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Due to the fact that these fans are available in a variety of sizes, specifications and styles, it is vital to determine the exact needs of your house before you can even make a purchase.
With all the campaigns to save the planet from global warming, maybe it is time to try a new thing: the solar window fan. You realize that there are primarily two types of these fans depending on the installation and operation.
There is no doubt with properly installed window fans; you will have no need to install air conditioners. So you could run the fan for 12 hours during the evening and overnight for less than a dollar! Invisible, quiet and virtually maintenance free, we have customers who have had the fan installed for over 30 years and they are still going strong! Beat the soaring electricity prices and save power by combining a whole house fan cooling system with radiant floor heating or Nobo radiant panel heaters for an energy efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to reverse cycle air conditioning. Modern homes are built using high mass materials such as bricks and tiles which absorb heat, are often insulated and are usually poorly ventilated.
Our Whole House Cooling Fan is simple yet very effective by using the principle of nature’s own cooling system, of shade and breeze. The air passes over people to pick up radiant heat before it can heat up people in the room. Our experience has been that the fan easily meets and sometimes seems to exceed the temperature reduction rating, especially if you can draw air from areas around the house shaded by trees and plants. For cost effectiveness and functionality, the whole house fan is a far superior way of reducing carbon emissions than more widely known and promoted energy saving devices,  and I believe should become the preferred way of controlling summer temperature in Australian buildings. Our fan was installed 29 years ago and remains one of the best pieces of equipment we have ever invested in. P.S It is also magnificent at clearing the house of any unwanted odours should there ever be a mishap in the kitchen! I have had over 12 trouble free years (until very recently) using your Breeze Power Whole House Fan to cool my house down during summer.  That’s pretty good considering the amount of use it’s had. I also love being able to control the direction and power of the breezes by opening or closing certain doors or windows throughout the house. I have now had my whole of house cooling fan for about 8 years and  while the inside temperature is only around 4 to 6 degrees cooler than the outside on the hottest days I have never been sorry for making that choice over other methods of cooling.
We had a Breezepower Whole House Fan installed 8 years ago and it is the best device we have in our house and we just love it!
We love the feeling of breathing in fresh air and it is so much healthier than being cooped up in a home breathing in stale air from an air conditioner. The fan has paid for itself many, many times over in cost saving and there is no maintenance involved. I have always suffered from asthma and when my second son started to get bouts of it I decided to look at ways to minimise the triggers in our home. Since installing the whole house fan 2 years ago there has been a marked improvement in my son’s asthma as well as my own and the fan does a sterling job keeping us cool and saving us money as well.
We originally saw a whole house fan working when we went to visit some friends in America some years ago.
We were so impressed that we decided there and then that we must get one installed in our home in Sydney. We were thrilled when we tracked down the NSW supplier which was Low Energy Living and Tim’s wonderful team of contractors was able to install one for us before the summer heat began. There will be some summer days with extraordinarily high temperatures when even air conditioning systems struggle.
If you have air conditioning this is one of the times in summer you will use it but only for a few hours instead of 8 – 12 hours a day for the whole summer.
Keep the cooling system on low speed and open just one or two windows on the shady side of the house as close to the system’s ceiling shutter as possible.
Once the outside air temperature has fallen as the sun goes down, you can open up more windows, switch the fan on to high and bring in the cooler air through your home and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. When air flows over your skin you feel cool even though the air itself is warm.  This is called wind chill and is how fans of all types cool you.
Night time is usually the time when heat in the house is most trying because it is hotter than outside.
The secret to cooling by ventilation only is the air speed you can generate and no wind operated or even motorized roof space ventilator can match our Whole House Fan Cooling System. Wind turbines and other roof vents release hot air very slowly so heat will still build up in the roof space.
The Whole House Fan has been used extensively as a cooling method in the southern states of America since the 1940’s with great success.
Full 2 years warranty offered on the fan belts, metal mounting frame, timber plenum and ceiling shutter and 1 year warranty on the motor, belt and control switch. There are 5 different sizes of fans to suit any type of domestic, industrial and commercial installation.

