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The first android launcher which has hit our best five list of android launchers is known as MoboLive. A second android launcher which has smashed our best of five list is called Nova launcher prime. Here you have gesture feature, you can open Nova actions or apps using gesture controls such as pinching, swiping or two finger swiping. Nova Launcher prime is not free application you have to purchase it from a Google Play store, although you can Download its free version also from Google Play. Apex Launcher is placed third in our list, apex launcher also has heaps of customized features. It is developed by GO Dev Team, and is currently the number one choice for the launcher category with more than 100 million downloads. There are literally dozens of Android launchers and home screen replacements, each one vying for your attention or your money or both. Theming is were ZERO's at and, unlike some themeable launchers, the developers are promising premium themes to be free forever. ZERO is still new, having launched only this month, so it will be interesting where the developers will take the launcher. Nice smooth launcher, too bad there is no google now slide out on the left or a full google now sliding widget.

This launcher is also bundled with some highly customized features for your Android home screen and menu screen. This improvement will make your app run smoothly so you can download it to get the best performance. It’s just that there are some exclusive themes that reached into the pocket if you need to buy it from Google Play.
This application has the spirit of open source as well as Android itself, which means that anyone can create a theme or a widget that runs on top this app. Been changing my launcher every now and then but when i got to install this, im lovin how phone looks.
ZERO isn't exactly zero in weight but it does just come in a 1MB package, which isn't something a lot of more feature-ful launchers can claim. There is no separate section for an app grid or list and anything and everything is dumped into the home screen for you to curate and group as you please.
That's probably not to say there won't be paid themes, just not premium ones or not coming from the developers themselves. Home screen which comes as default in our Android Smartphone, some users do not like that and they want to add life to their home screen. This launcher is the software core of many offers of other GO Developer team, which include the widgets and plug-ins.
Some try to go the middle route and adhere to both, like this new launcher called ZERO, one that is advertised to be super lightweight, super fast, and yet still also super customizable.
Of course, unlike iOS, you can put widgets in there too, from the pre-made ones to your regular Android ones.

The launcher is free to install and doesn't contain any in-app purchases and, as mentioned, themes are free as well.
You need to have keys to unlock those, and keys are of limited supply, refreshed on a daily basis.
Thanks to Google Play store and the developers of apps who have provided us with lots of Android launchers for free, which can really decorate your android home screens. In addition to not get bored, personalization is important to show your identity and personality. In practice, you probably can't count that fast but it does feel quite snappy and almost too eager to go at a touch of a finger.
There is an optional feature that embeds a quick switch row in the notification panel, which may or may not be to your liking or even become redundant for OEM skins.
It may be annoying to some, but probably a compromise others would be willing to make to avoid having to pay for themes.
In this article we will be discussing best five Android Launchers to decorate your home screen. Being small and light, however, doesn't mean it can't be fancy as ZERO offers almost all the bells and whistles of other pretty launchers.
The team has developed a launcher as one of the personalized programs and Launcher which contain various other personalization, such as SMS applications, keyboard, and much more.

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