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When I was writing the fic I remember how much I didn’t like that scene I always felt like it could have had more to it, but no matter how much I tried I could never add more. In feudal Japan, there is a half-demon named Naraku who possesses the majority of the shattered Sacred Jewel, (a jewel known to increase the holder’s power and when completed the jewel will grant one wish). Matthew wanted to protest the odd pronunciation of his name, but knew it didn’t matter.
With Naraku gaining power each day, the Four Demon Lords who control the four even sections of Japan must now stop this half-demon from gaining anymore power, otherwise the country could fall under his control.
A translucent curtain hung from the top of her four poster bed, and draped all the way to the ground, where the remaining fabric lay loosely in a pile.
The whole area was charmingly green, long grass, flaked with daisies and other wild flowers flourishing up from the floorboards, where there was indeed, dirt.
Beautifully white, it had small butterflies dotted in and around the fabric in several different colours. An extravagant wall flower grew up and around the door fixtures, all the way over, and down the other side, sprouting crimson red roses, rooting itself back in to the ground on the opposite side, where it squirmed silently sucking up food from the ground. Luna looked directly into his eyes, trying to be stern, but laughter was clearly visible in her eyes, and moments later she burst out in to fits of giggles.
Their wings shined seductively from the tiny crack of sunlight intruding through the poorly closed curtains, which created a stunning misty sun beam highlighting the bed.

The flowers were all swaying, even though, the room was completely still, there was no breeze unsettling the air at all, they seemed to be alive. Through unusual circumstances, the four girls wind up in the feudal era and they join in on the massive search for Naraku. The walls were painted like a mural of hills and sky, where animals grazed, and birds flew, with a bright sun blazing in one corner.
Once Luna had finally reached the bottom of the stairs with the help from her charming husband, he threw his arms around her neck and kissed her devotedly on the neck and lips.
The girl’s hand dropped out from under her bed sheets, and began searching around the floor. Just like the plants and blades of grass on the floor, these walls were beyond any doubt not stationary either. The birds moved, just as if someone was looking out onto a statuesque landscape from the top of a mountain, looking down in to a deep valley. The girl clenched her hand together, and formed a fist around a plant, growing, what seemed like, out of the floorboards. She pulled the plant out of the ground, and brought it towards her smooth, white skin, cleared her throat, and breathed in through her nose, deeply, taking in as much of the flower’s smell as she possibly could. The animals grazing were actually grazing, and the water in the deep creek was most definitely flowing.

The pictures seemed like tiny little video clips, which were replaying in their frames over, and over again, but they really were, just pictures.
Her cheeks began to flush red, as she finally opened her sleepy, deep olive coloured eyes, and scanned her bedroom. The only element missing from this alluring landscape was the distant sounds of villagers going about their morning business, and the hearty hustle and bustle from the local folk, and maybe just one or two bird songs travelling through the fine air. Neville opened the door at the end of the hallway with his free hand, turned around and took Luna’s spare palm, and guided her over to a chair at a square dining table which had a very eccentric looking plant as a centrepiece. One’s brain was just on the edge of convincing itself it was actually nowhere near the small village of Ashdown, lying on the four poster bed, staring at the ceiling. Luna took her tulip wand out of her pocket again, and without saying a word, directed it to the lampshade, and a ball of light appeared illuminating the room, even though there was no bulb in the lampshade. Because of this delicate feeling, the girl’s father definitely felt like he had achieved the goals in which he had set out to achieve when preparing this room for his daughter. She then turned around and directed her wand at the sink full of dirty dishes, the tap turned on, water begin to flow down in to the bowl, the scrubbing brush lifted in to mid air, and the pots began to wash themselves!

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