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2 year parts & labor warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller; Product does not work on international voltage. Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that. Only Dyson vacuums and fans purchased from an Authorized Reseller satisfy the quality assurance standards of Dyson and include a valid Dyson parts and labor warranty. The Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater provides the fastest whole room heating in winter, and cools you effectively in summer with high-velocity air. Dyson engineers are constantly testing and inventing, trying to find new ways to make their technology work better.
The Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater uses Air Multiplier technology to amplify surrounding air for long-range heat projection, and to generate high-velocity air to cool.
Powerful Cooling Fan: Many conventional fan heaters claim to be effective cool air fans as well. 2-year parts and labor warranty: All Dyson machines undergo a lengthy and rigorous testing program. Back in March we reviewed Dyson’s AM04 Hot fan heater, a fan and heater combo that we called a genuine replacement for a fan and a heater, a remarkable piece of tech that combines an eye-catching design with functionality. Introduced back in 2010, both the AM02 Tower and the AM03 Pedestal are considered Dyson’s Flagship Air Multiplier devices and as a result, they are also their largest, best performing and as expected also their most expensive products, coming in at a whopping $450. The AM02 looks like an AM04 with a slightly larger pedestal, wider base and a thinner and unusually stretched out Amplifier.
The AM04 got some interesting reactions from visiting friends and family that clearly knew it was some  kind of device, but were unable to determine what it does. One thing that stands out is the fact that the AM04 which is a newer product, looks slightly more refined, with more curvaceous lines and a slightly better fit and finish. The unit consists of the large elliptical ring, called the Amplifier, the pedestal and the removable base.
For something this tall, you’d expect the base to be very wide but it’s not, keeping in line with the AM02’s goal of taking up limited floor space. One problem we found with the IR receiver on the AM02 that wasn’t a problem on the AM04 is the fact that it’s placed too close to the ground. The upper part of the pedestal is free of buttons and knobs and is where you’ll find the air inlet openings.
The main attraction of the AM02 is the Amplifier, basically a long elliptical loop that attaches to the base. The remote control can magnetically attach at the top of the Amplifier which is an elegant solution that should help in preventing you from losing something as small as the remote.
If you’ve ever used the Dyson Hot, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect from this fan. One area where the AM02 simply shines is the surprising amount air it generates and it’s remarkable ability of producing a very consistent and smooth column of air.  While similarly-sized traditional fans produce more air, they simply fall short when it comes down to actually keeping things cool and providing a smooth air flow. It is accelerated through a 2.5mm aperture, which creates an annular jet of air that passes over an airfoil-shaped ramp, channeling its direction. As they work, they file patent applications to protect their inventions from copycat manufacturers. And there are no fast-spinning blades or visible heating elements, so there’s no need for a safety grille. The machine can be tilted to direct airflow – it pivots on its own center of gravity, staying put without having to be clamped down.
That’s why Dyson Air Multiplier fans include a 2-year warranty covering parts and labor.
Now imagine creating a much larger unit, dropping the heating function and adding a more powerful fan. Both were created with large spaces in mind, hence the increase in size, better performance and their free-standing design. We received the all-Silver version which should work for most interior designs, but with this specific model we do however miss the contrast of a two-color scheme. As a result, just like it’s smaller sibling it is one beautiful and stylish piece of tech, but due to it unusual appearance and larger Amplifier it’s a lot more dramatic. The AM02 in turn looks like it part of the decor with visiting friends and family quietly staring at it then commenting on how nice everything looks and how “that” looks great and “completes the look”.  As you might have guessed from the description above, it’s very safe to say that it will easily get the wife approval. As companies improve manufacturing and use better materials and refine the overall fit and finish you obviously end with an overall better result. Overall it’s a simple process in the sense that you just have to connect the three parts together and you’re up and running. On the AM04 this actually served the purpose of allowing the unit to tilt backwards or forwards, on the AM02 this feature is simply absent. For its size, it’s relatively light and compared to the AM04’s Amplifier it’s also much thinner, because it lacks the AM04’s heating elements. What we said about AM04 also applies here: We strongly dislike disposable batteries due to the fact that it at this point in technology we simply consider them technologically and environmentally unacceptable. By removing the heating function, the AM02 is tad simpler to use and closer in operation to a traditional fan.
Many times you have these stylish, but complex fan designs with glossy surfaces that are extremely difficult to clean, maintain and are easily scratched.
