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We are able to offer a complete replacement service, manufacturing impellers to your drawings or sample. Particular attention is given to the impeller material thickness and quality of weld, to ensure that we give you the best quality and construction for your application. After construction the impeller is dynamically balanced by our experienced work shop technicians. For ease of fitting the impellers to your selected drive shaft, impellers can be fitted with our purpose made taper lock hubs, built in stubs or for bigger impellers a full fabricated hub.

We can manufacture your aerofoil impellers in a variety of materials to suit you requirements, including mild steel, conventional stainless steels, including special high temperature alloy steels. We offer you a complete replacement service, manufacturing impellers to your sample or specifications. It is ideally suited to general ventilation projects where there is no possibility of dust contamination.
The impeller is recommended for high pressure ventilation systems or where the system resistance could fluctuate.

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