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Welcome to here’s the thing, your source for practical tips, advice, and how-tos about the gadgets you use each day. A more accurate, personalized Profile can be created based on your connections with the fan pages.
Friends Like This = People in your friend list (personal account) that fanned this page … opps!
It is predicted that Like button will be used outside Facebook to encourage info-sharing and data collection for developers.
I’m still waiting for the Profile-Fan Page connection dialog box to appear, any luck? You are too kind, it’s comment like this I got encouraged and wanting to provide more value. Regarding the FB connect it’s still here, but as predicted by Mashable Facebook will kill it soon for OpenGraph. I know of some people who’d just quickly retweet rather than leave a thought-out comment on a post.
I guess I’m missing how whether or not someone is my fan or likes me is going to change my life in some astronomical fashion.
I think like buttons for facebook fan pages is a bit misleading and i guess, people will get updates just for liking something which can be considered spamming. That’s true, whether to make it a tool to build oneself or another way around, it depends on how it is used. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. It’s an increasingly common question for brands interesting in building their Facebook presence: What do I do if someone has already created a Facebook Page for my brand? There are a variety of options at your disposal, and how you choose to proceed is really up to you. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community.
Please fill out the form below and tell us why you're bringing this poster to our attention.
O Facebook e reconhecido como a rede social que proporciona o melhor engajamento entre usuarios, clientes, marcas e empresas. Isso porque a cada novo like, sua pagina consegue mais um fa e, pouco a pouco, pode se transformar em um espaco de engajamento, aumentando as probabilidades de negocio. Para conseguir estes e outros resultados, algumas medidas sao de extrema importancia, como voce pode conferir abaixo. Ao personalizar a URL de sua pagina, as chances dela ser encontrada crescem notavelmente, ja que se torna mais facil identificar seu endereco na rede. Embora seu foco seja o Facebook, nao se esqueca de criar perfis em redes sociais como o Twitter, Orkut, Tumblr ou qualquer outra plataforma onde novos clientes podem ser encontrados.
A ferramenta de anuncios do Facebook ajuda a direcionar seu conteudo e sua pagina para seu publico alvo. Alem disso, toda vez que alguem comentar uma publicacao sua e te mencionar em uma postagem, responda o quanto antes.

But what actually happens when you “Like” something online—and what are you saying to the world when you do? Instead of the previous random Bing search results, now your Likes & Interests are connected with valid links to Community Pages and Fan Pages you participated in. There is currently no active link for us to access the complete fan list (‘People Like This’). There goes another contender for Digg and Twitter, but how is it any different from Facebook ‘ Share’ button? I’m glad I got in the discussion with the page supporters that the idea sparked for me to write about this. Like most changes, we’ll make the adjustments but you have to wonder where they we heading with this. By replacing one semantic representative with a more familiar substitute, the site gains a bit more cohesiveness.
The only thing I’m worried about is that one may not get a good indication of how readers actually benefited from their stuff. I think people can still see the benefits of commenting despite Like is another indication how social media web has evolved and will continue to make sharing all the more easier. A week use will give me a decent picture in this issue and hope it will come out with some good result. This new change might do more good than we think, hereby wish you a great success in your blogging & Facebook experience as well. The page wasn’t created by Coke, but by two Coke fans in Los Angeles, Dusty Sorg and Michael Jedrzejewski. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products.
Entre as ferramentas de interacao que o site oferece, destacamos as Fan Pages, que permitem o estabelecimento de relacionamentos, criados gracas ao compartilhamento de conteudos e interesses em comum. Para expandir a sua rede de contatos, ou melhor, o numero de likes, algumas estrategias sao essenciais. E quanto melhor for o seu planejamento, maiores sao as chances de atingir um publico crescente que, no caso das Fan Pages, e medido a partir do numero de ‘likes’ que uma pagina possui. Alem disso, uma URL personalizada indica mais seriedade, bem como organizacao e compromisso. E, alem de ter uma conta em cada rede, e importante trocar links entre esses perfis, para que sua presenca seja notada em todos os espacos possiveis.
Para conquista-lo, crie anuncios divertidos, criativos, em formatos e abordagens diferentes. A finalidade de uma Fan Page e aproximar empresas de sua clientela, possibilitando uma interacao maior entre os dois lados.
Dessa forma, os seus fas sentirao a sua presenca e saberao que voce esta disposto a manter uma relacao interativa com eles e, assim, as Fans Pages conseguem cumprir o seu proposito e a sua pagina se consolida e se sobressai, atraindo um publico cada vez maior. This generic term is highly potential to bring you extraordinary results (so much for the wordplay). Think about the exposures and support you can give to your favorite fan pages by determining which to be shown publicly, even your own!

As you can see during the preliminary transition, we cannot access our complete fan list while the ‘Edit’ pencil is not functioning at all. This is similar to ‘Common Friends’ in your personal account, which can be a major influence to one’s decision in Liking a page. To really make an impact and connect with people, there’s no stronger way than words and personalized messages. In a recent AdAge story, the two tell of how they were recently contacted by Coca-Cola and asked to partner with Coke to manage the Page in a move that showed a graceful approach to social media by the company. Most brand managers who plan to actively invest in Facebook promotions want to control the destination Page, and Facebook’s policy on Pages is that they may only be controlled by the rightful brand owner. In cases where the fan community has become very large and the brand isn’t incredibly perturbed by the way the Page owner is running things, a more innovative approach to sharing administrative responsibilities can work. If for some reason you just don’t want this Page to exist any more, brands can ask Facebook to shut it down.
Lembre-se de manter uma linguagem adequada para cada uma das redes sociais, sem perder a identidade da sua empresa. Por isso, o espaco permite a divulgacao de imagens, textos e links, o que pode e deve ser feito, mas com sabedoria. To some extent I agree with this as we are so used to give thumbs-up (like) to the links and comments of our friends in Facebook. Later, Facebook finalized the transition by removing the ‘Edit’ pencils and retrieve the ‘See All’ feature (thank God!).
From now on there will be no ‘Become a Fan’ symbol so you will need to read carefully to distinguish which are fan pages updates. Commenting will stay, even if we may need to remind our readers to do so from time to time.
In the Coca-Cola case, “Facebook made the decision to either close the page or let Coca-Cola take it over. Facebook can either simply delete it or roll over the fans of that Page into another Page that you own. Ou seja, se voce e um corretor de imoveis e quer promover o seu trabalho utilizando este recurso, os seus posts e atualizacoes devem estar relacionados ao seu universo, ao seu campo de atuacao.
It’s our nature to build relationship and supporting one another as a Facebook enthusiast. And just for the record, none of these will affect our interactions with fans – ‘ Send an Update to Fans’ is still working fine till date. Just how serious this ‘ Like’ button can get, we’ll leave that to time and upcoming Facebook announcement soon. However, in this case especially, you should be careful to communicate this in such a way that it does not create a jarring or otherwise poor experience for the Page’s community. Facebook itself may notice that there are duplicate Pages and ask you if you’d like to consolidate them at some point.

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