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This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. It was way too early in the morning when you had woken up by the weird feeling in your stomach, and you sprinted to the bathroom before you threw up in the toilet.
You pouted as he carefully placed you on the sofa, and he just chuckled and kissed your forehead before heading back to the kitchen. This morning, you had decided to prank Louis and wake him up, and since he was up to the studio early in the morning you had to wake up even earlier. When the taxi driver stopped by my house I just threw the money on the seat and I was up by the door with my bag in less then thirty seconds.
And since this was the place you’d spent the entire day, you were bored within minutes, so you looked through the channels on the tv, not finding anything interesting. Suddenly, Harry’s phone begins to ring and he reaches out for it, looks at the screen, groans and gets up to answer in the kitchen. When you were done, he placed a wet rag on your neck to bring down the fever you were currently having.
So you just left whichever channel you found last and began to think about how grateful you were towards Zayn. So no one was safe when you two were close by, one of you was bad enough, but you together was horrible.
The bedsheets were wet with all the sweat so he carried you to the livingroom, where he placed you on the couch.
I told her multiple times she wouldn’t have to, but she being her stubborn self had bought energy drinks and her favourite movies to stay awake. The minute you hurt yourself on the ice, he was at your side, carrying you towards your car.

Zayn couldn’t help but laugh quietly as he removed your socks, pants and bra, leaving your t-shirt on, before laying your head against the pillows and the cover on you.
So you decided to use the handcuffs Lousi got you years ago (which you’d used countless times for all different things) and handcuff Louis arms to the headboard, and tickle him mad.
But instead of laying by you on the sofa again, he goes behind it and kisses you on the cheek.
He sat with you as the doctor examined your foot, and he carried you to the car, and from the car to the house. He kissed you once on the lips and left the room, and you were more grateful for your boyfriend than ever.
You both tried to outdo each other and figure out what the other one was doing, and in the end chaos would appear.
I walked around the corner and there she was, shivering on the sofa, fast asleep with the tv still on. He hadn’t let his eyes wander from you for the whole afternoon, always making sure to help you in anyway you need. I chuckled as I turned the tv of, but her actions touched me, that she actually tried to wait up even though the meeting dragged on and on. It was probably the best reaction you’d ever gotten from him, and he had avoided you all morning before he went to work.
I gently squeezed behind her on the sofa before carefully tugging her into my arms, finally at home. I stepped into the hallway and just like that it hit me how much I actually had missed just being at home.
And when he was on tour he’d make sure to call you every day, and send anything he could to help you.
We’re all doomed!”Adventurer Healer: “Wait, weren’t we attacking the Citadel to beat this guy?

When he entered the appartment, hands gripping four waterballoons, he smirked as he saw you on the sofa. Doesn’t that mean we can’t beat him, and if we can’t beat him here…”Sylvanas: “Quickly, adventurers, take your sharp logic and fleet feet, and retreat to fight another day! I entered the living room and found her passed out on the sofa, a can of redbull laying dangerously in her hand.
He stood right behind it with the balloons raised over your body, dropping them all at the same time. As you woke up with shock, you saw a glimps of your howling boyfriend running around the corner, preparing for your revenge on him.
I placed her on her side of the bed, and my heart broke when I realised that my side was untidy, she’d slept on my side to. He was convinced he loved you more than you loved him, and you were convinced it was the other way around. I put the comforter on her before I got undressed and slid in beside her, pulling her to my chest. Entendant les cris du mage, celui-ci demanda au banquier de l'excuser un instant, le temps qu'il regle quelque chose. Pleurnicha l'Elfe en designant l'Orc stupide, dont le regard passait du druide au mage, puis du mage au druide, comme s'il essayait de comprendre quelque chose. Apres qu'il ait totalement disparu de leur champ de vision, le mage leva les yeux au ciel et interrogea son nouvel ami du regard.-Mais c'etait quoi cette langue bizarre ?

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