In a single storey home the fan is positioned in the roof space on the ceiling joists over a hallway where rooms lead off. In a double storey home the fan is placed over the landing area of the top floor again where rooms lead off.
We recommend a motorized ceiling shutter to be used with a canopy to prevent the shutter blades rattling.
We usually organise the system to be installed by one of our experienced electricians but the system does come with a full set of installation instructions so you can install it yourself and get an electrician to connect up the electricity and controller. If you still have a question about the whole house fan or any of our other energy efficient products just contact our friendly and helpful team at Low Energy Living.
Years ago our city didn’t experience very many hot days during the summer, or at least that is how the story goes. It’s especially important to keep the window coverings closed during the hottest times of the day. You’ll have to find different means to cook because the oven really increases the temperature in the house.
Another easy meal to make for dinner is cold salads like potato or pasta salad, served with your family’s favorite type of sandwiches.
We open our windows and then place these fans up against the window screen and as it draws the air in and creates cold air that makes the room more appealing. A lot of people mistakenly assume that their air conditioner isn’t functioning properly.
If you are using an air conditioner then you definitely want to keep your windows and doors closed. My biggest problem by far is the fact that I can't really have the windows open in the Summer. We truly need to start blocking out the sun but the wifey enjoys having the light shine in. I know, it is nice to have the light shine in, but when it is burning out, closing the blinds or drapes is a good idea.
That is a good point Pauline, otherwise the sun was probably shining right into your room, wasn't it.
Let's see how much use we can get out of our slow cookers this summer and see if it helps our diet. Some reviewers have said the storm feature allows the window to be closed when you want to close it. Moving beyond that closed door may be difficult, but if you give that open window a chance, you may find that the space beyond those broadening panes of glass may provide more of a panorama than that door ever could. With the window fans, you don’t have to put your AC on to regulate the room temperature or even open the windows to allow for air circulation- these fans will do just that. Not only do they keep the air circulation free and healthy, but also regulate the temperatures just as effectively as an AC would.
These fans are best suited for enclosed areas such as kitchens and basement, areas that are likely to develop strange smells after a period of time. I kept the newspaper clipping and when I moved house I followed up and installed a unit 5 years later. We far prefer the solution to air conditioning for comfort and air quality, as well as being far cheaper both to install and run. When the original motor recently ceased to operate on more than one speed it was marvellous to find that the product is still on the market. We can’t wait for our next function to enjoy its full potential Thanks again and we’ll be happy to recommend the system to the rest of the clubs in the Illawarra at the next Council meeting! I have just had your repairman out for the first time, and found his service to be very professional prompt and his advice quite helpful. We have also found the fan to be very useful in preventing a build-up of condensation during or after a period of heavy or consistent rain, when the house has had to be shut up, and the air can become stale. I have never liked the idea of sealing the house up to cool it, and with this fan I don’t. We usually put the fan on late afternoon when the air starts to cool down and it is particularly useful in cooling the upstairs area of our house where our bedrooms are so we are all comfortable when we go to bed. I would recommend the fan to anyone and wish more people were aware on this wonderful invention. I found Low Energy Living on the web and Tim was so helpful in suggesting a healthier and also energy efficient solution to cooling and heating our home.
So now we have a complete cost saving alternative to reverse cycle air conditioning which I would highly recommend to anyone. Apparently they have been around there since the 1950s but went out of fashion when air conditioning became affordable but now with the ever rising cost of electricity are popular again. We found out that the fan is actually made in Arkansas near to where our friends live and shipped out to Oz. In fact relying only on refrigerated air conditioning to cool your home in summer is as logical as running a fridge in an oven!

This will enable the cooler shaded air to be drawn directly into the roof space to continuously change the air during the hot hours to keep roof space temperature levels down. In reality, wind turbines expel hot air from the roof too slowly to have any effect on the room below, particularly during the hottest hours of the day. The fan is manufactured by Triangle Engineering the largest supplier of air movement products in America and the rest of the quality parts are mainly made in Australia where the system is assembled to the highest standards.
It should be noted that all the fan components are long lasting and seldom need any maintenance.
Yes, we will save money by not having an air conditioner running all day, but at the same time, it will become difficult to get stuff done.
And you especially do not want any hot air coming in through any gaps around your windows and doors. These small leaks can cost you a lot because you’re air conditioning the neighborhood instead of just your house. Mind you if you make it too dark then you just end up turning on the lights which defeats the purpose of saving money. Also, we have a roof terrace and in order to keep the room underneath cool we have had to cover the roof of the terrace with mats so the floor of the terrace- ceiling of the room stays under the shade. Many times over the past 10 years I have watched weather reports saying that it is in the 80s and 90s there for weeks at a time.
We have AC and it's one of those things that I am willing to pay for as I am so warm blooded. Electrically Reversible Window Fan 5 answers Are the fan blades and wire cage metal or plastic? Does that mean the entire fan is not inside the open window; rather it is in front of the whole window frame? Just as their name suggests, these fans are mounted on the window frames of the specific rooms that they are intended to be used in. And although the dual fans can execute this task, the exhaust fans are used to eliminate any odors and ensuring that there’s constant flow of fresh air. And solar power being a renewable form of energy is considered clean and environmental friendly.
My wife and I were delighted with the results, and since then have installed the fan in our two subsequent homes. We would have no hesitation in recommending the installation of a whole house fan, to anyone. We also like the way that you can concentrate the air flow through certain areas depending on which windows and doors we open and close. If you have 3 ceiling fans you are using as much electricity as one Whole House Fan which cools the entire house! In fact, hot air from the roof space may even enter the room below via the ceiling vent because the volume of air in the roof expands as it heats up.
Apart from planting trees outside your windows, the next best option is to use black-out draperies or blinds. The best way to lower the temperature is to turn all these gadgets off as long as they’re not in use. Slow cookers are great this time of year for sure, and it usually creates leftovers which come in handy. Like you, I do not mind heat if I am at a beach, but when I am home, or when I use to work downtown, I didn't enjoy getting all dressed up to walk around in hot weather.
The Storm Guard feature makes it possible to close the window behind the fan during inclement weather and for security when you're away. El estreno de la pelicula en Espana esta previsto para el 4 de Julio de 2014, aunque desde Marzo ya ha podido ser vista en algunos festivales.
They are a perfect alternative to ACs, because they are efficient, effective and user-friendlier. The strength and direction of the breeze is governed by the number and placement of windows and doors that are open and the speed of the fan. As Corina mentioned yesterday, clean your air filters in your air conditioner every couple of days.
The fan fits windows ranging 26 A? to 34 A? inches wide, with openings up to 22 inches high and includes side expander panels for a custom fit. Most fans have thermostats that automatically control their operations, but others have to be adjusted manually.
Electrically reversible motor changes air flow from intake to exhaust with the turn of a dial. While it is possible that the sound of the fan could be intrusive, mine was installed in the bathroom where the sound is not an issue.

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