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The weather made it hard to play good football, and I think Posh made a big mistake by persisting with the neat passing when something a bit more direct might have worked better. Credit where it is due - to the manager working with meagre resources and to the players for the past three games.
With the obscene amount of cash this club earned which should have been at least partly spent on football, for somebody to come on here and state that its 'heartwarming' to see some bang average third division players trying hard is frankly patronising and offensive to the vast majority who have had the good sense (if not morality) to stay away and not endorse the rapist and his vile offspring.
Also to those calling others for attending AFC Fylde and having a bitchy dig because they lost yesterday - think a bit more carefully. Before the game my bessie mate Karly gave me a Christmas gift of a pie and a new pair of Oyston blinkers.
However I think the players and to a point the manager, although why on earth he came to the club, god only knows, they appear to be giving it their all. Personally, I am not even sure I would come back if we got new owners, too much bad has happened now and the club is tainted. The OP has given a pretty honest and realistic reflection of the current playing situation. Again, you'd think we just a small % of the 'it's there if we need it' then BFC would be near the top, but Oiscum is too thick to realise that it's a cheap easy fix that would bring money in through gates and stuffz.
I must apologise for the slightly facetious thread title, it was deliberately a bit mischievous but also a reaction to the general po-faced atmosphere I thought was prevailing on the board last night, and which LALA summed up quite well. SG1 made an interesting point on the "my club is dead" thread when he inferred that it wasn't a simple situation and said that it is one where no-one wins. Going back to SG1's point, performances like yesterday's in some ways compound the difficulty. I don't think it is an unreasonable view, and I don't think people who subscribe to it should be subjected to the kind of abuse that often follows anyone who dare to publicly support it. Thank you Robbie, I think I can find it in my heart to forgive you for naming the title as you did.

Yes, I hear what you say regarding supporters who go OTT in their reaction to your reports etc but I'd also suggest that there are many who still attend who look to provoke other supporters (particularly after a victory. Your position is ridiculous, I would liken it to ignoring the fact a ship is sinking and describing its 'potential'. Indoor container gardening is a challenge in its own right, what, with the environmental limitations of interiors. Where natural resources like sunlight are unavailable, indoor gardening tools create artificial sources of nourishment. In the absence of an outdoor environment, indoor gardening supplies are there to simulate everything from sunlight to natural watering cycles. As anyone who ever had a houseplant knows, indoor container gardening is both challenging and rewarding.
To simulate the natural environment of plants, flowers and herbs - the outdoors - these items will help to reproduce life-giving moisture, light and other essential growth patterns.
A well-maintained schedule of light and watering accompanied by optimal pH levels in the soil and moisture in the air is a recipe for interior planting success. Even the smallest pop of green herbs or a single blooming plant will bring a huge boost of freshness to your indoor spaces. It wasn't so much because of the quality of what was on offer - they are not world beaters by any means. Posh had most of the ball, but did very little with it ; we made a little go a long way, especially in the first half an hour or so when we tormented their back four.
It's not a time to get carried away, but they are starting to look like a cohesive unit, and they clearly want to do it for one another. It doesn't matter if they lost,the bare facts are that AFC Fylde and Fleetwood are clubs run by people who CARE about football ,respect their paying customers and have more intent and ambition in their little fingers than Catweazle and his scruffy waste of oxygen scumbag son ever will. They are specially scribed to me "To Ribbie for your loyalty to the family", on the other side Karly has written "Charles Dunne is a great footballer". Much as I couldn't care less about the results, I am hoping that the time we all want will come sooner than we all hope and I would rather have some players in the team at that time who actually will give everything, even if they are shown the door pretty quickly by any new regime. I wouldn't take Robbie going as a personal affront against yourself, he will be there if we were the last team on earth and there are a few more like him. The real fear I have is that the O's will drag this out for years, if they do then those who say NAPM will either drift back or more will leave and it will be just a void. If you take me as an example, I defended the O's for a long while against what I thought was - then - unwarranted criticism.
Where I differ from many though is that I am reluctant to stop supporting the players or give up my weekly fix of watching them. I can't be the only one who watched that display, was proud of the players who produced it and wants to go and support them over and over again if that is what they are going to do. Unfortunately, there is a kind of weird inverted logic in play on AVFTT whereby your credentials as a "fan" are enhanced if you don't go, watch someone else and lambast anyone who doesn't do the same.

But with the right indoor gardening tools the experience of planting inside can be just as rewarding as time out in the garden. Watering is also a challenge to be conquered through the use of efficient indoor gardening supplies to keep conditions just so for vibrant growth. With all the stuff plants and flowers need available inside your home, it won't be long before your interior feels as fresh and vibrant as a spring garden. To maximize successes and avoid the wilted mess in a living room corner, expert indoor planters know to have the right materials and practices at their disposal.
Indoor gardening tools can also be helpful to begin potting seedlings in the early spring months where frost is still common.
With the right indoor gardening tools, research and the added experience each plant brings, even the novice will feel seasoned after a short time. All the grower needs is a willingness to experiment, plant choices with a high potential for success, and the right indoor gardening supplies and tools to make interior container gardening a reality! The keeper looked secure, the midfield worked like navvies and all the back players were very, very good indeed.
Glad you enjoyed it and as I have just said on another thread, they do seem to have a good team spirit despite what is going on around them. It is possible to acknowledge the team is stringing a run together without weakening your overall stance. If you had played anywhere close to that level, you would truly understand what it takes to reach that level.
I think we need to be doing what we do and not turning against fellow supporters, some of whom we have known for a long time. Over the last four or five years, the challenge of enlightened leadership of a club with money has proved completely beyond them.
We have a few players who are very good in this League and some young lads learning and improving too. Quick someone call Christine as she's been duped and if it wasn't for the diligence shown by dithering and pb, who knows how long he'd have got away with it. Gradually adding extra quality into the squad in the areas it most needs is now the next challenge. Players might now find joining a winning team a more attractive option than one which was previously in freefall so the January transfer window may throw up a surprise or two.

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