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Immediately, I noticed the Herbal Day Creme was thicker in consistency than most day moisturizers, but it gave me just enough hydration, it wasn’t greasy or heavy. However, those with oily skin may not find this a suitable daytime cream, so make sure you try it on at Sephora first before you buy.
I was with her and her daughter when she got the call and she didn’t tell me what was going on just that she had to go. I knew it was something terrible and I called a mutual friend who’s closer to her this morning to let her know something awful happened and that I was really worried. I actually love the smell (it kind of smells like green tea), but it’s likely not for everyone.

Bottom line: This is an excellent daytime cream that both protects you from environmental damage as well as provides hydration and soothing power for healthy looking skin. Addiction is a fucking beast and it’s the only disease in the world where the treatment is Hey stop using and go believe in god.

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