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With this kind of tool kit, you are no longer need to pull the chains of each fan to get them on, because everything already set in one single remote.More interestingly, you also don’t have to spend more money to buy the brand new fan that has this kind of feature inside because you can easily install this feature kit into your old fan. But, on top of that, you still need to keep the safety procedure and do the installation properly. Therefore, to guide you in doing that, here is the basic ways that can be followed.One thing to be considered in applying universal remote control for ceiling fan is checking the fitness of your fans toward this feature. Usually, some fan with the style of ceiling hugger will have quite large space inside the canopy.So, just open it, and check whether it has enough space to put the receiver in or not.

In this phase, the voltage sniffer is really beneficial to ensure you that the electricity inside it is totally off.Hunter Fan Company 27209 Control Fan RemoteUniversal Ceiling Fan Remote by Design HouseThe next thing is applying the universal remote control for ceiling fan receiver inside the canopy. Recheck the fitness between receiver and the space inside the canopy first before you decide to do the permanent wiring. If everything is done, then you can step to the next step, connecting the wires needed.Find the neutral and hot wires of the fan, then you can connect them into AC-in-labeled wires on the receiver. Last touch, close the canopy, and you will get a fan that can be accessed through universal remote control.Finally, bring back the electricity, and turn on the fan with the remote.

If it’s not working, it means that there is something wrong with the installation procedure, so you need to turn off the electricity again and re-check the connection inside the fan. And, if it’s already working, don’t forget to control the speed level of the fan too.If everything is already perfect, the last thing to do is making sure that your nearby neighbors do not use the same universal remote control for ceiling fan kit too.

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