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The N'Khan contemporary island hoods from Roblin offer such a simplistic and pure design, that from the first look it is hard to realize that these decorative cooker hoods are indeed the hoods. Appliancist is an online magazine about the latest Home Appliances & Home Appliance Trends. Futuro Futuro Kitchen Range Hoods added this to Illuminated Glass Kitchen HoodsJuly 20, 2012The "Pearl White" illuminated kitchen range hood features gracefully curved glass "petals" illuminated by LED backlights. Ventless island range hoods filter and recirculate air rather than pumping it out of the house like traditional range hoods, which means no construction, and even some unique designs. Kitchens are increasingly becoming the entertainment hub of the home, and entertaining has become more casual. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. The slim, provocative shapes betray minimalistic French approach whereas the performance is not decorative but quite impressive. Under light cooking conditions, it may be acceptable to use this 30" hood over a 36" cooktop. But a 48" cooktop would be too much of a stretch, even with a 940-CFM blower. Instead of formal dining rooms, these days people are turning to kitchen islands for a place to seat their guests. These simple devices filter and recirculate air rather than pumping it out of the house like traditional range hoods, which means no construction, and even some unique designs.

Unlike a traditional range hood, it won’t wick heat away from the range top, but it will keep the air smelling fresh and walls grease-free without a complex ventilation system. Island range hoods don’t have to connect to ceiling, which leaves a lot more room for stylistic creativity. This is partly practical – a conical shape helps aid in air filtration by catching the hot (smoky, greasy) air as it rises up from the cooktop and filtering it down into the filters.
Because they’re as much light fixtures as they are range hoods, it makes sense to have multiple similar or identical island range hoods throughout the kitchen.
These are nice even if one doesn’t have an especially wide range, simply because the larger hood provides better coverage, and is better at catching all the hot air coming up off the stove. The Murano Collection line of Italian range hoods from Futuro Futuro brings together a bold new design approach, latest technologies, and authentic Italian craftsmanship.
Available in two configurations with and without 90 cm wide glass plate, these contemporary decorative hoods are worth to consider for your island cooking. Full sized, custom kitchen islands – complete with a built in cook top – are one of the most desirable additions to a kitchen with an open floor plan. Plus, it has the appearance of a sleek, modern lighting fixture, which offers the style of a kitchen island light and the function of a range hood in a single unit.
The Star Range Hood for example, is made of glass but sparkling like crystal, this is absolutely the perfect solution to needing a range hood but wanting a chandelier to provide all-over kitchen lighting.

But it’s also a great stylistic choice, eliminating the boxy edges of traditional range hoods and offering something that looks more like a modern take on a bucket light. So installing two of the Ola Range Hoods coordinates just as easily as two matching pendant lights, or two chandeliers from the same collection.
Available in a variety of shapes and designs, Murano Collection hoods include dimmable lighting for visual impact that varies from a subtle accent to a powerful, room-transforming design statement. Soffits can be customized with additional lighting, etc., to make them a design accent rather than something that "doesn't fit" into the room.
But it can be difficult to properly vent a full sized range in the middle of the kitchen, and hugely expensive to try to incorporate new ducts to keep kitchen air clean. The Wave Range Hood offers a nice twist on the style, with an elegantly curved bottom and repeating “wave” patterned halogen lights in addition to three ambient incandescent lights. This collection comes with a variety of color options (stainless steel and blue or red, or pearly white and violet or grass green) that have a nice chromotherapy effect, and add a nice pop of color to the kitchen. Suitable for recirculation only, the Roblin Contemporary island hoods are priced in 700 a‚¬ range.

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