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I'm guessing that this is one of those "Myths" that has been passed around for many years, and it's one that I was taught. Fannie Mae doesn't actually have any minimum height requirements (click link to read Fannie Mae's selling guide) for upper levels, or for that matter any level. First, being that there is no national standard within the real estate community regarding measuring a home, it would be great if everyone was on the same page.
Second, being that there is no Fannie Mae guideline set in stone, it's important for appraiser's (and other real estate professionals) to know that you're allowed to deviate when calculating GLA. There are certain circumstances that an appraiser may have to deviate from the standard that they use when measuring a residential house. Two-Story homes where the sales listed in the MLS are being calculated using the open space within second level area(s). This can become very challenging when trying to estimate the GLA for MLS listings, because there is going to be some subjectivity involved when calculating the GLA for the both the property being appraised and as well for the comparable sales. Until there is some national standard within the real estate community regarding measuring a house, it's important to help those involved in measuring homes for a living to understand the importance of adhering to a standard for measuring residential real estate. If you have any questions, or Minnesota real estate appraisal needs (divorce, bankruptcy, tax appeal, or estate planning) please contact Michael at 612.599-2581, or use the form on the contact page. About the Author Martha Brown- As a third generation Annapolitan I love to write about my experiences in and out of the real estate market. Posted by Rob Thomas, Bristol TN-VA & Tri Cities Agent, ABR, GRI, e-Pro (Prestige Homes of The Tri Cities, Inc. In November 2012, Chase Bank denied my modification, claiming that my income is not enough, and foreclosed on my home.
I want to pay my mortgage, and am working hard to provide enough income for my family to survive.

I filed a new lawsuit in EBR Parish (county) and got a restraining order to keep from being evicted while I prepare my case against Chase's wrongful foreclosure. Any attorneys familiar with East Baton Rouge Parish judicial procedures and civil consumer laws are welcome to contact me to help me prepare my case. After a thorough review, I see several problems with the recorded documents concerning my property and the foreclosure suit Chase filed. By taking action you are agreeing to be a part of the Home Defenders League action list and will be offered future opportunities to save families and fight Wall Street. Bidness Etc is a team of more than 120 dedicated individuals who have distilled a decade and billions of dollarsa€™ worth of trading experience to change the way people think about and interact with finance. The trademarks, logos and service marks displayed on the website, including but not limited to the Bidness Etc logo, are marks or registered marks of Bidness Etc and others.
In case you're not familiar with the 5' rule, it relates to the way finished upper levels are measured. This guideline originates from ANSI (American National Standards Institute), which in 1996 produced a set of standards in relation to how a residential house should be measured. Fannie Mae is more concerned with consistency than the adherence of a particular guideline or rule. Fannie Mae (as indicated above) requires that appraiser's be consistent in their calculation of the GLA. However, by being more concerned about being consistent rather than the adherence to a "rule," you'll produce an analysis that is more reflective of the market. Licensed since 1992 all with Long & Foster I am a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and a Seller Representation Specialist (SRS) whose passion is homes in the Annapolis MD area and surrounding communities. My illness lasted six months in the acute stage, and continues to cause me problems to this day.
I am an analytical chemist with a bachelor's degree, but a bad economy and multiple hurricanes have made it difficult for me to find full time work.

Our mortgage, even without the modification, is still less than the average rent for an apartment or condominium in Baton Rouge.
Thus, I made a small settlement deal with Chase, enough to help us move out and store what we can't bring with us.
I had an attorney qualified in these matters look at my documents, and I have a strong case. It states that there needs to be at least a minimum of 5' of ceiling height for the space to be counted as part of the gross living area (GLA).
We're kind of splitting hair's here, because most appraisers follow the ANSI standards in their appraisal business, and thus will use the 5' rule when appraising homes using Fannie Mae financing (but keep in mind it's not a Fannie Mae rule). A detailed explanation within the appraisal report as to why and how the estimates were arrived at is required. Since I don't have health insurance, I couldn't afford the complete course of treatment, and the drugs needed to treat it are extremely expensive.
I am currently running a small tutoring business, working with high school and early college students on math and science courses. Now I'm asking Fannie Mae and Chase Bank to work with me and negotiate a solution that keeps us in our home.
In the diagram above only the area that has a the ceiling height of 5 feet would be counted as living area.
For 18 years, we faithfully made the mortgage payments every month until we hit on hard times, and now we are faced with losing our home. My illness eventually caused me to lose my job, and prevents me from being able to work in food service.

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