On extremely hot days, these traditional fans simply feel like they’re just blowing that very same warm air.
A combination of the technologies used in turbochargers and jet engines generates powerful airflow, which is accelerated through an annular aperture. With Air Multiplier technology, the Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater draws in up to 6 gallons of air per second generating high airflow and velocity, cooling you effectively. An independent motor allows it to oscillate smoothly to distribute heat or cooling air throughout the room. While you can always put the smaller AM04 Fan Heater and AM01 Table Fan on the floor, both ideally require some raised surface like a side table for a higher and more useable position. The magic happens once the air streams out where it encounters a curved surface, which naturally creates negative air pressure. This in part is due to the relatively small pedestal in relation to the oversized and long running-track-shaped Amplifier. The AM02 like all Dyson product exudes quality and are all about the use of high quality plastics, but when placed next to the newer AM04 you’ll definitely notice the slightly tweaked design of the AM04. But just like the AM04 the same difficulties apply here: it requires twisting the base into place to connect it to the pedestal and then twisting the amplifier into place, which seemed easy, but I found it quiet difficult to properly align the lines and screw the base into place.
As mentioned above this can be achieved by having the pedestal with all the heaviest components low to the ground, keeping a low center of gravity, while the Amplifier itself is very light and hollow. Due to the sheer size of the AM02 this simply isn’t possible or practical(it would require an extremely heavy base) and because of the length of the Amplifier one could argue that it isn’t really necessary either as it covers a wide angle. For this reason it’s almost always at a height where you  have a direct line of sight to the receiver.

The aperture inside the loop amplifier is very small and because it sits behind an area that rises, it’s almost hidden, adding to the optical illusion of air just “magically”  flowing through the loop.
Dyson should consider taking the magnetic remote to the next step by adding inductive recharging while magnetically attached to the AM02.
Both share the same third generation iPod shuffle-esque remote, but the AM02 drops the additional temperature controls for a much simpler remote. The design of the AM02 goes back to the use of very basic and simple shapes, with smooth uncluttered surfaces, lacking a protective grille or blades making it extremely easy to clean with a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner and also, making the entire cleaning process pretty straightforward. I’ve also noticed that they tend to have a drying effect on the skin and eyes and they also produce lots of turbulence that reaches you in a very inconsistent manner. The Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater uses Air Multiplier technology to amplify the surrounding air for long-range heat projection. Oscillation, airflow and temperature can all be controlled using the remote control, which is curved and magnetized to store neatly on top of the machine. This pressure causes the outgoing air to accelerate while drawing even more air from the back. It’s minimalistic design combined with the iconic Amplifier make for an instantly recognizable product that’s unmistakably Dyson.  It’s larger proportions give it even more presence, while its all-Silver finish and unusually tall and slender shape look like a study in contemporary art. Dyson did their when it comes it at least trying to make the process incredibly easy with arrows and symbols on stickers indicating exactly what to do. For those with delicate floors, the unit does come with rubber pads attached to the base which should prevent scratches. On the lower half of the pedestal you’ll find the power button, the airflow control button, oscillation button and the IR receiver port.
The AM02 on the other hand is a free standing unit with the IR sitting close to the ground where most of the time it’s blocked by the other furniture, requiring you sometimes to aim the remote from different and uncomfortable angles just to get it to get a signal. The aperture runs along the entire perimeter of the amplifier, including through the curved areas, but air is not pushed through aperture where Amplifier is curved.
The remote looks like a larger and longer third generation iPod shuffle, just like the one included with the AM04, although this one has a slightly different button placement. Like we said above, the remote does lack backlit buttons or any raised areas, making operation in the dark a bit difficult. The AM02 on the other hand produces a large and ultra-smooth column of air that’s similar to a strong and constant breeze. Unlike with conventional fan heaters or fans, there are no chopping blades, so there’s no buffeting.
Air behind and around the machine is drawn into the airflow through the physical processes of inducement and entrainment, amplifying it. While both of these devices share the same $450 price and both sit at the top of Dyson’s pyramid, there can only be one flagship and in this case it’s the AM03 Pedestal. As the air travels down the expanding ellipse, it creates another area of low pressure behind the fan which again naturally pushes even more air through the fan and causing the air in front of it to accelerate even faster.
