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Fanzart is the world leader in creating exotic designer fans that look stylish, simple and artistic while still being efficiently robust. The luxurious range of fans not only serves the purpose of air circulation, but also beautifies the surroundings and creates an ambience which can be a matter of conversation time and again. MoreI am a retired company executive and a freelance writer whose articles, short stories, etc. Subsequent to my post on this site, I received a communication from the company, & they agreed to supply the fan at the original contracted price.

I am pleased to be able to say that I received the fan yesterday, largely due to the efforts of Ms. Ceiling Fan — Buy Ceiling Fan, Price , Photo Ceiling Fan, from Rico Appliances, Private Limited. He has had one novel published (The Subbu Chronicles) and several short stories in various anthologies over the years. As it is the holiday season, I will not be able to get an electrician to install the fan for a few days.

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