardware with the addition of even the slightest of write workloads.
The numerous results that fall much higher, up to the limit of our recording at 200ms, conspire to remove the latency advantage.

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