Just be aware that this color option isn’t available to all markets, including the US.  Dyson should consider offering the AM02 in a full Iron or full Black color options, as the Blue isn’t neutral enough for many homes and I can see quite a demand for especially an all-Iron version. While the AM04 would stand out as a stylish in-home modern accessory, the larger AM02 literally becomes the center of attention in any home. Without those stickers I would have no idea on how to put it together, since it requires exactly aligning the parts at a very specific point and those stickers are a sign that Dyson knew this too. This port sits behind a small clear Purple plastic, that matches the Purple plastic on the remote’s IR transmitter, a small but nice detail. There’s nothing wrong with the remote or the receiver, but it’s simply showing the limitations of Infrared technology. The raised area in front of the aperture is no accident, but was specifically chosen to create a low pressure area.
It also appears to be made out of Aluminum, but one closer look reveals that it’s actually plastic. I was constantly hunting for the buttons or tilting the remote towards any light source in dimly lit conditions,  in an attempt to see the buttons. There’s absolutely no way for the end-user to open the pedestal and clean the moving parts. Airflow is smooth.Heat distributionMany conventional fan heaters can’t heat a whole room quickly because they use spinning blades powered by inefficient motors to distribute the air. Because there are no blades or visible heating elements, there’s no need for a safety grille. Unlike conventional fan heaters, there are no fast spinning blades, so the Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater produces an uninterrupted stream of smooth air. Lastly as the air exits the fan as a large cylinder of air that comes of the edge, more air is added through a process called viscous shearing.
It draws your eyes towards the unit the moment you step into the room, no matter how impressive your interior design. But when it came down to actually attaching the base, it definitely wasn’t as intuitive or easy as it should be. The air flow control buttons doesn’t have a start or end position, allowing it to freely and continuously be turned clockwise or counter clockwise, even when the  fan  reaches its lowest or its maximum performance settings. For this reason, Dyson should really consider moving to RF or even  a second IR receiver on the Amplifier. The front of the Amplifier also slightly widens to help in creating a low pressure to accelerate the air and attract more air towards the fan from the back. The quality, fit and finish on the remote is high enough to fool you into thinking it’s metal, but it  never gets cold, clearly indicating that it’s not Aluminum.
Dyson should really should consider adding backlit keys to the overall well-built and stylish remote.
We do suspect that over time dust will collect inside the base and pose a potential problem for those that are allergic to dust.  Dyson should consider adding user washable and replaceable filters to help keep things dust free. It’s just one smooth wall of air that’s also surprisingly effective when it comes down to cooling you down on those extremely hot days. AM05 has Air Multiplier™ technology that amplifies surrounding air for long-range heat projection. You can select your target temperature to the degree and the machine’s intelligent thermostat will keep it there. As a result it’s able to amplify air at about 16x, a little less than the AM03’s 18X, simply due to the fact that this running track shape is less efficient when compared to a loop design. Dyson’s approach is simply genius and efficient in the sense that the fan is designed in such a way to naturally create low pressure areas, basically using the laws of physics to accelerate the air, drawing in more air from the back with very little initial effort. At the same it doesn’t stand like out like a sore thumb, instead it makes a statement and yet due to it’s uncomplicated outer appearance it manages to harmoniously blend in with a wide array of styles. If it wasn’t for the fan function, it could easily be mistaken for a high-end and stylish piece of modern art and as a result, it doesn’t just blend in with the rest of the decor or adds to the overall interior design like the AM04, it defines it.
After several minutes I finally got it right, something that should have taken mere seconds. The shape of the amplifier seems to have been dictated by function, but strangely at the same time it seems to give equal attention to form and not just function that’s equally aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

While we prefer rechargeable batteries, we liked the fact that there wasn’t the need to replace the single CR2032 3V battery, even after several months of testing. What’s even more surprising that it’s able to do this even at its lowest performance setting. It is fastest to heat the whole room.CoolingSome fan heaters claim to be cool air fans as well. Let’s sit back, use the wireless remote controls and fire up both the AM02 and the AM04 and see how the latter stacks up. In comparison the smaller AM01 models are able amplify the air at 15x, while the AM04 Hot Fan Heater does this at 6x. It’s design can be described as a simplification to the most basic shapes and that’s where it’s beauty lays, exuding simplicity, solidity  and harmony. Removing the base here is also quite difficult, especially since you have to deal with a longer amplifier. Missing however is an LED indicator like the one found on the AM04 which indicates the exact air flow setting.
The buttons sit completely flush with the body with no raised area to actually tell you’re pressing a button. We also absolutely loved the fact that you can magnetically attach the remote to the top of the Amplifier. But for a product of this caliber and price, one would at least expect the use of dust filters.
