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WG840727 cross references to Mars 03727, Marathon X411, AO Smith FSE1016S, Fasco D905, Emerson 1859, and Smart SE3727. Use this 17819194 8W condenser fan motor from Avantco Refrigeration to replace a worn-out or damaged motor on select TUC, TWT, SCL, PICL, and GDC series models. As a component of cooling fan, fan motor is made to give power to the fan whenever it is needed. TelcoMotion FE series axial fans utilize an external rotor single phase or 3 phase AC motor.

To ensure the electric motors you choose are perfectly suited for your needs, our team is available to guide you through your motor selection process.
An essential part of your unit's refrigeration system, this motor powers the condenser fan and blows air through the condenser coil, cooling it down and helping the unit dissipate heat. TelcoMotion has a wide range of fan motor choices including outer rotor fan motor, condenser fan motor, centrifugal fan motor and more, so you can freely choose the model that’s perfect for your application.
Call 281-855-2218 and one of our electric motor experts will assist you, or push the Electric Motor Request Button.

Fixing this component is important because a broken fan motor can lead to high temperatures inside your unit's cabinet and failures in other key mechanical parts like the compressor. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a Customer Solutions Specialist before placing your order.

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