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But I see no reason why they specified to have 2 neutrals going up to the fixture, unless I'm missing something in the code or UL listing requirements that would require the heater to have it's own neutral. If you are really ready to take some step by step instructions, I can give you a little more time tonight and can talk you through this. The mfg probably shows it having two cables to be inaccordance with NEC 300.3(B) which says conductors of the same circuit must be in the same conduit, cable, etc. This means that using one of the 12-2 to run two hots doesn't conform to the code because the neutral of those two hots is technically in another cable. A great amount of moisture that builds up in the bathroom will cause serious damage to the wall paint and wood trim.
Designed to provide powerful ventilation for medium to large areas, this Air King AK100L Deluxe Bath Fan features a powerful 100-CFM blower at 2.5-Sone, a bright 100-Watt incandescent light and a 7-Watt night light (bulbs not included). This Panasonic WhisperLite FV-11VQL5 Ceiling Mount Bathroom Fan – ENERGY STAR is able to ventilate the air in your bathroom easily. This Hunter Bathroom Fan is designed to fit the diverse style of bathroom, from romantic retreats to modern minimalist.
This entry was posted in Pedestal Fans and tagged Bathroom Fan With Light, Best Bathroom Fan With Light on August 24, 2013 by longer. I wanted to run this by to see if there are any major issues with what I otherwise have planned to do.

I am assuming this medicine cabinet has lights built in and the feed cable enters the cabinet directly, correct? Where would this proposed junction box be when you say "behind" the medicine cabinet? FWIW, you can get stacked switches, this might help you avoid changing the box to a larger size. Regarding the switches, I'm thinking the stacked ones look like a particularly good idea for separating the two lights - it seems it would be easy to either hit them simultaneously or selectively. Can't help it, I suppose - I'm an engineer (civil) so I guess it's just engrained in the way I think!
I've had a few projects (mostly involving ceiling fans) where I first thought up the idea of putting it in only to stop for thinking it wasn't possible, and then suddenly having a revelation about some creative way to do it.
I was thinking I could attach a pair of wires at the switch to the load wires then use a volt meter to see which are hot?
Since we got some cooler weather in Baton Rouge, I took the opportunity to get back in the attic. Even more, high humidity can filter throughout the entire house, leading to the increasing growth of dangerous mold.
Providing powerful ventilation, this unit pulls moisture up and out of the room effectively during those hot, steamy showers.

In addition, the 4-Inch duct with a plastic damper is designed to protect against back drafts into the room and ensure quiet operation. Ideal for small bath (less than 8 by 10 feet), this unit is able to provide superior air movement to remove excess moisture from your home, keeping the mirror from fogging. However, I have no access to the wiring (finished upstairs) without cutting drywall; something I want to avoid. What’s more, it features a sleek modern design in satin white rings and frosted glass. It operates with less noise and high efficiency, and there is an overhead light to illuminate the entire area. House and wiring is circa 1972 and for the most part that I have encountered (in my non-expert opinion anyways) the existing wiring is still of suitable quality to remain. What’s more, it is easy and quick to install, and there is a multi-language installation manual.

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