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Deka takes pride in delivering the best possible products by using the highest quality materials available. Standing in firm counterpoint to the wave of the bread wall, the centre counter is conceived as a giant chopping board, intended to wear and patina gracefully with age and use.
So these fans are useful not just in completing the decor in your room but also in making sure that family stay in a perfectly safe environment.
Well supported by a strong management team, and a devoted workforce, the company constantly strives to innovate and design stylish, functional, top-quality products.

Chirico, this concept has inspired the interior, the simple purpose of which is to cool the bread fresh out of the oven, to display it naked of packaging and ready to be portioned and sold. Subtractions from the wall provide display areas for bread; the varying depths of the shelves and heights of the subtractions meticulously arranged to accommodate long baguettes, large round pagnotta, ficelle loaves and other creations.
Scales, crumb trays, knife holders and POS terminals each have a place on this working bench, all subsumed into the simple sales concept: chop loaf, wrap and sell. The underlying premise in product development is that the pleasure of a cool environment must be complemented by convenience and innovation, in order to keep up with modern lifestyles.

The variety and expanse of the wall allows the display to be re-arranged and altered according to mood or season. The company’s directors have taken great pride in their ability to build this homegrown brand, and to expand the range of in-house designed ceiling fans that immediately enhance the comforts of everyday living.

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