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There is nothing like white fabric to create an interior design that is just right for summer. Taylor Fabric in Vanilla is a beautiful cotton and silk blend fabric that has a beautiful textured stripe pattern. If you’re in need of some extra pizzaz, add fabric with a gold sheen to your white design.
Even though white fabrics create effortless summer interior designs, sometimes you need a pop of color. As the daughter of an interior designer, Brianna Smyk has spent a lifetime cultivating a knowledge of and appreciation for the art of interior design.
Indulge in texture and pattern clashing with this creamy one-color palette that’s anything but boring. Sometimes design inspiration can come from the simplest things, reminding us that going back to the basics often creates beautiful and timeless interior designs.
One of the best parts about working with slight variations of a single color is the freedom to pair a variety of patterns and textures.
Beau Rayure Stripe Upholstery Fabric in Cream mimics the circular movement of the first two fabrics while adding a multi-textured stripe. Rebecca Italian Upholstery Fabric in Sand is embroidered with a beautiful quilted pattern that will give a dimensionality to interior designs. Herringbone is having a moment right now, but this classic pattern never goes out of style. Finally, for a brown accent that will pop amidst all the cream, use Jessica Floral Fabric in Butter Yellow.
For more cream design inspiration, be sure to check out the Cream Curated Fabric Collection Pinterest board as well as our Houzz ideabook. Contrast cool blues and greens with warm yellows and oranges with the discount designer fabrics and FLOR carpet tiles from the bell tower-inspired Curated Fabric Collection. Filter light while creating a rainbow of warm and cool colors with Vera Sheer Floral Drapery.
The color palette practically required us to include Vera Sheer Floral Drapery Fabric in Yellow, a subtly colorful, large-scale drapery fabric made in Italy. Add eye-catching texture and a vibrant color pop with Le Harve Textured Upholstery in Persimmon.
Next up, La Havre Textured Upholstery Fabric in Persimmon brings texture to the collection, pairing a silky ground with detailed embroidery.
Incorporate neutrals and a yellow color pop with Tanzania Beige and Yellow Stripe Upholstery Fabric.

Tanzania Stripe Upholstery Fabric in Beige is a viscose, cotton, and linen blend offered in six colors.
Cortese Herringbone Upholstery Fabric in Persimmon in is a nubby herringbone with just enough color and texture to create movement in interior designs. The final fabric, Outlook Upholstery Fabric in Spa, is a sturdy textured weave also available in a contemporary grey color. Be sure to watch the FLOR video interview for more ways to incorporate FLOR carpet squares into interior designs, and check out the Warm to Cool Colors Curated Fabric Collection with FLOR Carpet Tiles pinterest board for more design inspiration. Images are subject to variation in color due to computer display and technical differences, and may not be exact to the original item as seen on your computer screen. Whether you prefer breathable linens, flowing sheers, or crisp, classics, white fabrics are a design staple for the summer. Its open spaced weave is ideal for drapes, curtains, and other window treatments or even a bed canopy.
To offset your whites, try adding a fabric with a gold sheen like Contessa Fabric in Sugar. And if you are in the LA area, come check out our designer fabrics for yourself at our booth at the Dwell on Design modern design convention. With a keen eye and discerning aesthetic, Brianna works to bring you the best dispatches from the design world. This cozy fabric is great as upholstery for a comfy chair or couch or could be used to make soft and decadent bedding.
This designer fabric has an eye-catching pattern that makes it a must-have for modern interior designs. This 100% cotton fabric encapsulates the full range of colors in the inspiration image and allows you to add more brown and neutral fabrics if you desire. Order your free sample swatches today, or search these and over a thousand more fabrics available at FabricSeen‘s online fabric store.
From the tile work in the bell tower inspiration photo to the FLOR carpet tiles, the warm to cool color palette creates a cohesive, complementary design.
Save almost $175 per yard on this 100% cotton drapery when you buy it at FabricSeen’s 75% discount.
Le Harve comes in eight colorways, which could all work in this Curated Fabric Collection. This American-made, interior designer upholstery is durable and well-priced at a 63% discount, or only $40 per yard.
Offered in four colors, this hardwearing, 30,000 double rub upholstery is deeply discounted and available for only $27 per yard in FabricSeen’s online fabric store. This practical and beautiful discount fabric can be used in both indoor and outdoor designs and is perfect for high traffic areas.

With guidance from Jenice Yagle, manager of FLOR Santa Monica, and FLOR’s possibility studio, we came up with two options for our collection. Haute House Fabrics suggests you order a swatch should you have any concerns about exact color, as cut fabrics are non-returnable. Fortunately, FabricSeen offers a plethora of white fabrics — available online at our signature discount — that will make your summer designing easy and fun! As always, the interior designer fabric from the collection is available at up to 85% off in FabricSeen’s online fabric store. Coin Upholstery Fabric in Natural has a small-scale dot pattern that mixes matte and shine. Save over $100 per yard when you buy this Swiss-made discount drapery at FabricSeen’s 71% discount.
Get this French-made cotton-linen-viscose blend designer fabric at a 62% discount, or only $53 per yard. Save 63% when you buy this designer fabric or the other cream and white colorways at FabricSeen’s low price of only $28 per yard. This American-made fabric comes in four other colorways, any of which could add a warm accent to this cream collection. For a contrast to this collection, Taylor is available in four other vibrant colorways, all $35 per yard or 71% off. To go a little more intense with accent fabrics, use the blue colorway of Jessica in addition to the cream one.
We’re adding more very week, so visit often to see our growing selection of interior designer upholstery, drapery, bedding, pillow, and outdoor fabrics! If you need help finding fabric, please give us a call, FabricSeen’s amazing design and customer service team will be happy to assist you!
The first rug features Reoriented in teal from the Vintage collection bordered by Rake Me Over in Graphite.
Made from a blend of cotton and silk, the designer fabric is versatile and elegant. Both the cream and the red colorway are available at a 70% discount, saving you almost $150 per yard. The offset squares and interior border were achieved with the FLOR cut tool using the quarter option.

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