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Create a Zen Space.View in galleryZen involves the almost ethereal effect of perfect harmony and balance. This can be achieved in your home decor by incorporating natural materials, a calming, neutral color palette, and clean-lined and simple furnishings. Maximize the Flow of Energy.View in galleryLight, open floor plans are hinged upon the Asian style of Zen design, in which positive energy is encouraged to flow throughout a space.

The subsequent harmony created by objects and their negative white space is enhanced through the use of other natural design elements – in this instance, wood blinds, bamboo details, and Asian wall art.3. Add Chinoiserie Details.View in galleryChinoserie, a French term that means “Chinese-esque,” represents fanciful Chinese influences via imaginary and intricate designs. Incorporate Screens.View in galleryWhether it’s a simple folding screen in the corner of a space or an actual sliding screen door in between rooms, screen doors provide a fantastic Asian flair to a space.

They provide a sense of privacy without the starker boundaries of a true wall.{image from greigedesign}.

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