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Whether in extreme climates or hazardous work areas, Stem Mounting pendants allows for added durability when used in outdoor or commercial applications. A collection of hand-spun and vintage-inspired porcelain enamel shades that feature chain mountings for a classic look. These RLM light fixtures make the perfect industrial lighting products for outdoor commercial lighting, office lighting, or restaurant lighting.
These light fixtures are excellent for extreme environments where temperatures range from 130?F to -20?F. Inspired by neo-industrial factories and French industrial tables, our collection of Vintage Industrial tables and stools are hand-crafted from durable steel and locally salvaged wood.
Featuring designs from the early to mid 20th century, our Vintage Ceiling Fans bring the style of that era into your space plus the added bonus of remote controls and energy-saving features. The stylish fixtures in our collection of Modern Ceiling Fans will create a functional piece of art in the center of your room. Our collection of industrial-sized High Velocity Fans have the power to deliver maximum airflow over wide areas.
About UsThe BUILD Blog is a discussion of modern design in the Pacific NW written by BUILD LLC, an industrious architecture company based in Seattle, Washington. Powder rooms are different enough from typical bathrooms that they deserve their own design post. Since most powder rooms don’t need to provide countertop space for toothbrushes, perfumes, water glasses, and the like, the sink basin can be smaller and sleeker. Dedicating an entire wall of the powder room as a “feature wall” is a great way to make the design resonate. A full height window is the last thing most people expect to find in a powder room, but given the right circumstances, it can be a fresh visual.
There are plenty of additional posts for details on the bathroom hardware, bathroom tile, and plumbing fixtures.
The stainless steel backsplash tends to blend in with the mirror, rather than adding another material to the palette – this material has served us well over the years. Thanks for the kudos, we’re making a deliberate effort to focus more on the technical posts. Some designers don’t like to see the paper roll holder as you enter the room, leaving the only option to fasten to the side of the vanity.
Excellent post especially adding the layout plans, really helps to see how each of these powder rooms was designed. Set a Reminder and we'll send you an email when it's time to stock up on items you buy regularly or seasonally, like air filters, fertilizer or mulch. Skil 4570-01 18 Volt Orbital Jigsaw, Less Battery and Charger The Skil 4570 18-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Orbital Jigsaw offers a user friendly solution to take on a variety of tasks.
I bought this sander a few months ago, but used it for the first time today to sand down a large, smooth log that had been debarked with a draw knife.

We use this product in a met fab shop and it does the job, but just does not last as long as we would like. Sleek and versatile design with two patented ball joints allows full rotation movement for the speakers. Originally used around industrial factories, gooseneck lights later made their debut within the agricultural scene. Available in numerous shade sizes, styles, and colors, each pendant can be customized to fit your home’s decor. Reminiscent of early 20th century factory and warehouse lighting, these American made shades are hand crafted to last for generations.
Consider highlighting your office building or storefront for both aesthetic and security purposes. A gasket and lens is a standard feature on most of our high bay lights, allowing them to be damp rated and to be sprayed down for easy cleaning.
An assortment of modern finishes and blade options help you place the perfect finishing touch in your modern home.
These rugged fans are perfect for non sound-sensitive areas such as commercial settings, barns, factories, warehouses and breezeways. Fan guards give you maximum protection while our speed controls provide in-wall adjustable convenience. We like to use a rectangular porcelain box sink matched with a custom-built cabinet box to match the dimensions of the sink above. While people expect to see tile in a bathroom, extending an interesting tile pattern from the floor to the ceiling provides visual relief in an otherwise small room.
The Innis Arden Remodel below extends a wall of variegated horizontal cedar boards from the exterior, into the powder room, broken only by the line of glazing.
Because the design brings three different varieties of wood together (ebonized oak floors, anigre cabinet and cedar ceiling) keeping the cedar on the lid provides the necessary distance between similar woods that might otherwise contrast with one-another. To maintain the powder room’s privacy, the window needs to be oriented appropriately and specified as etch-matte. I would imagine they take longer to create but they really add some good info and specifications to the resource pool.
They also act as a reliable resource even for ourselves (there’s just a lot of technical data to remember between one project and the next).
Like all good timeless design, keep the tile specification simple; no ornate patterns, no funny chamfers, no loud colors. It gives us a bit of scribe space, it makes an intentional break between different materials and it hides the seam in the shadow. A versatile tool, the 4570 lets you decide what power supply you want to use by being capable of using both Lithium-Ion and Ni-Cd batteries (Sold Separately) with the PowerPlus system. Pneumatic Dual-Action Sander delivers up to 0.5 HP and is ideal for edging, metal preparation, and finish work on body filler.

Because powder rooms are usually designed into a home to accommodate visitors, they can (and often should) include a more refined level of design than the typical bathroom. It’s a sleek and deliberate look that provides visual clarity to the powder room and offers just enough storage for toiletries and supplies. With a seemingly infinite amount of tiles to select from, for a feature wall application we lean toward glass tiles as they give the room a little more depth while bringing subtle color to the composition. This application requires complementary wood cabinets that don’t compete with the warm tones of the cedar — in this case the walnut cabinet box provides a healthy contrast to the cedar. When the situation supports it, as in the Queen Anne Residence below, a small powder room can become light, bright and airy. The Magnolia Residence example below also uses a glass subway tile feature wall and vertically mounted linear lights for a clean, modern aesthetic. Lightweight, ergonomic and easy to use, this jigsaw is a great addition to any do-it-yourself toolbox. Operating at up to 10,000 RPM, this sander features dual orbital- and rotary motion to help ensure rapid material removal and fine finishing. I have a table that needed to be sanded down so I got a few really rough disks and went at it.
We don’t mean to say that a powder room needs to be over-designed or opulent, but simply that the powder room is a good place to have some fun with the design.
Our Case Study House 01 example below uses a careful alignment between cabinet, sink box, backsplash and mirror. The Davidson Residence below uses long, slender glass tiles mounted vertically for a fabric-like texture on the feature wall. It is equipped with a built-in power regulator, and a lever throttle controls variable speed.
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This might include a design feature or a pleasant surprise that may not be part of the home’s typical design palette. Now all the sander does is give out is a weak whip of air along with some oil seeps, but no turning action. Today’s post takes a close look at 5 design features for the powder room which can be used on their own or in combination. When I first started using it the sander performed perfectly but its ready for the trash now.
I know the tool has no more than 16 hours of use on it probably more like eight hours of use.

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