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For anyone who loves a good bet using forum currencies, we're bringing back the 9 sections Colosseum for the entire month of April. In the first chuunin exam, Sakura was willing to sink her own chances to advance in order to protect Naruto's dream of becoming Hokage.
Sometimes, this is obvious like when Sakura reflects that Naruto makes her want to be better (after watching him defeat Neji) or when his fervent cheering helps her throw Ino out of her mind in their chuunin match.
Sometimes, it's more subtle such as Sakura being inspired by Naruto's continued determination to rescue Sasuke after the disastrous first attempt and how Sakura's own vow to rescue him together heartened Naruto. These are only brief summaries of those reasons and they aren't the only reasons to be a fan of the pairing. The name refers to Iruka's description of Naruto and Sakura's strengths and weaknesses as shinobi during the chuunin exam. Their ninja abilities aren't particularly relevant to whether or not they should be romantically involved. Iruka's description of them as Heaven and Earth is merely a bonus since it's a direct reference to them in the manga and perhaps foreshadowing. Second, it's ok to go off-topic and get to know each other bit better, but keep it in moderation. As to the fourth, we aren't an anti-fanclub of any pairing and our members' list includes fans of just about every other pairing possible in Naruto. None of those rules means that we can't ever speak critically of another pairing or a person.
If you have a question about one of these rules or complaint because someone is breaking them (member or otherwise), please contact one of the Fan Club Ambassadors. So check out some of our friends sometime and please be welcoming when they come in for a visit. Tris Teasdale, younger sister of Lou and Sam Teasdale, is finally coming home to live with Lou, Tom and Lux after four years.
And at first glance, they may be a fairly typical anime couple: boy likes girl, girl hits boy, but eventually falls for boy and they ride off into the sunset together.

Naruto was initially trying to deep six Sakura's feelings for Sasuke and then tried to steal a kiss. And she's tried to let Naruto out of his Promise of a Lifetime twice after seeing what he's gone through. It's even become a bit of a flaw because in trying to help the other teammate, they try not to burden them with their own problems.
Each of them finds the other to be a source of inspiration to become stronger and a better ninja. Despite Sakura's worries for Naruto and both of their worries for Sasuke, they still have fun. While both of them are excellent shinobi, those strengths and weaknesses still continue throughout part two to some extent.
While the above examples simply demonstrate them as complementary, each of them are literally the other's Heaven and Earth. If you want to do so for more than a few posts, then take it to someplace else - like one that's intended for that. Keeping a positive atmosphere in the fanclub helps make sure that all members can feel welcome and enjoy themselves here. I'm just repeating it and adding the specific comment about the ANS Fan Club because let's face it, it's not going to be getting positive comments here. An alliance is a bit of an impersonal term and implies that the two in the alliance have a shared goal which isn't always going to be the case, particularly with pairing fan clubs.
The fan club as a whole is (more or less) devoted to celebrating the relationship of Naruto and Sakura while cheering them on. What happens when Tris tries to keep the truth of her real homecoming from her sisters?Liam Payne is a brokenhearted boy who just wants to feel whole again.
What started as irritation on Sakura's side and whining on Naruto's has turned into friendly banter.
They all took place gradually over hundreds of chapters as Naruto and Sakura learned to trust each other and became comfortable around each other. Both of them help the other rise above themselves and be more than they previously thought that they could be.

Friends don't always agree on everything, but they can still get along even though the relationship may be rocky at times. What happens when he meets Tris for the first time and a friendship forms.What will happen to these two broken people meet and try to mend each other?
Lefoaln's class, she gave me a detention last time I walking in late!" I heard my best friend Katie say as I was walking out of the bathroom stall. But they've both matured enormously since then and have been willing to give up their own dreams to help the other.
Sakura's biggest strengths include her chakra control which has helped her become an excellent medic nin and is even the basis for her smashy no jutsu. Since neither is right or wrong for all situations, they can also support each other as needed while their similarities allow them to appreciate the other's position.
And both of them are the rock to support the other when the going gets tough or they need encouragement. If it's something that you think that the person or fan of that pairing would be offended by, then it's probably a good idea not to say it or possibly to say it in a PM. Lots of our members are fans of pairings that conflict with each other and even with NaruSaku. She has been referred to as being a genjutsu type (and hopefully, we'll get to see her do something besides dispel one someday) while dispelling a genjutsu is about the best that Naruto can hope for. I always got out of trouble by any teacher anyway, but she was a little more difficult to budge. Lefoaln, Katie and I had something we needed to take care of." I batted my long eyeashes at her.

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