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Series 3000-5500-6000-6500 models are also available without fan shroud and telescoping mounting hardware. This shroud has been designed to function with the stock expansion tank as well as the aluminum expansion tank we have been working to develop. After inspecting our final prototype, it was time to pop this piece into the car and ensure that all our mounting points were correct. Fan pulley clearance was more than acceptable with the adjustments we made to fan placement. Wiring an electric fan may seem like a daunting task, but our kit includes all necessary wiring and components to make this a cake-walk. With positive testing complete and perfect fitment demonstrated by our prototype unit, we are now prepared to begin manufacturing these kits. Our team is putting together a detailed installation guide that highlights the fan mount install as well as the wiring details. Next, we installed the Mishimoto prototype along with our temperature sensors for data collection.
Our goal with this particular testing was to ensure that our fan could control and properly regulate idle temperatures for an extended time. We recorded inlet and outlet temperatures to see how quickly and effectively our fan setup reduced temperatures.
This project was progressing toward the end of testing our electric fan setup for the E46 M3, which is shown below.
The oddly shaped portion of the passenger side of the mount is a reservoir mounting system that will function with the stock reservoir. Output is similar for most of the pull, however from around 55 mph to 71 mph we see some slight gains. These plots show the power output both with and without the mechanical fan installed.  A slight increase occurs from around 55–70 mph to the tune of 1–3 whp. Now that we have positive results from our testing, we could move forward with designing this component in 3D. Cooling systems on older BMW models have been recognized as a frequent failure point requiring regular replacement to avoid catastrophic failure.

Swapping your antiquated mechanical setup for an efficient electric system is a great way to improve reliability, and even free up some power on your vehicle.
Before even starting our design, we wanted to explore a few new features that could be included with our fan shroud. For our first test we installed some air flaps on our shroud to allow airflow at driving speeds and then close when the fan is operating at a stop.
We also set up one of our intercooler dyno fans, which achieves 30–40 mph wind speeds, to see the effect on the flap movement and airflow through the core. Testing seemed positive on the bench (off the vehicle), but we also wanted to test this system on the road. Check back with us next time for testing of this first prototype, and a look at our second idea! Check out the mounting system our engineering team designed to secure the tank properly in the stock location.
This radiator is quite massive and should provide a worst-case situation in terms of evaluating fitment.
Our team is also working to finalize an installation guide that provides in-depth details for install. The Mishimoto electric fan conversion kit is a bolt-on upgrade for the stock clutch fan, providing a reduction in engine rotational mass along with efficient, reliable cooling during all driving conditions.
This unit is a traditional aluminum fan shroud with air flaps to improve core airflow at speed. We positioned the vehicle on the dyno, adjusted the fan controller, and kept an eye on the gauges. Additionally, our electric fan easily cooled the S54 at idle conditions, even in extreme environments. Yes, it is extremely likely that this fan will provide greater efficiency with the use of an enclosed shroud.
We wanted to see what kind of power gains, if any, we could achieve by removing the stock mechanical unit. That said, a fan failure can get quite ugly with shrapnel tossed around the engine bay, often damaging other components.

For years we have been developing and releasing functional and effective aluminum shrouds, but once in a while we like to try something new to see if a positive impact is made on the end product. When closed, the fan can then take full advantage of the shroud and its ability to pull air through the radiator. From there, some simple wiring work is needed for the controller, the temperature-sending unit, and the fan itself. Once we had a working prototype, we decided to perform some idle testing to see how well our single electric fan would perform on a mostly stock E36 M3. That said, our idle tests showed that this new shroud performed similarly, having no issues with controlling temperatures, even for an extended period of time. To reduce vehicle downtime and expense, it would be wise to replace this component before failure occurs. As noted in our last post, we tested this unit extensively with our 16” fan to ensure that coolant temperatures were properly regulated during both idle and all driving conditions. This shroud offers much greater airflow through the core at speeds in which improved cooling is needed, such as repeated high-rpm driving. Bushings for the E36 engine and transmission mount can wear and cause significant movement of the engine. For those utilizing a stock radiator, the probe sensor can be used, and it fits within the fins of the radiator. If our tolerances are too tight, this could mean big problems for your new electric fan setup. Next, we have incorporated a stock overflow bottle mount on the passenger side of the shroud. Additionally, we are designing an aluminum counterpart that will also function with our shroud (and the stock shroud).
Last, we have mounted our fan controller to the driver’s upper corner, which allows the fan activation temperature to be adjusted to the owner’s liking.

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