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The email address entered is already associated to an account.Login to post Please use English characters only. Just got an '00 XJ and the instrument cluster is dead, none of the gauges do anything but the warning lights all work as they should and the odometer is also out. Fuse 9 in the JB is also required to run the instrument cluster but going by what all is inop I'd bet on the IOD. Can some1 confirm this and even give me part numbers for the relays from local bmw dealer or even auto parts store? I got both of the relays from my brother's, dark green part # 61 36 8 350 566 and light green part # 61 36 8 373 700, and plugged them in.
By the looks of it, it was getting power from the fuse box by the 30amp fuse, but when I had my test light, i was getting no power from connector next to suspension module by the spare.

Since it was late and i did not really want to destroy the fuse holder, just exchanged the fuses, draw it on the cover, and I was done! Topics range from light bulb replacement to automotive computer replacement and programming. I ran the dash diagnostic test(turn key on, hold trip odometer down) and the cluster lights all cycled but the needles didn't budge. Looked for another fuse panel up behind the pedals but didn't see one, is there another one and if so where is it? Here are first 3 pics from my car (2000 540iT) and the last picture i took was on my brother's 2000 540i. Been busy cleaning the garage, but managed to get some information on what kind of wire colors do the relays have on the back.

I also disconnected the fuel door motor, its in front of you with 2 wires blue and white, and everything worked.
It sat in the garage for few days without starting in the cold (10 degrees outside) there could be a possibility that I might have shorted something but all the fuses are good. But I got a confused when I've seen that big gauge wire was supplying the motor only by 5 amps fuse.

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