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From the chart below, I have assumed that for math purposes a conservative estimate for property taxes would be 2.7% of income for the middle class.
Median home price $213,400*20%*114,800,000 households * (23%+18%+11% are middle class) * 10% Effective Federal Tax rate on income.
From a conservative investor standpoint, the losses for the government do not stop there because they potentially own 80% of the combined businesses. I called my sister Julie, who just bought a house in Indianapolis, IN this past Spring and the truth of the matter is that her mortgage was financed by these beautiful companies. That doesn’t even take into account the indirect benefit of being employed because the economy is healthy. As a previous tenant in the city of gossip, Washington DC, I lived within a 10-minute walk of the White House.

The idea is that the cost of wind down is so large that, as we are seeing, billionaires are getting involved and setting things straight. Based on the US income demographics chart below I’m figuring that 52% of households would be immediately impacted and would be able to afford 20% less house. There is the run rate loss (A) and there is the one-time loss (B) because of tax write offs associated with capital losses.
Billionaires are getting involved and will see this through because it is profitable for them to involve themselves in this because the equity is seriously undervalued.
The good work that they do behind the scenes is evidenced by the lack of private competition. Politicians love to see what they can get away with, but this time they have bitten off more than they can chew and the analogy is like a minnow trying to swallow an elephant.

Dick Bove outlines that the median American household, in the absence of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, will be able to afford 20% less house. This is why winding down Fannie and Freddie would result in the creation of neighborhoods of rental units aka instant slums.
Meanwhile, she works as an accountant where she processes documents for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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