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Blender motors RS-7912SHF,small electric motors, Fan motorThe models we list below are part of our existing designs. The Electric VioFan is presented to the customer in a completely assembled and test run format. The original BVM ducted fan system, the "Viojett" was designed by aerospace propulsion engineer Lee Anderson in 1981 and was the core product in the early days of Bob Violett Models Inc. A great "jet like" sound, almost turbine, and much more realistic than piston power or the high squeal of some other very high RPM EDF's.
This article deals particularly about e-bike hub motors, but is also applicable to permanent magnet and brushless DC motors (BLDC) motors in general. The fact that often motors are produced cheap, means that the motor performance can further be improved by using better, more expensive, materials.
For tuning an electric motor it is important to know what the profit is that can be achieved by changing a motor variable so we can determine in advance whether it makes sense. Carry out improvements that the manufacturer cannot implement because of patent infringement. By doubling the number of windings, the wire length is 2 x larger and the cross-sectional area is 2 x smaller. Due to the small price difference between the strongest magnets (grade N52) and the weaker ones, probably no more than 10% profit can be achieved in the magnetic field.
The profit will be limited by the additional friction loss due to increased field strength. Avoiding the larger friction loss at higher speed can only be achieved by replacing the motor by another type that is designed for higher speed.
The performance of an existing hub motor can not be improved by simply increase the speed by change the gear ratio.

As we can see at the motor animations, there are always two windings powered and the opposite winding is not powered. In the hub motor simulation Excel sheet we can also fill in the variables discussed above; W, FF, B and GR. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The friction loss will become so high that the reduction of the copper loss will be superseded. Electric motors use iron cores which have large hysteresis losses, in contrast to ferrite cores. The wye, star or Y configuration is the most logical because the unused winding can be left open. These motors have characteristics of compact structure, convenient installation, energy converation and high efficiency.
The difference between the number of magnet poles and the number of stator poles provides an effect that can be understood as similar to planetary gearing.
In the delta configuration the unused winding is powered too but generates no torque, just waste energy. Streamlined exit of electrical wires from the duct, vibration free operation, rigid carbon fiber and aluminum construction. Because the motor speed does not change here, we assume that the friction loss is constant, even though this is not entirely true because it depends on the magnetic field. In a two stage power conversion a separate switching power supply is used, so the motor is spared from the high switching frequency. The number of magnet poles divided by 2 gives the ratio of magnetic field rotation speed to motor rotation speed.

Due to the many factors that are playing a role it is difficult to express the friction loss in a formula. Consequently the advance of the electromagnetic impulse around the motor axis proceeds much faster than the rotor turns. With more magnet poles the maximum torque is increased, while the speed of rotor advance is decreased in proportion to the ratio of magnet poles to stator poles. Optimally designed inlet and tailpipe systems such as those on a BVM sport jet will allow installed static thrusts of 1.5 to 2 lbs (680-900g) below the bench numbers. Multiple battery options to fit your model and desired flight profile as well as complete set of instructions to introduce you to Electric VioFan power for your jet. Some well designed, but scale inlet systems will suffer a bit more losses in the static condition. However, if the design is as correct as possible, the pressure recovery will be significant as the model accelerates. Viojett powered scale replicas of the F-86, F-80, T-33 and F-16 won many major scale competitions such as Top Gun, U.S.
The Viojett design allowed scale size inlets and exhaust nozzles unlike any other available fan unit. The high performance speed contests were always won by the Viojett in a Viper or Aggressor model.
The advent of the micro turbine engines into model aviation soon replaced the piston engine driven fan.

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