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Most tie houses buy from mills; Steven Land designs are all done in-house, using talented designers and artists.
Edge Menswear offers a wide selection of designs such as Olymp, Green Coast, Bruhl, Bugatti, Torino, Digel and younger brands including French Connection and Weird Fish. A favorite for many, the emerging designer event showcases the work of relatively new designers who are often making their debut. Last night, Jacksonville Fashion Week was filled with lots of flowing fabrics, orange hues, and fresh creativity.
Amanda Perez a sweet parade of barefoot little girls in braids, prancing in summertime play sets.

Mia Merrit wide-legged pants, flowing and luminescent fabrics made me want to take a vacation with this resort-casual collection. Uliana Urubzhilova super high waist pants with buttons down the front were very fun but my favorite piece was a dress with (wait for it) a bustle! E MARIE loved the romantic swimsuit with ostrich plums and deep crisscross lacing down the back. Lisa Kaminski great styling for this collection of bikinis: springy wooden wedge shoes and gold hoop earrings the size of dinner plates, plus Tara Block sporting a color blocked swimsuit while being accompanied by a four legged cutie.
Janie G Couture enjoyed the pastel earth tones replacing more traditional pinks and blues, wonderful prints, and possibly my favorite piece of the evening was a gorgeous floor length dress: white bodice, half long half short skirt (a look I normally the) burnt orange skirt, the entire piece edged with a copper ruffles.

This collection had the right touch of bold color blocking that had me thinking of 1940s German military.

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