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Aeratron’s philosophy promotes harmony between technology and the natural world through design approaches which benefit human habitation and activity.
Inspired by nature, we fused biomimetic design with Swiss-German engineering, and created an altogether different class of eco-efficient fans.
Their unique smooth air circulation system operates in silence creating comfortable living and working environments. Winner of international design awards, our technology allows up to 50% energy savings in tandem with air condition & heating systems. These eco-efficient ceiling fans are the result of technological innovation and advanced design methodologies.
Optimised 3d-aerofoil blades, an active self-balancing system and electronically controlled high-efficiency DC motors use only a fractional 15-20% of the electricity consumed by conventional ceiling fans. For your benefit and the environment, we have carefully chosen materials and manufacture in high quality to enhance the durability and longevity of Aeratron fans.
Our Swiss-German engineered self-balancing system guarantees a quiet, effortless performance: it eliminates disturbing sounds caused by wobbling and vibration by keeping the blades in an aerodynamic equilibrium.
As a result, you and your family, friends, colleagues, customers and many more benefit directly from increased well-being and less distraction. Low waste production, eco-packaging and carbon-offset projects contribute in addition to a sustainable future. The fan has a diameter of 1260 mm (49.5”), comes with a full-featured remote control (6 steps and reverse (winter function)) and is available in three different colours (white, silver, black). A conventional air condition system* uses 100 to 400 times the energy of Aeratron fans to achieve similar cooling effects on room occupants in a typical three bedroom house!
Air-conditioning and heating systems continue to be responsible for the greatest share of household electricity use. Aeratron fans easily provide comfortable cooling effects without the necessity of costly air condition systems.
In summer, the natural cooling effect on skin and Aeratron’s smooth air & temperature exchange allow to set air conditioning thermostats 4 to 8 degrees (Celsius) higher. Each additional degree saves 8% to 10% energy on air condition systems and improves thermal comfort.

In winter, the reverse function of our fans exchanges temperature in spaces evenly reducing heating costs up to 30%, and in some cases up to 50%. 30-70% of the energy consumption in commercial buildings are directly related to indoor heating and cooling. Aeratron fans support natural ventilation and cross-ventilation by distributing fresh air more evenly throughout spaces and provide additionally a cooling effect on human skin (4°-8°C).
Whether in extreme climates or hazardous work areas, Stem Mounting pendants allows for added durability when used in outdoor or commercial applications. A collection of hand-spun and vintage-inspired porcelain enamel shades that feature chain mountings for a classic look.
These RLM light fixtures make the perfect industrial lighting products for outdoor commercial lighting, office lighting, or restaurant lighting.
These light fixtures are excellent for extreme environments where temperatures range from 130?F to -20?F. Inspired by neo-industrial factories and French industrial tables, our collection of Vintage Industrial tables and stools are hand-crafted from durable steel and locally salvaged wood.
Featuring designs from the early to mid 20th century, our Vintage Ceiling Fans bring the style of that era into your space plus the added bonus of remote controls and energy-saving features.
The stylish fixtures in our collection of Modern Ceiling Fans will create a functional piece of art in the center of your room.
Our collection of industrial-sized High Velocity Fans have the power to deliver maximum airflow over wide areas.
Barn & Commercial Ceiling Fans are not limited to only agricultural or industrial areas.
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Variable speed motor (all motors are thermally protected, PSC type variable speed with permanently lubricated bearings). The Ventair Olson Exhaust Fan is a high quality low profile ceiling mounted exhaust fan with built in backdraft shutter. The Ventair Olson Exhaust Fan is a contemporary style exhaust fan with easy clean removable white fascia, fully enclosed motor with side duct and built in draft stopper.

This is the result of biometric engineering inspired by bird wings: the optimised contours of our 3d-aerofoil blades have small winglets designed to minimise air vortex, drag and swirl.
In winter, Aeratron fans disitribute warm air evenly throughout spaces and save up to 40% in energy and running costs. Their even air distribution is particularly important when large obstacles (furniture, screens etc.) block cross-ventilation paths in a room. Each additional degree saves up to 10% energy and improves the energy rating of commercial buildings.
Originally used around industrial factories, gooseneck lights later made their debut within the agricultural scene. Available in numerous shade sizes, styles, and colors, each pendant can be customized to fit your home’s decor. Reminiscent of early 20th century factory and warehouse lighting, these American made shades are hand crafted to last for generations.
Consider highlighting your office building or storefront for both aesthetic and security purposes.
A gasket and lens is a standard feature on most of our high bay lights, allowing them to be damp rated and to be sprayed down for easy cleaning. An assortment of modern finishes and blade options help you place the perfect finishing touch in your modern home. These rugged fans are perfect for non sound-sensitive areas such as commercial settings, barns, factories, warehouses and breezeways. Fan guards give you maximum protection while our speed controls provide in-wall adjustable convenience.
The Vision House Orlando 2011 incorporated these stylish and energy efficient fans into their design plan - both on the exterior, covered porches and within the living room and bedrooms. But most importantly we are still committed to providing the same level of service and quality with the best prices!

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