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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. This assault on the customer may seem entirely counter-intuitive given that football has never been wealthier. From next season, the 20 Premier League members will share an eye-popping A?5 billion of television income across three years. A rise of 716 per cent in the price the average fan has been obliged to pay to watch a football match since 1989 is, he says, way beyond all financial reason. That is not for the hospitality area, with a Michelin-starred meal and a handshake from a former Arsenal hero thrown in.

Like a reckless lottery winner, any bounty that comes its way it spends, spends and spends.
These days, supporters pore over the new fixtures not looking to see when they are meeting the neighbours or when they will first get to see Jose Mourinho’s new coat, but prioritising which of the games they will be able to afford to attend. And that which is not being wasted is being squandered: if the A?71 million spent last year by Premier League clubs on agents was used to subsidise admissions, ticket prices would fall by close to A?3 a ticket across the board. Fans who are scraping together the money for season tickets can’t afford to go away anymore. He will have insisted, too, that his organisation has no control over pricing: clubs set their own charges.

Why not get one of the Premier League’s commercial partners to target sponsorship at reducing admission prices?

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