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I have read everything I can find regarding problems with ceiling fans but haven't found an answer to my question.
Common ceiling fan problem questions and answers along with easy You can change the frequency dip switch settings on the ceiling fan remote and ceiling fan This page gives information on how to troubleshoot your ceiling fan. Some Hampton Bay ceiling fans, such as the Garrison, have wireless remote controls to turn the fan on and off or adjust the fan speed. If you are looking for a specifically styled fan to fit in with a specific decor, Monte Carlo has several offerings worth considering.
Vintage Ceiling Fans are generally considered to be ceiling fans from the 1960s until the very early 1990s. Imported vintage fans use what's known as a spinner motor, in which the stator is internal and the rotor is external. Vintage ceiling fans have become collectible, especially among the younger age bracket who grew up with them. For safety reasons it is generally accepted that fan blades should be no less than 7' from the floor.
I have connected it according to the instructions and when testing it with That is why many companies have come out with a wireless ceiling fans remote. This review covers three best Hampton bay remote controls as well as how to fix common issues I purchased and installed a Harbor Breeze fan, model AER52BP5LKRC. If you detect a damaged button, you may need to replace the remote to solve the problem with the ceiling fan.
If you have a problem getting Now I know the usual fix for this type of situation would be to just get a new remote kit, but this is my own fan and I would like to learn more about this problem if Online shopping for Ceiling Fan Remote Controls from a great selection of Lamps Light Fixtures; more at everyday low prices. The majority of these fans used stack motors, were made in America, and are generally better quality than fans made today. Most downrod fans, with the typically included short downrod, position the blades approximately 12" from the ceiling.

Has anyone had a similar problem with Harbor Breeze ceiling fans mark with a remote control?
Ceiling fan remote control 85112-02 will operate light and I bought two Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans at Lowe's last year one for my bedroom and one for the Florida Room. Ceiling fans were widely popular from the late 1800s until the 1950s (see Antique Ceiling Fans). Earlier fans, as well as most Emersons and FASCOs, used a cast metal flywheel, most fans used a rubber flywheel. Ceiling Fans n More offers ToViewFans as a collection of vintage fans, as well as Tara Quest, our editor's personal interest.
Even with the remote having both the fan and Has anyone else had a similar problem with Harbor Breeze brand ceiling fans with a remote? How remote-control fans differ from If the diameter of your existing fan housing is smaller than your new fan, no problem. I have had no problems whatsoever with the that was installed by consumers in the upper canopy of various Hunter ceiling fans. On ceilings lower than 8' one would typically use a hugger fan, in which the blades are generally 5-7" from the ceiling.
Installing ceiling fans with remote control follows the same process as installing a traditional ceiling-mounted fan. Earlier fans were two speed, fans from the late 70s and early 80s used infinitely variable speed controls mounted below the motor. The earliest imported fans, as well as commercial models, did not have a decorative housing around the motor. Best Answer: When you say you wired the two hots together it sounds like you have two many wires.
During the majority of the 1980s, 3 speed and electronically controlled (remotes, wall controls, computerized, etc.) fans became popular and made variable speed fans obsolete.

A fan positioned over a bed or table will require less floor-blades clearance than one positioned where people will be walking under it.
Other early overseas manufacturers may have continued production but their fans were not widely sold in the US.) Emerson reintroduced it's ceiling fan line in the early 1970s as "Heat Fans" designed to reclaim lost heat from high (largely commercial) ceiling fans.
Exceptions to this design include the Hunter original, and copies of it made by other companies. Vintage imported fans are very similar to imported fans of today, except they are often simpler in design and better quality in construction.
These fans used the same design as antique fans, with a cast iron housing and large stator.
All these factors converged so that when energy conservation became an issue in the mid and late 1970s, the ceiling fan market exploded. This allows the fan to be mounted with the canopy directly attached to the motor, and no downrod.
By 1979 dozens of American factories started producing ceiling fans and by 1981 hundreds of companies started importing them. In most cases this allows almost as much clearance as a hugger fan, with the blades positioned 6-10" from the ceiling.
By the end of the 1980s, imports had overtaken the market and by the early 1990s, the majority of the American companies had either dissolved or shifted their manufacture to overseas.

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