It’s so smooth that I find myself falling asleep each time I use the AM02, while friends and family have repeatedly commented on how different the air being produced by the unit feels and how effective it is at creating that cooling, almost sea breeze like effect with very little effort and at near silent operation. This slim and stylish design also comes at the cost of the ability to adjust the angle of the loop itself: it’s so tall and narrow that it makes angle adjustment impossible as the unit would surely topple over and fall. It does however lack the heating function of the similarly looking AM04, which is why we’re wondering when they’re going to combine the 02 and 04 into one device with the heating function of the AM04 with the size, performance and free-standing nature of the AM02. Many products with great design do just that: a simplification to basic shapes  and the same can be said about the AM02. Again, this is one area that needs improvement and perhaps some kind of mechanism where you have to simply click the parts into place would be ideal.
While it is nice to have precise control over the air speed with the free turning button, its implementation on the AM02 felt half-baked due to the lack of an LED indicator.
It not only looks great, creating an unusual, almost gravity-defying visual effect, but it’s also handy. Despite the striking design of the unit, visiting friends and family  are even more impressed when it comes to the actual performance of the fan, commenting on the unusually smooth continuous flow of air. With Air Multiplier™ technology, AM05 draws in up to 6 gallons of air per second, generating high airflow and air velocity to cool you effectively. It’s energy efficient because it heats the room quickly and evenly and it maintains the temperature intelligently, switching heat on and off automatically. This makes it the only model among Dyson’s Air Multiplier devices that can’t be adjusted when it comes to the aiming angle. The larger size of the AM02 means it’s able to produce a lot more air than the AM04, perfect for large rooms. It’s oversized Amplifier sitting atop the small pedestal is responsible for the units presence, but it also looks like it’s almost doing a gravity-defying feet by staying upright, as if held up by some unseen force.
Let’s say I prefer an airspeed of  58 on a scale from 1 to 100, but without an LED air speed indicator it’s nearly impossible to set it again to that an exact speed. This means one remote less to worry about or loose and by attaching it to the Amplifier you always know where to find it.
Even more impressive is the fact that it can do this when placed  several feet away, making it ideal for larger rooms.
There are no blades – just an uninterrupted stream of smooth air.SafeConventional fan heaters use fast-spinning blades and hot elements that have to be guarded by safety grilles. On the bright side, the slender shape means it uses very little space for something of this size.
But by cramming the  heaviest components inside the pedestal it has an unusually low center of gravity, making for one sturdy unit that’s also incredibly difficult to topple over. Dyson should consider adding an indicator with a memory function that can remember the last air speed setting. A few months back we did a  review of one of their DC-26 vacuum cleaner and one of the key features we loved was the replaceable, washable HEPA filters.
Also, it’s unusually long Amplifier  makes angle adjustment almost unnecessary as it’s able to blow a very tall column of air that already covers most direction you could think of.
It’s safe to say that if you value design, especially contemporary minimalistic design, the AM02 should be very high on your list, even more so than the similarly priced AM03. The power button on the base lights up a soft Blue, but strangely the oscillation button doesn’t do the same. It cuts out automatically if tipped over.Precise controlMany conventional fan heaters use simple AC induction motors and basic thermostats. It’s only limitation would be when you specifically want to aim it towards the ceiling, the floor or towards your feet. On the remote you’ll find a power, fan speed control and oscillation buttons and uses a single  CR2032 3V battery. Speaking of the oscillation feature, the fan can swing about 90 degrees, however we would have liked of it can do a full 360 turn. The brushless DC motor allows you to precisely control the airflow power.No Burning smellWhen dust collects inside conventional heaters it can emit a worrying burning smell. The heating elements of AM05 never exceed 392°F, which is below dust burning point, so there is no worrying burning smell.Energy efficientMany conventional fan heaters waste energy. Some don't monitor the temperature of a room so they keep heating it beyond your requirements.
AM05 is efficient because it heats the room quickly and evenly, using an intelligent thermostat to control the temperature – switching heat on and off automatically.Remote controlAM05 comes with a remote control. It can be used to turn the machine on and off and to adjust oscillation, temperature and airflow power.
It’s curved and magnetized to store neatly on top of the machine.Touch-tiltAM05 pivots on its own center of gravity, staying put without clamping.
It tilts 10° from upright in both directions, so you can direct airflow where you want it.Dyson AM05.

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