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Facebook has added a great new feature for Fan Pages, the ability to unlike a page or person.  This may not sound so revolutionary, but it is because it gives a page control over who Likes their page. Facebook has now given control to Fan Pages to Unlike  and remove a Like from their page.  You also have the ability to ban someone so they will not be able to post, or otherwise interact with your page. This new feature doesn’t just let you kick people off your page, it will also help you engage better. This is an excellent new Facebook tool that will really help boost engagement and give more control over what happens on your page. The teenage pop sensation, Justin Bieber, has said that he does not like fans who just scream and yell, “Justin! If you see a problem or discrepancy with the RM image HU049816, [Screaming Beatles' Fans], please complete and submit this form.
A belated congratulations to Jen and Gabi for their stellar additions to the Idiot of the Week Blog Hop.
The most recent idiots to catch my eye did so literally, by sending 13 emails within one minute of each other. No, I’m talking about the nitwits who intentionally reply all for the dumbest and most irrelevant shit imaginable. In my office, if someone will be out sick, a manager will email the whole team with this information. I was starting to wonder if I was the only person in the world who understood how to use reply all correctly when something happened that restored my faith in humanity. I received a mass email from a woman I did not know asking if the meeting was still on for today. I was so excited I wanted to run down to his office and scream and pull my hair like he was one of the Beatles.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged email, email etiquette, facepalm, funny, humor, idiots, musings, rant, reply all, sarcasm by Is Everyone an Idiot but Me?. This really makes me want to created another blog to dedicate just to my FB rants which I have called The Fucktard Diaries… from the looks of it, you would certainly enjoy them.
So this morning, some guy apparently decided to share a poem written by his granddaughter about Veteran’s Day.

I get to the point where I want to scream at my computer while hitting the delete button over and over! Most people where I work use Gmail as the email client since we are one of those places powered by Google apps. I’m so happy there are still people in this world who recognize Madonna as the OG who no one compares to.
You can now sort your fans by people and pages, so you can clearly see all the pages that Like your page.
I can’t seem to keep up with the demands of a weekly blog hop, so for now I am returning to the old-fashioned approach of complaining about idiots at my leisure. I’m not the one who is sick, so why do I need to know what Bob’s advice for Frank is? I was about to reply to her (just her) to let her know she had the wrong person when someone beat me to it.
Instead, I should have simply reblogged the post, which I’ve now done, so the person who originally published it will get credit for such a refreshing read.
450 people do not need to know the answer to “Is your firm having a picnic this summer? It seems like every day there’s a new teenager on the scene singing songs and dancing around and just basically making me feel old.
And not just love them, but love them so hard that they will threaten your life if you say the wrong thing about the object of their affection.
I saw a post on Tumblr along the lines of *picture of Chris Brown* Don’t judge someone by one mistake. This gives you more opportunity to interact with other pages and deepen your relationships on Facebook.
Please, STOP replying all like a pack of raging morons, just delete the message and get on with your lives. Group text is the worst when you don’t have a smartphone and get them as 20 individual picture messages.
Which brings me to one point I would like to make: I can appreciate someone who does something stupid and then feels stupid for doing it.

And with Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook and whatever, they tend to get famous much more quickly than anyone was ever able to before. One mistake is fine, but beating the crap out of someone, never understanding why people didn’t get over it, being rude, being violent etc. I mostly just included the fan bases that have threatened my own death, so that limited my selection somewhat. But Liking a page was a one-way relationship – all you had to do was go there and Like it. With the the Fan Page’s ability to set their featured page, you might even be a featured Like, and see your Fan Page displayed prominently on their sidebar! Instead, he says, he will be happier if they just calmly introduce themselves to him or ask him how he was doing. You may request a TIFF file, if available, or a larger interpolated size for your output needs. I do little things like that in these situations- I find ways that idiots could have been even bigger idiots so I can comfort myself by thinking, “Okay, that was bad. What I cannot abide but usually manage to tolerate on a razor’s edge of poise and rage, are idiots who remain just as blissfully unaware of their idiocy as everyone else is bitterly and hopelessly hyper-aware of them and their perpetual half-witted thought and behavior. Which is fun, because you have to stay up to the minute and aware of all the new music out there…but it also means their fan bases get out of control SO FAST. No wonder, the poor boy must have had enough of all the hysterical girls he gets to meet everyday!
No need for us ALL to do a roll call and confirm that she included not a single correct email.

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