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Could Baz Luhrmann Be Leaving THE GREAT GATSBY?Will There Be Two Actors Playing The Hulk In THE AVENGERS? Star Wars fans know that the Lightsaber is the signature weapon of the Jedi order and their Sith counterparts, both of whom can use them for close combat, or to deflect blaster bolts. The Lightsaber first appeared in the original Star Wars film (1977) and every Star Wars movie to date (except The Star Wars Holiday Special) has featured at least one Lightsaber duel. Animator Nelson Shin was tasked with drawing the Lightsaber to match the film scenes that the film producers brought. The Lightsaber sound effect was developed by sound designer Ben Burtt as a combination of the hum of idling interlock motors in aged movie projectors and interference caused by a television set on a shieldless microphone. The pitch changes of Lightsaber movement were produced by playing the basic Lightsaber tone on a loudspeaker and recording it on a moving microphone, generating Doppler shift to mimic a moving sound source. In A New Hope, the original film prop hilts were constructed by John Stears from old press camera flash battery packs and other pieces of hardware. Feature, Star Wars, Top 5, Video .You can leave a response. The event was organized by Newmindspace, a non-profit organization known for planning events such as pillow fights, bubble battles and lightsaber battles.

Its distinct appearance was created using rotoscoping for the original films, and digitally for the prequel trilogy. In 2008, a survey of approximately 2,000 film fans found it to be the most popular weapon in film history. An active Lightsaber gives off a distinctive hum, which rises in pitch and volume as the blade is moved rapidly through the air. Shin explained to the people from Lucasfilm that since a Lightsaber is made of light, the sword should look "a little shaky" like a fluorescent tube. Burtt discovered the latter accidentally as he was looking for a buzzing, sparking sound to add to the projector-motor hum. The "switched-on" sword props were designed with the intention of creating an "in-camera" glowing effect. Bringing the blade into contact with an object or another Lightsaber's blade produces a loud crackle. He suggested inserting one frame that was much lighter than the others while printing the film on an optical printer, making the light seem to vibrate.
The "blade" was three-sided and coated with a retroreflector array, the same sort used for highway signs.

A lamp was positioned to the side of the taking camera and reflected towards the subject through 45-degree angled glass so that the sword would appear to glow from the camera's point of view. Abrams, the director of Episode VII, in which he reveals what we can expect from lightsaber battles within the new movie (via Not Yet Rated).
Their fluid style was appropriate to the era, in which the Jedi Order was at the height of its skill (and arrogance). It follows, then, that the style of the original trilogy lightsaber battles is naturally more rough and unwieldy, given the absence of real opponents for those in possession of lightsabers.
The Force Awakens, too, should follow that trend and may in fact contain lightsaber battles even rougher than those in Episodes IV-VI. Malick for the “powerful stillness”, Kurasowa for the “unbelievable scene choreography and composition”, and Ford for the “confidence” in their respective pictures.
The original and prequel trilogies were inspired by great filmmakers and movies, so it’s only fitting the sequel trilogy is following in those footsteps.

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