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Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. When you say "When this circuit is on" do you mean when the breaker in the panel is on, or when the lights in the bathroom are on? I'm marking this one as the correct answer, as I am pretty sure shirlock hit the nail on the head with the two unrelated problems. Anyway, as long as the 20A circuit going into this bathroom is not shared by anything else in the house, this diagram looks fine.
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The lights flicker for no apparent reason, The electrical system of a home, especially an older home, can be Why Do My Home Lights Flicker? Why do the bathroom lights flicker or go out and the plug ins work in my mobile home and the rest of the house is ok? You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. This meme came from a second season episode of the popular children’s show SpongeBob SquarePants. Squidward: Wait… if that was you on the phone, and you on the bus… then who was flickering the lights?
Our LED lights are rated to +176?F and designed to meet the toughest environments within foodservice applications. Unlike fluorescent fixtures, LED lights do not contain harmful mercury, eliminating a potential chemical hazard in your workplace. A few logs and a pine-scented air freshener will transform any room into a woodsy-smelling outdoor adventure. Fake fire can be a neat prop for many occasions whether it's Halloween, a theme party or an indoor campfire.
Fake money is an easy project for adults and children that can be used in imaginary play and for instructional purposes. Fake food displays have a number of practical purposes, from restaurant and supermarket cases, to retail store setups, to theater props.
Ask them to break down the work too - that way you can see what they'll be charging you for.
Two years ago in my own home, I noticed that ALL of the lights in the house were flickering.
Place the other two logs on top of these on the opposite sides to hold down the tree branches. A surge protector extension cord works best because you can turn on the power from the cord instead of trying to reach the on-and-off switch on the fan. This is assuming there are no down line devices or lights that are leaking small amounts of current to earth ground. Flickering Lights (Danish: Blinkende Lygter) is a 2000 Danish action-comedy directed by Anders Thomas Jensen.
Thousands of PNM customers saw flickering lights Friday afternoon after a pole and transmission line in El Paso were damaged, Mobile Edition; Home.
Avoid the dangers of having an actual fire by building a fake campfire using items you may already have in the house. When the fan is on the crepe paper strips will flutter in the breeze, imitating flickering fire flames. I have been wondering why not 1 but 2 General Electric light bulbs I installed in the bedroom ceiling fan burned out within 2 or 3 days.

This would be uncommon for a light or simple switch, more likely with a motor load on start up or shut down.
SEATTLE — View mobile site I have recently purchased this vehicle from dealer and noticed that the lights flicker. Red Christmas lights give the effect of flames and a light breeze from a small fan keeps the color paper flames flickering. The only problem I've had up until now was an extremely short life (from one to four weeks at most). I asked the apartment manager to have a maintenance man check to see if the light fixture was shorting out the bulbs. Retail over $250 these battery operated led candles have a realistic soft flickering light. Time will tell if General Electric has been selling substandard bulbs or if an undiscovered problem is making the bulbs burn out prematurely. I notice however that many people are complaining about problems with General Electric bulbs used in ceiling fans.Helpful?YesNostephen of West Chester, OH on Oct. When I turned the lights off, after they had been on for about two hours, one of them exploded. Luckily I wasn't standing directly under it at the time or I surely would have been injured.
After reading these reviews, I see that this has happened to quite a few people and it's only a matter of time until someone gets seriously hurt or loses their home because of these faulty bulbs. 8, 2015Satisfaction RatingTwo ceiling fixtures that were on in the same room had light bulbs explode in them.
Thankfully, the fixtures had bowl style shades under them that caught most of the broken glass. However, my grandchildren were crawling in the room at the time and this could have been a terrible incident if the glass had gotten in their eyes or cut them. I thought it was just two or three of them at first but after moving them to different locations in the house and over time, all of them did the same thing. 6, 2015Satisfaction RatingI recently purchased a few GE light bulbs, specifically focused on home automation and voice control lighting. It will drive you crazy as they will be going on and off at random times so you cannot read or watch TV, so they are definitely defective. I should start by saying that I have the Amazon Echo at home (amazing product, equivalent to the invention of the cellphone) and I preconfigured it before I went off to Home Depot.
The packaging is nice, clean and sturdy; so I thought we were off to a great start, it just felt like a solid product instantly. 10, 2016Satisfaction RatingThis light bulb was flickering & coming on at half brightness.
We were at about 40 seconds in at this point and the fun continued as the smoke was followed by sparks and flames. I thought maybe the cord was damaged since it was a hanging light so I took the light down and discovered the wires to the socket were burnt, but not twisted or damaged.
Which subsequently led to my 100 pound service dog to leap out of his bed knocking into my wife as she was walking by with a plate full of food and she lost her footing and fell through the glass coffee table.This crash then led to my wife's 80 pound service dog becoming so scared he bolted through the room to get outside, running right through all the broken glass, ultimately slicing open his pad. So within 5 minutes of plugging in this wildly defective product, I have a small house fire to deal with, the destroyed hand carved walnut end table my wife brought back from Indonesia, an emergency room visit for my poor wife who already had fused rods in her back), two emergency veterinary visits (after hours - $$$$$$$), a huge mess to clean up and to add insult to injury the fire knocked the Amazon Echo off the end table shattering it ($199.00 and I even got to have it for 4 whole days!).
1, 2015Satisfaction RatingI replaced all my light bulbs in my house with LED bulbs, it has been 10 months they have been in service and 50% have already failed. I will be purchasing the old bulbs in mass quantities hopefully to last until I am 6' under.

