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Ceiling Fan is an absolute must in India.To buy the best ceiling fan see this guide which lists brands,price lists for Crompton Greaves,Havells,Bajaj,reviews and models. Fantasia fans are certainly not the cheapest fans on the market but, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for – and what you get for your money is a ceiling fan made from high quality materials. All Fantasia ceiling fans have double sealed bearings which makes them much quieter than other fans on the market and they are much more stable even when fitted with a drop rod. Fantasia has three different ranges of fans providing choices to suit all tastes and budgets.  Fantasia are so confident in their fans that the Elite fans are supplied with a 15 year warranty, Fantasia fans with a 10 year warranty and Eurofans with a 5 year warranty. Whether you’re looking for a fan that will create a statement, a sleek, inconspicuous fan that will blend into the ceiling or a fan with or without a light kit Fantasia has something for you. Fantasia offer a collection of accessories such as wall controls, remote controls, and drop rods in varying lengths and finishes which enable the fan to be lowered to a suitable height for maximum efficiency. The wall controls are available in polished brass, stainless steel, polished chrome and white. Their collection of accessories also includes glass shades and various blade colours and designs – useful to change the look of the fan at a later date rather than replacing the whole fan. If installed and used correctly, Fantasia fans can be operated in summer for a cooling effect and reversed in winter to re-circulate and push back down the warm air trapped at ceiling level – this can save you as much as 10% of energy in winter months.
Fantasia fan motors are of silicon steel construction with double sealed bearings, ensuring long, quiet, reliable and maintenance-free operation. When choosing a ceiling fan you must take into consideration that when installed the blade tips must be at least 8” (20cm) from any obstruction such as a sloping roof or beam.
For conservatories or south facing rooms Fantasia recommend that you increase the fan size relative to the room size to compensate for the higher temperatures reached in these areas.

The length of drop rod required when fitting the fan into a conservatory or a high ceiling is determined by the ceiling height. Now you have an overview you’re better equipped to make the right decision on the functionality and the design of a ceiling fan.
This entry was posted in Lighting Brands and tagged ceiling fans, drop rods, fantasia fans. We have a fantasia fan in our conservatory fan with what I think are the matt oak and cane .
Fantasia Ceiling Fans, formed in 1985, continue to develop new and innovative designs utilising cutting-edge technology. They also come in several different sizes and different finishes to complement spaces of any size whether for a contemporary kitchen or a traditionally styled conservatory. Fantasia fans need either a 22mm diameter or a 27mm diameter drop rod and the length of these can be cut to size. What they actually do is create a wind chill effect, which is what happens when the breeze created by the fan pulls perspiration away from your body, allowing your body’s own cooling system to work more effectively. All metal surfaces are powder coated or plated and lacquered to give a permanent seal and prevent tarnishing. The power rating of their fan motors range from 30 – 75 watts with 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds. Blades should be mounted at least 7ft 6” (2.3m) from the floor (see below for more about this). They have also introduced their first low energy LED fan-light and intend to expand on this in the future.

The space you have should determine the size of the fan and what length the blades should be. The British Standards Institute recommends that the blades should be no less than 7ft 6” from the floor. Fans can be installed up to an angle of 20° for 27mm drop rod fans and 30° for 22mm drop rod fans.
However, if you do need any further advice on choosing the perfect fan for your living space contact us today, where one of our team members will be more than happy to help. I have spoken to Fantasia and they confirm that unfortunately they do not supply the cane inserts, the full blade does have to be purchased and as these come in sets of 5 they would therefore need to be purchased as such. It is important to make sure that you check carefully which size your fan requires prior to purchase. A conversion kit also enables the fixing bracket to be mounted up to a 40° angle on a sloped ceiling. Of course, if you are running an air conditioning unit nearby you will feel a change in temperature because the fan is circulating the cold air from the air conditioner.
A minimum of 6” must be allowed between the tip of the blade and the slope of the ceiling, or any other obstruction.

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