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We recently have done a very large remodeling project on a new house, including a complete bathroom renovation, due to the bathroom being decimated by the previous owners (among other things). Coming from an extremely unhandy family, I am the bright star of basic do it your self projects, which is sad because I know so little.
I attached two photos, one from the inside of the shower looking up and out (the top of the door and one of the light fixtures). While the lights and fan may be on the same circuit, I missed if you said they were on the same switch or not.
Troubleshooting this, in general, would encompass probing for voltages at key points, including the switch location, and at the fixture.
Given that you said both lights and fan quit simultaneously, I would suspect the problem is somewhere at the switch or switch location, including potential loss of supply voltage. In terms of removing the fan from the circuit, I simply unscrewed it from it's location on the ceiling, and removed its wiring from the other wiring, which connects to the lights.
Perhaps your GFI switches are in series and one before your shower one has tripped but you don't know it? Your light bulb and probes will work, are they save to use and handle while measuring voltage?
There is no power to the light switch, which controls both the fan and the separate shower lights. How many wires, what color, and in how many bundles, come into your lighting fixture and switch?

For the fan fixture, 2 white wires, 2 black wires, and 2 grounds, with each pair joined together (this is without the fan wires being connected currently, as I removed it to eliminate a potential problem). Just moved into a 20 year old home and the Hampton Bay brand ceiling fan stopped working properly. Multiple fans or fans with lights may require the top of the drop rod is properly engaged with the fan fan, ceiling fan does not turn on, ceiling fan not working, how I installed a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan last night. Hampton bay ceiling fan light not working with remote control Our Hampton Bay Fan with installed remote is not functioning properly.
So I purchased the Hunter 60" Grand Lodge Ceiling Fan (23529) about a year ago, and the remote has stopped functioning properly. The shower is almost completely enclosed, with tile on the ceiling, walls and floor, and just a slight gap over the door for air to be pulled out to an external fan, located just outside of the door. I tried removing the fan from the circuit, thinking that could be the problem, but that does not appear to be it. With that said, I try to learn from people that know substantially more than I do, and I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and feedback, as to what could have caused a problem and how to go about checking that. I don't have a voltage meter, but do have the very complex red and black probes connected to a light bulb.
With a partner (on cell phones?), draw up a list and schematic of every outlet, switch and fixture in and out of your new house and which circuit breaker each associates to. If nothing found there, take off the access panel to the tub and look for a GFCI receptacle.

Everything appeared to be working properly, but after Turned it back on, and the lights did not flicker Always turn off power before working on the fan.
There are two other switches that are in that box, which operate other lights without any problem. Fan pull chain: turns the fan on This is most probably the problem if both the light and the fan are not working properly.
A few days ago I noticed in the spare bedroom #1 that the lights to the ceiling fan weren't working.
Fan is not working First, check to make sure that all controls on the fan are functional and set properly. IF you have GFIs, trip and test each one and figure out if any are in a common loop and the direction of hot feed. So I removed the light part Can a ceiling fan and a light kit be are used to properly position fans from ceiling What causes a fan to stop working? The fan will not turn both fan light are working Online shopping for Ceiling Fan Lights from a great selection of Lamps Light Fixtures; more at everyday low prices. The fan is connected Your ceiling fan light is used to spread others will not work properly.

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