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Crafted from metal, this wall sculpture depicts a fanned cluster of five overlapping ginkgo leaves, their openwork interiors consisting of wires.
This multifunction panel heater can be portable or mounted on the wall with the brackets included. A fashionable, slimline and elegant design, suited to modern interiors, Slim Line Standard Profile Heater. It uses advanced heating elements to provide fast and efficient heating in almost any type of room . 2000W PORTABLE ELECTRIC THERMOSTAT CONVECTOR HEATER WINTER 2KW WALL MOUNTED FAN3 HEAT SETTINGS--NEW MODEL IS NOT WALL MOUNTED !!!!!

With convection heating, wall-mounted electric heaters provide efficient heat flow in rooms up to 22 square yards in a space saving, compact, and slim design. Many of these electric heaters are fully programmable and have a temperature control thermostat that adjusts to small changes in the room. Wall heaters are safe to use around children and pets due to their enclosed internal heating element and surface temperatures of under 32 degrees Celsius. 2KW PTC HIGH LEVEL HEATER ENERGY EFFICIENT ELECTRIC WALL MOUNTED REMOTE & TIMERBUY THE BEST : LARGEST SELLER OF AIR CURTAINS ON EBAY ! Air vents and front output grills allow for heated air to project into the room, circulate, and create a dry, warm climate.

Since these heaters utilise minimal electric power for power, they are a cost-effective way to provide additional heat. It looks like a piece of art, not something that is massed produced, but a one of a kind piece. Thanks 4 Stars flafrau from FL wrote (September 11, 2014): I like it, but just wish it had been a little bigger.

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