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So,do not forget this method.But if you had already suggested your page to your friends,you cannot invite your friends now.
You can have videos or attractive photos  making them like your page as soon as they land on your page.You can use welcome screens. The more famous you are,the more fans are that you get.What i mean can be inferred from the following tips. Facebook ads have the added advantage of the LIKE button placed in the ad itself,rather than making viewers click on the ad,see your page and like it. About the AuthorAbejithAbejith is the founder and CEO at Techmissile, where he shares tech news. If you created a personal or business Fan Page on Facebook, there may be more you want to present than your posts and comments. You are currently viewing BIG(MT) with the Hybrid News Theme with custom styling to take the "heaviness" out of the original Hybrid News port to Movable Type. Facebook fan pages are just like facebook profiles which let your fans and customers connect to you and get notified about your latest activities. En el perfil personal nosotros tenemos “amigos” y como maximo podemos tener 5,000, se trabaja con solicitudes de amistad que pueden ser aprobadas o ignoradas.
En este perfil podemos publicar nuestra informacion personal que, dependiendo del tipo de privacidad que configuremos, podra ser vista por todos mis amigos.
Adicionalmente podemos publicar fotos, videos, compartir enlaces, escribir notas, entre otras cosas. En cambio en el perfil de empresa tenemos “fans” y podemos tener un numero ilimitado de seguidores que no necesitamos aprobar o ignorar, basta con que hagan click en el boton “Me gusta”. Uno de los errores mas comunes entre los emprendedores es crear un perfil personal con nombre de su empresa, lo que puede traer como consecuencia que Facebook cierre esa cuenta por infringir sus terminos y condiciones de uso. Adicionalmente a la limitacion; muchas empresas tienen un relativo exito en la red social consiguiendo en un corto tiempo los 5,000 amigos, pero despues ya no pueden aceptar mas solicitudes de amistad porque llegaron al maximo, perdiendo la posibilidad de seguir relacionandose con personas de su nicho o segmento del mercado.
Afortunadamente Facebook nos permite solucionar ese problema haciendo una migracion de nuestro perfil personal a una fan page de manera muy sencilla y convirtiendo automaticamente a todos los amigos en fans. Esperamos que con esto puedas aprovechar todas las ventajas que te da el tener una Pagina de Empresa en esta importante red social y te ayude a crear relaciones con tus prospectos y clientes, asi como posicionar tu marca, productos y servicios.
Hola muy buen post, una consulta, tengo una pagina de empresa en Facebook y quiero mencionr dentro de mis actualizaciones a los fan (etiquetar).
Para hacer esas menciones debes tener a la persona agregada como amigo ya que no se pueden etiquetar fans. Hola Cesar, una consulta, al migrar a un fan page, dices que automaticamente mis amigos (1300) pasan a ser fans, eso quiere decir que es como si tuvuera 1300 me gusta? Una consulta, si creo como me indica mi pagina para mi empresa … me va cobrar facebook??
Hola, hay una gran desventaja de la que nadie habla: Si tienes una fanpage, no se pueden leer los inbox via smartphone. Para administrar tu pagina desde el smartphone debes descargar la aplicacion Administrador de Paginas, con ella podras responder mensajes, hacer publicaciones, moderar comentarios, etc. Para abrir una perfil de empresa en facebook no es necesario estar formalizado, lo puedes hacer desde ya. Por comodidad deberias crear la pagina desde tu perfil personal, es mas facil la administracion. Being the friend she is, she has allowed me to re-post it for my readers to learn from, as well.

