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But at some point, we ran out of steam and never really finished the ceiling or the floor in there, so we took advantage of another burst of DIY energy a couple weeks ago, and went back to work on Project: Dining Room. So while Kev’s pummeled palms healed up, I got down to business and sealed the floor with three coats of semi-gloss Varathane from Lowes, and after that, we turned our attention up to the ceiling. Unlike the planks in our guest bathroom¬†and reading room, the wood we uncovered up there was always just a liiiiiiittle too rustic for our taste. We didn’t have the funds or energy to deal with it when we originally uncovered it, so we just slapped on some primer and leftover blue paint (Sea Salt by SW). Our first idea involved attaching big sheets of something called eucaboard¬†(from Home Depot) to the ceiling. Turns out you can barely see the seams after all, but we just thought it would be weird to have all the shorter planks on one side of the room. PS- We’re hoping to finish the ceiling up soon so we can turn our attention back to the drywalled walls. Loved your ceiling so we went to Lowes tonight and bought the wood to do our disaster ceilings.
I just know found your blog and now I know what I am going to do in the future to our little place on the lake! I looked for these at Lowes and they have been discontinued, boo!(at least at our Lowes) Double boo!! You guys have given me the idea to cover my bathroom ceiling AND one wall in my master bath in planks.
I’m planning a coastal rental reno and I think I might have a good option instead of the panel product you used.
I’m not sure why the seams would look wavy, but I will say that caulk hides a multitude of imperfectness!

Just make sure you use a non-cracking, paintable caulk on everything and you’ll be good to go!
It would definitely work over a popcorn ceiling, but I would find the joists above the sheetrock and nail the planks to furring strips to make sure the planks stay up!
I wanted to use this in my house but was told by a decorator that the pine would yellow even if I primed it. I enjoy writing and taking pictures, and adding pages to this place whenever inspiration strikes.
Along with relaxing environment and comfortable bed, also we want a stylish and decorative bedroom, as every human loves beauty by nature.
To make your bedroom more stylish and to pay a fantasy effect you can add ceiling designing ideas that surely will change the entire look of your room. Disclaimer : We do not own any of these products except the articles, which are written by us. We took home one pack of planks that day, and I promptly laid them out on a drop cloth and gave them two coats and primer, and two coats of leftover Moonlight White (BM) paint. And you are so blessed to have a husband who is just as enthusiastic as you are about getting things done!
Then, I could do the floor in large tile, take out the long counter and put in two pedestal sinks and a center built in between the sinks. New and impressive ideas attract everyone because all of us want to see beautiful, well decorative and modern. Instead of having plain and simple painted ceilings for your house you now can add stylish designs to enhance the beauty of your place. Ceiling designs can be of plaster of paris to add ceiling motifs or thermo pole sheets to decorate the whole ceiling.

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Thank you for all your clear instructions (even showing the oops!), while including details like where to buy, brand names and colors, etc.
We just used whatever nails came with the gun and just popped em randomly wherever it felt right- ha! Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Archaic Basement Remodels Industrial Ceiling Lights Kitchen Pendant Lighting Basement Ceiling Lighting Commercial Ceiling Lights Industrial Lighting Hall Lighting Fixtures Recessed Can Light Fixtures Recessed Lights Outdoor Lights Task Lighting FixturesJoin the discussion on this Archaic Basement Remodels Industrial Ceiling Lights Kitchen Pendant Lighting Basement Ceiling Lighting Commercial Ceiling Lights Industrial Lighting Hall Lighting Fixtures Recessed Can Light Fixtures Recessed Lights Outdoor Lights Task Lighting Fixtures using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License.
Also to add more fantasy and style you can use ceiling lights and small hanging chandeliers.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). I thought we could attach them in a big grid-like pattern, and cover up all the seams with some kind of thin, wood trim.
I realize it will look better with fresh paint– I only primed before hanging because I figured they would get banged around during all the rest of the construction in there. Can you PLEASE email me back asap because SW is having a 4 day 40% of sale starting tomorrow! I really, really would like to know more about what looks like a screen door in the dining room.

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