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Fans that are designed to be oiled should be oiled on a regular basis, some would say annually. Fans not designed to be oiled may still require oiling if the bearings become dry, dirty or gummed with time and use.
If the blades do not turn freely by hand and coast, or if there is a grinding, rubbing, or ticking noise as they spin, the bearings likely need oil (see 'troubleshooting guide'. Many fan designs based on the Hunter Original also require oiling, this includes models by Classic Fans, Evergo, Leslie-Locke, Montgomery Ward, Robbins & Myers, and Kenroy. Continue to read below to learn more information about what ceiling fan models do require oiling, and which do not.

There is no such thing as a 'permanantly sealed bearing', over time that just means that as the dirt gets in it cant get back out again.
The oil hole will usually be on top of the motor near the downrod and will sometimes be labeled. Models designed to be oiled usually are of cast iron construction and weigh significantly more than conventional fans i.e. And in most cases when a fan is designed to be oiled the motor windings are visible through the vent holes in the bottom of the motor housing.
With these fans, the motor usually fills the entire motor housing, whereas with motors with sealed bearings, there is often a lot of space inside the motor housing.

Down below shows the Emerson control SW81 which is one of the models that are for these ceiling fans.

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