He is a student blogger from India with lots of interest in Technology, Coding and Blogging. Fan pages attract more users than facebook groups due to the multiple embedding options and ability to publish posts in the news feeds which appear on the main page of your account.
When i visit a blog, chances are that I see that the construction is poor and the writting bad.On the other hand,I could honestly say that you writting is decent and your blog is solid. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to share your this with everyone.
Tambien podemos crear una campana de publicidad que nos permita conseguir Me gusta, es decir, mas conexiones para nuestra pagina o llevar trafico a un sitio externo como nuestra web o un escenario persuasivo. Esto limita enormemente las ventas y la atencion al cliente salvo que puedas pagar un community manager mientras tu manejas el resto del negocio.
Quiero promocionarla en facebook, pero mi consulta es debo crearle un fan page desde mi facebook personal o debo crear un perfil a La Telarana y luego una fan page???
We will create as many different pages you need to match your personal presence or business brand.
You learn about your fan base, as well as gaining traction in their News Feed from their participation.
You can embed widgets on your website to let your fans and customers access to your live streaming activities. I will add another article soon about the differences between facebook groups and fanpages. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
Esto es muy importante ya que nos permite saber de que paises son los fans, su actividad en la pagina, procedencia y edades; informacion muy valiosa en el momento en que decidamos hacer una campana de publicidad en Facebook, ya que nos permitira escoger mucho mejor nuestro publico objetivo. Esto es muy poderoso, ya que la campana podria ser dirigida solo a mujeres, entre 20 y 35 anos que vivan en Peru, en los distritos de Surco, Barranco, Chorrillos y Miraflores, que sean solteras y que les guste la moda. Ayudando a los profesionales y duenos de empresas a conocer y aprovechar el poder de Internet para sus negocios. Es recomendable que empiece en el facebook como empresa (que pronto sere) o con la opcion producto. Auction or sell one-off items in the comments section of a post, with the image of what’s up for sale. Change the title to whatever you would like your new tab called, and then insert either FBML code or plain HTML code into the box. This real-time selling can create visible demand and prompt further interest in your future posts or other sale items, as fans watch more closely for these specials.3.
I personally use Dreamweaver website creation program, but that is typically too pricey and complicated for non-web designers. Try using something like this HTML editor. You may even  have something on your computer already. If you have any trouble or need me to double check your code, let me know!Most of the time you will need the file URL of any images you are using on your fan page. Give them room to express their musical and artistic interests, as far as is appropriate for your page.7. For mine, I use MailChimp.  There is a place to create a “Small Form for Website” which fits fine. The transaction then takes place on the mals-e secure servers and integrates with either Paypal or a merchant account, or you can even tell them to send a check if you prefer.

Check these every week to see what your fans are reacting well to and what you need to dump.10. Some people have also been able to simply get Paypal buttons from Paypal and paste the code into their FBML pages but I use mals-e.
Give them access to your audience and they’ll likely reciprocate by bringing some of their friends and followers to your page.
It also lets you monitor any keywords or search terms you wish, as well as schedule some non-conversational posts in advance. Who ought to wait?1258 Ways to Maximize Business at a Meetup119Which comes first: The Chicken or the Egg?
Each interaction gives the fan a greater chance to win and gives you a greater number of connections to these fans.13. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. This gives you instant poll-taking on your page and in the fan news feeds, providing an easy opportunity to encourage one click feedback.
Give away one-off items by asking fans to like or comment on the post, keeping entry easy & increasing interaction with your page.
Draw a winner randomly and offer unique, unexpected prizes to keep interest and participation high. 19. As YouTube links automatically translate to an embedded video when posted, your fans can watch and listen without leaving the comfort of your page.
The new Timeline based Facebook layout will allow you to pin important posts to the top of the page. Take either your main calls to action (e-mail list sign-up, music downloads etc) and make them one of the first pieces of content that people see. 21. Err on the side of posts that inspire conversation and feedback, rather than too much promotion of your own links and content.
Of course you should highlight new music and important announcements related to your art, but these should be sandwiched between non-promotional content and entertaining posts.
But before anyone can make any suggestions, they need to know WHAT you want to achieve with your FanPage.
Fans don’t like to feel put upon, yet a certain amount of involvement in sharing your music does help to build a closer bond. Integrate your Facebook presence into other social media and communication channels, especially e-mail newsletters. Go a step further than the simple social buttons that often appear in e-mails and create a special incentive for your subscribers to click over to like your Facebook page.
Competitions promoted by newsletter but actually carried out on your fan page are a great example of weaving together your communications lines for those who follow you. Phew!
How have you used Facebook to offer your fans a unique, interactive experience?Add away in the comments below or on Facebook itself. How To Improve Your Music Ads & SharesLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. I want another tab to post some funny Sms and some quotes in text how can i do that and how can i add a like button and as well as comment box there?

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