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Believe it or not, but there are MORE applications of this amazing system – the X-Flex Xenon Lights! Installing the X-Flex Xenon lighting system in a conference room - highlighting the coving on the ceiling or the wall - discreet lighting. Brilliant use of the X-Flex Xenon Lighting System as a concealed lighting solution for the ceiling - concealed ceiling lights. Excellent use of the blue X-Flex Xenon lighting system for a hotel - provide discreet blue lighting in the bathroom. Discreet highlighting of the precious paintings or pictures on the wall in an exhibition or even at home - with the X-Flex Xenon lights.
Discreetly highlight the stylish ceiling ornaments or coving with the X-Flex Xenon lighting system - great concealed lighting system. Use the customizable X-Flex Xenon Lighting System as concealed lights for the ceiling for hotels or apartment buildings.

Use the X-Flex pink lighting system for creating the desired ambience or mood in the restaurant - concealed lighting system. Why waste energy and space when you can highlight only the desired areas of an exhibition by using the fully-customizable X-Flex Xenon lighting system?!?
Read more about the X-Flex Xenon Lighting system – to understand what the X-Flex Xenon Concealed Lighting system is, how it works and how can you install it, more about the X-Flex Xenon Lights with their coloured diffuser, and enjoy some applications of this concealed lighting system in diverse areas.
Unless you are adding an extravagant floor lamp or a dazzling chandelier to the interiors, lighting is all about shining the spotlight on something else. A brilliant concealed lighting system for interior, the X-Flex Xenon Lights is a fully customizable both in length and in colour – and can be purchased via the Lights section.
If you want to see previous articles with pictures of the X-Flex System, check out the X-Flex Applications picture gallery 1 and picture gallery 2.
Doubling up to provide both ambient and focused illumination, they are a great addition for the modern ergonomic kitchen.

Since this is one room in the home where functionality takes precedence over form and elegance, recessed lights work beautifully in here.
This is precisely what makes recessed lighting a must home in contemporary homes with clean and well defined interiors.Interesting combination of pendant lights and recessed lighting in the bedroomKitchen is one room in the house that usually demands an array of lighting installationsOrange and yellow panels used along with recessed lighting to create unique interiors by Peter A.
SellarPatio space lit up in a warm and fabulous fashionby Brown’s Interior DesignRecessed lighting used instead of pendant lights above the kitchen counterby Cameron C. Multiple layers of lighting combined with smart natural lighting during day time is the perfect way to achieve this.
Mix recessed lights with floor lamps, rail lighting and pendant lights to get the desired illumination.

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