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From the early days of planning my future home, I always dreamed of designing a nursery that was more for me than the little resident sleeping there—a sanctuary with a calming palette and adult accoutrements rather than a stimulating environment for baby. Little Crown Interiors offers full interiors design services for nurseries and children’s rooms. With a passion for decorating and design, it was Melisa's experience as a first time mom, that inspired her to start Project Nursery. The furniture is so well designed and has every trick in the book included for the busy mom.
We can tell that you are placing lot of time as well as into your blog and detailed articles! Pick a theme: Wallpaper used to be most parents’ first choice some years ago, but these days paint is coming back in fashion.
Add complementary furniture: Nursery sets save you the trouble of mixing and matching everything.
Parents of triplets can use any shred of tranquility they can get their diaper-strapping, baby-bouncing hands on.
Light takes a starring role in this nursery, streaming in through the trio of dormer windows, and bouncing off the beaded glass of the Maya Romanoff wallpaper, in the custom-patchwork feature wall. Each baby gets his own universe of sparkle with a custom-designed chandelier floating above his crib. A feature this design-loving mom found particularly useful is the drop-down changing tables that double as decorative wall mirrors.
Inspired by the less pretty versions found in airport bathrooms, this design would be useful in many nursery settings.
Maybe there is no such thing as peace in a household with triplets, but this nursery design is a step in the right direction. I love the serenity of this triplet nursery…and especially the custom lighting above the cribs. Hi, just wanted say thank you for post and make one small note — the beautiful cribs are custom designed but credit should go to Rob Taboada our favorite furniture maker. Keep up with the latest Challenges news, and creative design & decorating inspiration when you Subscribe to Homeworkshop's Design Junkies Journal. DescriptionWe’re frequently asked by our clients to create a nursery with beach-inspired elements—we chalk it up to our sunny Southern California location.
Little Crown Interiors is SoCal’s go-to interior design firm for elite nurseries and children's rooms.
Check out Elements Of Style for an interesting look at how a $19,582 modern designer nursery can be replicated for $4,043. I decided to see if I could create a nursery that was similar to the expensive version of the Elements Of Style nursery for even less than $4,043 by scouring the vast selection of furnishings at Rosenberry Rooms.

The exciting part of this project was realizing that the budget-friendly matching process could be used to replicate any designer room with considerable savings. To prove my point, I was able to put together my version of the $19,582 designer nursery for a total of $4,583. I admit the concept is a little anti-status quo, but the new wave of nursery design proves I can have it both ways! Others follow science: black and white in the early months, bold stimulating colors thereafter. Dave Munger of Cognitive Daily writes , “In the end, I doubt it would make that much difference in a baby’s life. For example, designer Kristen Nix wasn’t afraid to mix sophisticated pieces with play furniture in her son’s room, choosing a Jonathan Adler buffet for storage and animal print underfoot. Though primarily a self-taught decorator, Desire studied at The Art Institute, where she honed a distinct aesthetic largely influenced by the Modern Glamour movement, the theme of her popular design blog, Sukio. Melisa lives back east with her three kids, Austin, Chase and new baby girl Emerson—thrilled that she can now finally decorate with the color pink!
The parents have incredible taste and obviously have the money to buy princess anything she wants!!!
I quite like deeply gets interested every item of info you post here (there are less than several quality blogs left . But what few parents know is that you can have a million-dollar nursery on a low- to mid-range budget—it’s all a matter of choosing the right key pieces and adding a few extras. It’s also where your child will spend the most of his time, at least in the first few years. But full sets are expensive, and most parents opt to get their pieces separately in search of good deals.
Designer rooms don’t count for much if they don’t have personality, and that’s where your own vision comes in. Stephanie designed the graceful cribs, and had them crafted locally, from toxin-free materials.
With over 80 gorgeous projects under her designer belt, Naomi Alon has captured the imagination of parents and press alike, thanks to her innovative, color-fabulous and ultra efficient design skills. On the other hand, if you want to imitate a design scheme and money is no object, Rosenberry Rooms also has pricier picks. Her mission is to help parents design inspiring children's spaces, keeping the process creative, fun and stress-free. The first few months of infancy are over quite quickly, and are spent mostly sleeping.” How true. The concept of baby furniture can not only limit design possibilities, but also the furniture’s usefulness.

Meanwhile, the Musso Design Group incorporated contemporary lighting by Design Within Reach and a custom swivel chair in their nursery for an Atlanta area show house.
Not only is she considered a "closet fashionista," discreetly stashing handbags and shoes whenever possible, but, as an MIT graduate, she’s also an undercover nerd. Wrought iron cribs are popular among the rich and famous, but high-quality wooden cribs go for about half as much and give the nursery a warmer, more welcoming look. However, more modern designers tend to go for neutral colors such as cream, beige, or even gray. If this is your case, try to get pieces that at least have something in common, whether it’s the color, style, or upholstery.
It doesn’t have to cost you that much more—you can simply add baby photos, souvenirs, or simple decorative touches. But everyone I’ve told about this project is worried the sea glass will be able (at some point ) to be pulled off by a toddler and swallowed!?
Kudos to Erin Gates for putting together such a remarkable facsimile (for the rest of us) of the “deep pockets” nursery at a savings of $15,539! I owe my success to Rosenberry Rooms for providing great baby furnishings at a range of prices to suit every budget. Well, I’m personally not one for tradition, so I say choose any color from the spectrum, or perhaps, no color at all. Why not select pieces that can be used down the road, whether growing with your child or finding their way to another room? Fashion, nerdom, and several years as a Washingtonian have combined to shape her unique perspective on interior design. This will help tie the whole theme together—it’s the key to those “designer” looks you see in magazines. Artwork is also a good idea—you can simply get prints of your favorite pieces or cut out pages from books or magazines. It was easy to match the decor with the crib bedding, and there were enough choices to coordinate the entire room. Ivanka Trump limited her daughter’s nursery to shades of white with ethereal and sophisticated results. Designer Lee Kleinhelter opted for a chic Eames lounge chair in her son’s nursery, which will undoubtedly be used for years to come.
To keep it from getting bland, add touches of a more eye-catching color and use it as the color scheme.

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