23, 2015Satisfaction RatingExtremely scary situation where these GE Biax bulbs randomly explode and fall out of can light fixtures. These bulbs as I have now read many reviews on are subject to poor quality control if made in Hungary. 13, 2015Satisfaction RatingGE Soft White (Double Life) 40 Wa 320 Lumens Decorative Bulbs - Bought at Home Depot 2 boxes of 3 bulbs each. After about 30 days I'm down to only three working bulbs and I suspect the balance will be out soon.
24, 2015Satisfaction RatingWhile sitting under the ceiling light fixture, one of the GE double Life 60 watt bulbs separated from the base and fell on the floor. These products should be recalled now and those with proof of purchase and harm should be compensated for their loss. I will not buy anymore crappy GE yellow 60 W bulbs that say they have a 9-month warranty on them. I used three rolls of $20 gorilla tape trying to remove all the glass from me and my carpet. When we got up this morning, 1 of the bulbs had exploded during the night shooting glass slivers all over our bathroom. I phone GE and of course they offered a replacement saying “Most people never see this happen in a lifetime.” They offered me suggestions on how to clean up the tiny pieces of glass. Within the last few days the bulb would go on & off constantly which became very annoying.
When I got home that night, I turned the front porch light switch on and the bulb just blew out. I thought that maybe it was just a bad bulb, so I replaced the bulb with the 2nd one and again that night when I turned the light switch on, it blew out. I returned the bulbs to another Wal-Mart about 30 miles away because I had to attend a class and those bulbs blew out too. So I bought two more bulbs from Wal-Mart and this time I installed the bug light in a lamp that I have in the house and sure enough the bulb blew out. I was wearing my reading glasses at the time, so I think that partially protected my eyes, but shards of glass were up to 6 feet away, in my shirt my hair, on my pants, in the curtains behind me, and all over my food. Online you can read interesting articles about the quality control issues that GE has had making their bulbs in Hungary. I got them on Amazon for about $38 for 4 but they come with a 25 year warranty, yes TWENTY FIVE YEAR WARRANTY. They have an expected life expectancy of 28 years but when the GE Reveal cost about $10.00 for 4. So after buying 4 boxes which I would be doing today, but I ordered the led bulbs and they will be here Tuesday. The bulbs immediately flashed and went out; I could smell a toxic burning smell and noticed smoke coming out of one of the sockets. The base is charred and some of the gold material is actually missing, presumably it melted off.

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