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Around 200,000 revellers, mostly teenagers, flocked to Reading and Leeds for this weekend's three-day festivalA Despite rain in Leeds today, the site looks set to be dry. Popular: Reading festival started in 1961 and attracted a few hundred music fans with tickets priced at just A?2 for the weekend. Disrespect: Holloway criticised the Millwall supporters who mocked Leeds fans about Jimmy Savilea€?I dona€™t think [Savile chants] are right. A  Four questions for Manchester United fans:1) Does David Moyes know how to get the best out of Juan Mata? Arsene Wenger and his scouting staff had 31 days of the transfer window to find a striker whoa€™s better than Nicklas Bendtner.
If they did they would have seen not one but two strikers who are both better than Bendtner.Danny Ings and Sam Vokes both scored and played superbly at St Marya€™s on January 4. I was at Stoke on Saturday to watch them beat Manchester United 2-1, and ita€™s good to see Charlie Adam rediscover his form since I questioned what he brings to the Premier League a few weeks ago.
Edwin van der Sar holds a world record a€“ when he was at Manchester United he went 1,311 minutes without conceding a goal in the Premier League.
We should all tip our hats to Jose Mourinho, he studied Manchester City and he worked out a way to beat them. There were plenty of 10 out of 10 performances among the Chelsea players in their 1-0 victory.
How can a man facing charges of attempted embezzlement in Italy (which he denies), with an arrest warrant issued for him stating he has 'marked criminal tendenciesa€¦capable of using every kind of deception to achieve his ends', get anywhere near the front door at Elland Road?The Football League issued a statement on February 1 saying it was having 'conversations' with Eleonora Sports Ltd, the group led by Massimo Cellino. The likes of French clubs Marseille and Lyon currently have kit deals with the German brand.
Reading will also bask in sunshine, forecasters sayReading is world's oldest popular music festival, launched in 1961. The Millwall manager is known for his quirky sense of humour but said that the chants were not funnyHe added: a€?I am bursting with pride about my club, but I will ask my fans if they think that is right.

You can look at the goals tally for both (Ings 22 all competitions, Vokes 15) but ita€™s the variety of the goals they score, the intelligent running, the link up play. His winning goal was a joy to commentate on and take nothing away from Stoke, they deserved to win the game in my opinion.But referee Neil Swarbrick was guilty of blatant inconsistency during the game.
By that time the Italian had sacked Brian McDermott through his solicitor, signed a player (Andrea Tabanelli), and attempted to put the man he wanted to take over as manager (Gianluca Festa) in the dugout for the game against Ipswich, he was already making decisions at Leeds United.It's absolutely pathetic from the Football League, which needs to take a long, hard look at itself. The club have finished in eight place in their last two seasons in the top tier of French football.The side had their number nine striker Vincent Aboubakar play for Cameroon at the 2014 World Cup. It is disrespectful.a€™The fansa€™ behaviour took the shine of an impressive Millwall win that exposed the weaknesses of Leedsa€™s playing staff at a time when their off-field antics are drawing scrutiny.
And Burnley play very good football, theya€™re not long-ball merchants.Are players from Burnley good enough for Arsenal?
At one end Stokea€™s Marc Wilson had his arms around Robin van Persiea€™s neck in the box a€“ nothing given.
Celtica€™s Fraser Forster is currently on 1,035 minutes in the Scottish Premiership.But dona€™t you think it would be an absolute scandal if Forster took that record off the Dutchman? After whata€™s happened at Leeds in the past few days, you have to question whether the League is carrying out its duty of care to clubs.Brian McDermott deserves so much better, and so do the Leeds United fans. He was talking to the Millwall groundsman about I dona€™t know what a€” he wants to learn about English football.a€™He wona€™t have liked much of what he learned here. Maybe it's because he hasna€™t got a clue about anything outside of the top flight in England.
Minutes later Chris Smalling has his arms around Jon Waltersa€™ waist, Swarbrick gives a free-kick and Stoke score the opening goal. Celtic are a heavyweight champ bossing the ring, seeing off a succession of flyweights week in, week out. He was simply stunning a€“ strength with technique and end product, and I would happily pay good money to watch the Belgian.
Beevers was left unmarked for the opener, Noel Hunt blew a great chance to equalise early in the second half and Williams secured the points for Millwall with a late penalty.a€?First half we didna€™t perform, didna€™t stick to the game plan,a€™ Hockaday said.

Ia€™m talking about spotting players in the lower leagues, not signing heralded youngsters like Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Carl Jenkinson. The ref had a clear view of both and he simply cannot give one decision and not give the other.
Every game is a mis-match for Celtic, it will be an embarrassment if Forster doesna€™t break the record.Ita€™s no criticism of the England man a€“ hea€™s just doing his job.
He was in the dugout before the game, and briefly on the touchline ahead of kick-off to talk to the groundsman. But they werena€™t looking for the best in the world, they were looking for someone better than Bendtner.I wonder if the Arsenal scouts went to watch January opponents Southampton in the FA Cup third round right at the start of the window. I remember Arsenal winning a penalty shootout in the League Cup against Doncaster in 2005, and after the game Wenger said he thought some of the Rovers players would have a future in the Premier League.
But it would be so wrong for a keeper at such a dominant club in such an uncompetitive league to take such glory. Hea€™s the kind of player you want to take your children to see just so they can say they saw him at his best. If people simply total up goals then Luis Suarez or Sergio Aguero or maybe Aaron Ramsey will win Player of the Year. Thata€™s a shame for Arsenal, because if you look closely, youa€™ll see there are strikers down there who are clearly better than Bendtner.
Why cana€™t people in the stand say, a€?Chuck this guy out?a€? Coming into a ground doesna€™t give you the right to say those things.a€™Millwall have worked hard in recent years to tidy their unruly image, with Holloway highlighting the fact that they were rated as having the most improved family experience last season.

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